The Page – January 17, 2024

Good advice from The Page: Never go to a hair replacement clinic if all the employees are bald!

The Page wonders: Why do so many women use mud packs? Have you ever seen a pretty pig?

The Page’s friend won a frankfurter eating contest last week. He was interviewed by the press. Why did he say?
“Hot dog! I’m a wiener!”

The Page was asked last week, “What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?”
The Page is insulted. It assumes I have peaked!

The Page is going deaf from all the groans out there!

We all have our pet peeves. Regarding theft, the worst we can think about is the poor excuses for human beings who steal the poppy boxes before Remembrance Day. Money raised to help veterans in need. Perhaps stealing from seniors or other vulnerable people may top your list.
Last week, The Page was told of another show-stopper. The High Prairie Community Beautification Association handed out Best Christmas Displays in December to 20 deserving houses in High Prairie. There were a few more, but only 20 were awarded prizes. Maybe more next year but that is another story.
Beautification co-chair Trish Long made beautiful awards in the shapes of Christmas bulbs, snowflakes and Christmas trees.
Well, The Page was told by one homeowner their award was stolen.
Really! What possible benefit could the thief receive from his/her latest petty crime?
Makes you wonder.

Brrr! Wow! Was it cold last week! Hopefully, by the time you read this it is a balmy -20C.
It was as cold as a sled dog’s snoot or a polar bar’s paw!
Oh, well! At least it will help thicken the ice on the lake for local ice fisherman!
The Page still limits his fishing to Captain Highliner at the grocery store.

It is not only the cities who are dealing with a homeless problem which compounds itself with the recent brutally cold weather. Death is a real possibility for some.
What do you do with all the homeless, whether they are in Edmonton, Peace River or the few we have in High Prairie?
We are well-equipped with resources to deal with the problem. All we have to do is find the desire.
Something to think about.

High Prairie now has a revived Citizens on Patrol program!
A tip of The Page hat to all those who have volunteered so far!
And thieves beware! There are a few more eyes looking at what you’re doing!
The Page heard quite some time ago at a Northern Sunrise County meeting that thieves will always go where it’s “easiest” to do business. With COP members now about town, perhaps a few thieves will leave. True, it does not solve the problem, but at least it is someone else’s problem.

The Page was researching an issue when he stumbled across the minutes of the Big Lakes County meeting from Sept. 13, 2023.
Council went into closed season citing Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Advice from Officials, and Disclosure Harmful to Personal Privacy. That just about covers all that!
What is interesting is the motion: “That council agrees to submit an offer of $148,000 on said lands with conditions and if accepted to be brought back to council for further consideration.”
The closed session lasted from 1:19 p.m. to 3:04 p.m. That’s almost two hours! Two hours!
The $148,000 figure on the “said lands” is the same price Alberta Health Services offered High Prairie town council for the old High Prairie hospital land. Town council turned it down. Could it be this was the issue the county council was discussing?
It appears so. South Peace News reported in its Sept. 20 edition that town council refused the deal the previous month. At its Sept. 12 meeting, town council directed CAO Bill McKennan to proceed with the potential acquisition of the site. The next day, the matter “somehow” pops up at the Big Lakes County meeting and the same $148,000 price is mentioned.
Hey, if town council didn’t want it for $148,000 perhaps AHS will let Big Lakes County buy it at the same price? What a steal! Could this be the thinking?
A coincidence! You decide because neither council will ever tell us.

How about those Edmonton Oilers! Nine straight wins as of Jan. 11 and counting!
Perhaps that Canada Stanley Cup we keep dreaming about is not so far off.
And do not forget, Winnipeg and Vancouver are also having great seasons and even Toronto (cough, cough!) may also be a threat to win it all!
Good times for hockey in Canada!

Edmonton sports legend John Short passed away Jan. 11 at the age of 86.
In the media, business, you either love ‘em or hate ’em! Many listened to Short’s sports talk shows. Whether you liked Short or not, have to give him credit for one thing: no one promoted amateur sports more than he did.

Have a great week!

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