The Page – January 22, 2020

Here is a “beer league” hockey player who won’t be buying rounds for his buddies for oh, maybe the next five kabillion years.
Grant McIssac last week in Ontario court was ordered to pay $702,551 to Drew Casterton for a blind-side hit to Casterton in 2012. Casterton fell, cracking his skull on the ice. Since then, according to his claim, he is unable to concentrate, has severe headaches and can’t enjoy life as before.
After hearing from witnesses, the judge agreed it was not a fair hit. The judge says the incident was beyond what any competitor should expect in such a game.
Assuming there is no appeal, and assuming McIsaac can actually pay up, interest alone on the damage award will run, at about four per cent interest, more than $24,000 per year. That’s a lot of beer.

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Did you enjoy last week’s cold snap?
It was a great day for ourselves. We rolled out of bed about 9:30 a.m., confident the shop would be closed because of the cold. We let the dog out to do his business. Then we put on coffee, turned on the radio and listened to some whiners complain about the cold, and had a chuckle. We read a couple of e-mails from our friends in Arizona. Watched a bit of TV, mostly old Seinfeld.
Then in the afternoon we phoned into work to see what tomorrow would bring. Yes! Another frozen day! We won’t even have to drive the car out of our heated garage to go to work. It’s another day off.
Soooo, it must now be naptime, so we can rest up for an evening of whatever. Evening will bring a couple of glasses of wine, sitting by the fire, and finally another really good night’s sleep. And since it’s way too cold to walk the dog or exercise, well, maybe it will be three glasses. Ah, life is good!
Ha, ha! If you believe that, maybe we can sell you a bridge. Here is how it really went for us:
At 1 a.m., the dog wants out. Back door latch is frozen. Can’t open door. Patio door is also frozen shut. Front door we are able to open with great effort. Dog won’t go outside. Back to bed after wasting time arguing with him.
At 5 a.m., the dog decides being beat half to death for peeing inside is worse than going outside. Fight with doors again. Thank goodness front still opens. I tell wife if we have a fire, throw a chair through the front window if doors won’t open. Dog pees on deck right outside door. He must have been saving for two days since he puts yellow everywhere.
Wife warms up her frozen vehicle and finally heads to work at 6 a.m. It’s a 30-minute drive. Rear tire comes off rim after galumping noises for three blocks. She walks back to house and kicks me out of bed, even after I plead how the dog woke me up in middle of night. After a whole bunch of phoning, AMA says 13-hour wait. That isn’t the time for a service call to arrive. That’s how long before central office will call back to see what we want.
Wife takes my vehicle to work. I don’t go to work because I have to walk three blocks every five hours to warm up her vehicle. And no vehicle, anyway. I will make up the lost hours over the next week or so. Dog won’t come with me to start vehicle. He pleads cold weather as he hops around on three legs. Some Alaskan Husky Malamute he is!
Wife’s vehicle almost doesn’t start. Too cold. AMA still hasn’t phoned. We call local AMA people. They say they won’t change a tire after -35C. They might come later in the day to haul.
I can change tire myself but the spare is a half-hour away [don’t ask]. I know her vehicle hasn’t seen its jack for a couple of years. I know I can’t use a Jackall on it. Do I really want to mess around doing this when the pros won’t?
Dog is sleeping on the couch. Smart dog, eh? Probably exhausted from the three-legged dancing.
AMA shows up late in day. Turns out two flats. No idea why. Maybe aluminum. From driving on rims two new tires needed.
The good news is, it got all the way up to -26C. We can open doors!

* * * * * * *

Ray Duchesneau says the cold snap last week was nothing at all.
“Back in the ‘80s, it was -40 for five weeks. You just got used to it.”
People these days don’t know what cold is.
A woman hearing the story said it got down to -70C. We didn’t catch the name of the fellow who said, “-40? Heck I can remember when it was -70. Now that was cold.”
We can add to that a few things.
First, thank goodness for indoor plumbing.
Second, if you have a heated garage, aren’t you sorry you piled all that stuff in it?
Third, it sure is nice when the weather warms up, like this week. Absolutely tropical!

* * * * * * *

Have a great week, everyone!

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