The Page – July 19, 2023

The Page was at one of the local stores the other day and was told he was going to be charged 35 cents for a plastic bag.
Anyone who sees The Page when he shops at local stores knows it is a very rare occasion when he asks for a bag. The Page generally shops for a few items at a time each day, and rarely makes big purchases.
We’ve heard this story many times from these stores. “Save the environment! Don’t use plastic!”
Fair enough, but why does a store have to profit so much on the backs of the customer? It costs less than a penny (I know it does not exist!) to make a plastic bag yet the store is allowed to make at least 35 times the profit on this single item. Talk about being hosed and cheated!
Has the store ever told you how much they are making on this little get-rich scheme venture? Never!
Think about a huge store that literally “sells” thousands of these bags each day. For example, 2,000 bags is $700 profit, times 30 days in a month is $21,000! Or $252,000 in a year! Did you realize that? No doubt the corporate bean-counter is happy with this!
At least if this money was returned to fund green programs, it wouldn’t be so bad. But to only line the pockets of corporate giants rials The Page to no end. Good for nothing you-know-whats! Greedy people! Hope you are all happy!
Ah, it feels so good to vent!

Speaking of plastic bags, or any other type of bag for that matter, The Page hears they are in short supply in Edmonton.
Apparently, they are being scooped up by Edmonton Elks fans!
And as a Calgary Flames fan pointed out recently, the Elks and Oilers have one thing in common this year: they both will win the same number of championships.
Like, really, a Flames fan should talk! Sounds about right! No one knows more about losing than a Flames fan!

At High Prairie town council’s meeting July 11, a debate ensued over what day to have their community barbecue.
It was interesting because The Page heard from more than one person how disappointed they were nothing occurred in town on Canada Day.
So, how about having the community barbecue on Canada Day? Kill two birds with one stone, as they say. Perhaps invite the library or High Prairie and District Children’s Resource Council to entertain the children.
The downside to this is it is a holiday. As Town of High Prairie CAO Bill McKennan pointed out at the meeting, council relies on staff to set up for the barbecue. July 1 is, of course, a holiday, and many people do not want to work. Time off in lieu can always be worked out, however.
Oh, well! Just a thought!
But remember, last time council threw a significant amount of money at a Canada Day event at Jaycee Park in 2017, it was huge success!

Over at Big Lakes County at its July 12 meeting, director of corporate services Dave Reynolds reminded council the Alberta government is providing $175 million in disaster recovery program funding regarding the recent wildfires.
Now before anyone gets in big huff like the Big Bad Wolf, everyone knows this will not be nearly enough dough to recover what was lost. Reynolds was right when he pointed out this is initial investment to kick-start recovery. Or, in his words, “nowhere close to what the wildfires will cost.”
Expect more investment as time passes.
Interesting to note that on July 17, the government is taking questions from the media about a one-time government funding through the Indigenous Housing Capital Program to help East Prairie Metis Settlement repair homes damaged and destroyed. See a report in the July 26 edition of this newspaper.

The Page notes the question asked by Big Lakes County Councillor Jeff Chalifoux from Grouard. To paraphrase, here it is July, and potholes from last winter have still not been fixed.
Good question!
Chalifoux heard the contractor was behind schedule but work will be done in the next few weeks.
The Page figures this is good news for citizens but bad news for the repair shops. Just kidding!

Another issue at Grouard is too many dogs!
The Page knows times have changed over the years but remembers years ago when Alvin Billings was reeve of the M.D. of Big Lakes. At one meeting in the spring, when dogs like to make puppies, he heard there were problems with too many dogs at Grouard. Then Enilda. Joussard. Billings then asked Councillor Gilbert Nygaard about Faust.
“No problem here,” he said.
“How come?” asked a puzzled Billings.
“We have about three or four guys who take care of the problem 24/7,” replied Nygaard.
Cruel, but effective!

High Priarie Elks Pro Rodeo in less than two weeks!

Have a great week!

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