The Page – January 31, 2024

Just a warning, fellows!
Only 14 days left to prepare for Valentine’s Day.
Can’t say The Page didn’t warn you!

Sad to report there is more vandalism at Jaycee Park in High Prairie.
The Town of High Prairie posted on social media Jan. 24, “Jaycee Park’s main gates will be closed to vehicle parking due to damages to the park and Town property. The gates will remain closed for the duration of the winter season.”
The Town adds vehicles parked directly in front of the gate “may be fined or towed, as this is the emergency access to Jaycee Park.”
The Page mailed Town of High Prairie CAO Bill McKennan. He added the following:
“The park and walking trails are still open for public use. Motorized access is being restricted. There have been numerous issues with motorized vehicles (ATV’s, cars, trucks and snowmobiles) damaging the sports fields, turf and the general park areas. The estimated costs related to reinstatement cannot be determined at this time due to snow overlay.”
Here we have another case of senseless vandalism. The Town tries to hard to provide residents with recreation opportunities and this happens.
What a shame so few ruin it for so many. The Page cannot understand the “thrill” these vandals get from their bonehead acts.

Our friends at the Slave Lake Lakeside Leader wrote an editorial on the Treaty 8 First Nations Cup. The Leader is South Peace News’ sister newspaper.
At the end of the editorial, the Leader writes, “But at least for this year, it’s here and we’re looking forward to it. Let’s show them some of that Slave Lake hospitality!”
This will be the second year High Prairie has lost hosting the major hockey tournament. Seems like town council was only interested in taking the rental cheque. Even the mayor could not be bothered to attend the most recent meeting as evidenced by CAO Bill McKennan writing “staff” met with Treaty 8 organizers. Not very welcoming at all!
So, what steps are being taken to bring this tournament back to High Prairie? Will the mayor get involved and lead the way, or also ignore the next meeting?
Oh, well, Slave Lake doesn’t mind! Lots more economic activity and money for their businesses!
Too bad for High Prairie businesses, however.
We wish Treaty 8 organizers the best of luck on another successful tournament and hope to see them back in High Prairie soon.

The Page hears about all kinds of promotions but this one got his attention.
The 2,000 push-ups in 23 days challenge supports mental health in February. The Page quickly got out his calculator (he doesn’t have enough fingers and toes!) and discovered 2,000 push-ups in 23 days is 86.96 push-ups each day. Actually, not that bad if you don’t do them all at once. Say maybe about 3.6 push-ups per hour!
The idea is 2,000 push-ups represent the 20 per cent of Canadians who will suffer from mental illness in any given year.
The push-up challenge began in Australia in 2017 and has spread worldwide.
Another good cause to support.

The Page is confused! Again!
If you follow pro sports as much as The Page does, you will notice that NBA players regularly take days off and do not play. They call it rest.
The Page wonders. What would everyone say if Connor McDavid took a day off for rest in the middle of the season?
Odd how you never see this happen in the NHL but you do in the NBA all the time. Even more perplexing is that the NBA players make way more money. You would think they would have even more responsibility to perform for the fans.
The Page has some advice for NBA players: suck it up!

The Page wrote on Oct. 18, 2023: “Gee Whiz, Oilers fans! It is only one game. And Calgary Flames fans, quit snickering! We will see who is laughing at year’s end.”
Hard to find Flames fans these days!

“One of the most cowardly things ordinary people do is shut their eyes to the facts.” – C.S. Lewis.

Overheard at a bar.
“I think I’m worth every headache I give my wife!”

Have a great week!

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