The Page – July 22, 2020

As a sort of “sign of the times” once again the Edmonton Eskimos football team is thinking about changing their name.
A few years ago, the team did some research and surveys, and found that most people, including many Inuit, didn’t mind the name. These days, some people find the name “Eskimo” offensive.
So, it might be off to the drawing board, looking for a name that inspires respect, strikes fear in rivals, indicates strength and power, is catchy, and apparently most important of all, does not offend anybody. So much for that hoary old political excuse of “You can’t please everybody.”
Along that line, mean, tough, smart animals are fair territory. Weak wimpy are not. Ravens is good. Magpies and crows? Not so much. Lions and Tigers and Jaguars are good names. Pandas and Koalas, not so much. Hurricanes, Flames and Tornadoes are good. Hail and Rain, maybe not so good.
And maybe five or 10 years from now? A whole bunch of current names might have to bite the dust.
We’ve heard a suggestion that numbers, or letters of the alphabet be assigned to all teams, if and when their names come under fire. So we can’t have any team picking Ones, but Twos, Threes and so-on are good. Until you get to 13. Skip that. We already have the A’s. But the B’s, C’s, D’s and so are OK. Until you get to F. Why no F? Well, that’s already been decided by at least one major equipment maker.
Each new model in their series that might have started with A or B or D, skipped right over F, going from E to G.
Kinda sad, isn’t it when you can’t even name something after a letter of the alphabet, never mind a fierce, fighting person of some kind.

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Sylvan Lake has a regular population of around 16,000 people. On a summer weekend, another 10,000 to 15,000 can find their way there from nearby Red Deer and the region, and from Calgary and Edmonton also.
That’s nothing compared to the 10 or more million people that visit Alberta parks and recreation areas every year.
Or the 50,000 per day average that walk up and down Banff’s streets in peak summer. Wow!

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