The Page – July 5, 2023

The Page admits he might have to watch a bit more national news.
Last week, The Page learned that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has renamed Canada Day to Canada Together.
Oh, brother! Really! When will this insanity stop?
Canada is our country. July 1 is Canada’s birthday. Doesn’t Canada Day seem logical?
This is why The Page doesn’t watch national news. What a farce!
Oh, well! Next suggestion! Perhaps we can name cleaning out the pig barn Justin Trudeau Day!

Two days ago (July 3, 1987) what happened in High Prairie?
The loonie arrived!
It is incredible to believe it has been over 35 years since the $1 bills were taken out of circulation in Canada.
And perhaps even more difficult to believe that a $5 coin has not replaced the bills yet. The Page read somewhere it costs far less to produce a coin than the paper bills which must be reprinted many times. Coins also last a lot longer in circulation.
No matter what kind of money is used, it doesn’t seem to last very long in The Page’s hands!

Chances are no matter where you are in the world and see a military aircraft, it is from the USA.
The USA has 26.7 per cent of the world’s miliary aircraft (13,247 aircraft) followed by Russia at 9.6 per cent and China at 9.1 per cent. Rounding out the top five are India at 4.7 per cent and South Korea at 3.4 per cent.
Canada is not listed in the top 10 (big surprise!) but Japan, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey and France are. They complete the Top 10. Together, the Top 10 have just under 64 per cent of the globe’s military aircraft.
The Page has no idea how many military aircraft Canada has but advises not to get into a fight with our nearest neighbours, the USA and Russia. Rumour has it that Canada’s top military planes were actually built by the Wright brothers.
Wow! The Page has so much wisdom to share!

Just last week, The Page was complaining we have not seen Lesser Slave Lake MLA Scott Sinclair in the area. We have a sighting! Here he is at the Canada Day Parade at Kinuso July 1 handing out Frisbees. We expect to see him at the High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo Parade July 1.

This interesting item from the Conference Board of Canada! They report that low-calorie non-alcoholic beverages have blown past their full-calorie counterparts and now represent 58 per cent of the Canadian market across all beverage categories.
And, they add, it has also resulted in a 16 per cent decrease in calories consumed by beverage for each person.
The trend is clear toward consuming less sugar! Not good news if you are a sugar beet grower in southern Alberta or sugar cane grower in the tropics.
The older The Page gets, and with it his mild diabetes, the more his world spins after drinking only one bottle of Coca-Cola! Even he has done his part to consume less sugar-laden drinks. Not very willingly, however.

Having trouble with junk mail on your computer?
Join the club! The Page gets more junk mail every day. Don’t people have anything better to do than send this garbage?
The Page knows most junk mail (commonly called spam) is computer generated. Think how many people would have to be hired to produce this crap each day? It is one case where computers have not helped the world!

June 28, The Page attended a meeting at Guy, hosted by the M.D. of Smoky River, about the proposed wind project (wind turbines) at Guy.
It was pointed out by Reeve Robert Brochu (again!) that the Alberta Utilities Commission makes the final decision on such projects. So much for local authority! Shouldn’t the M.D. have final say on what is allowed in their M.D.?
Driving home, The Page remembered when Peace Country Health had local health advisory committees. The lasted a few years until someone decided decisions could be made in bigger centres like Grande Prairie and eventually, Edmonton. So much for local authority and input!
Based in Grande Prairie, Peace Country Health (PCH) told the High Prairie group which The Page served on for free, they could continue meeting but they would have to change their name. No longer would PCH offer any support and in no way could the new group be associated with PCH. The chair at the time, George Keay, asked The Page to come up with a new name.
The Page thought about it. They were an advisory lobby group not scared to rock the boat.
“I got it!” The Page told Keay. “The Serious Health Issues Team Disturbers!”
Logical, right?
After a few laughs and giggles, a new name was chosen.

Books, minds and umbrellas only work if they are open!

A woman goes to visit her husband in prison. While leaving, she gives the prison guard heck.
“How dare you make my husband word so hard,” she says. “He is exhausted!”
“Ma’am,” says the guard. “He does nothing all day except sleep, lie around in his cell and read.”
“That’s not true,” says the wife. “He just told me he’s been digging a tunnel for months!”

Have a great week!

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