The Page – June 1, 2016


Despite little snow the past winter and a dry spring, forecasts say June is shaping up to be our regular “monsoon” season. This is good news.
Rains the past week or so have been called “billion dollar” all the way to “gazillion dollar” rains, and that isn’t just for what it meant to farmers. There’s lots of money to be saved if we aren’t fighting forest fires all summer. That’s not to mention even tourism gets a needed boost, given the number of boat launches and marinas getting close to useless due to low water levels.
Now, with June rains, things are looking up for our northern lakes, especially our big lake Lesser Slave Lake.

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Just three more weeks to the big North Country Fair at the Driftpile valley south of Driftpile!
The official fair runs from Friday to Sunday, the weekend of June 17-19, but there is lots of socializing before then as fairgoers set up their camps for the festivities.
Full details about the fair are online at
Spotlight will feature a report next week.

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The big news in Weyburn, Sask. the past few weeks is all about the local KFC. According to news reports, several KFC outlets in southern Saskatchewan have been ordered by head office down in the States to stop their practice of lunchtime buffets. For some reason, the news is all about the Weyburn KFC.
These buffets have been going on for years, and actually these days have the status of a local tradition in those towns. It’s going to be quite a hardship for local citizens, says one report.
Even Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall has weighed in on the issue, saying he wants the buffet to stay open.
The latest news is, after the big uproar, the buffet will indeed stay open. Talk about closing was just, according to CBC, “talk” that came up as there are plans to renovate the store.
As a show of support, Weyburn seniors packed the restaurant last Wednesday. This also happened to be the regular Seniors Discount Day.
The buffet has been operated since 1988, and is actually one of many in KFC outlets all around the world.

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Speaking of around the world, it’s almost impossible to turn on a TV or radio news outlet these days without hearing about the American presidential election.
The news in Canada? Well, Bernie Sanders is still called a raging socialist up here in Canada. This is especially interesting because most of his plans, like Universal Health Care, are already fact in Canada. In the States, some people call Sanders a commie.
In Canada, Hillary Clinton is still loved by many. Down in the States, more and more people prefer Sanders to her, to the point now the Democrats [the American equivalent of Liberals] are evenly split between Sanders and her. In particular, Clinton is viewed by many as just part of the professional political class, a rich old elitist who can’t relate to regular people, a criminal who made a mess of the Benghazi incident, and also a criminal for running her own email server while Secretary of State.
Trump? Well, lots of Canadians like Trump just because he is loud, outspoken, and not afraid of being politically incorrect. For sure, he isn’t part of the political elite.
Also interesting, from the perspective of one person who just returned from a trip to New Orleans, is her comment: “You hardly hear anything at all about any of candidates. Here in Canada Trump is in the news all the time. In New Orleans, I might have heard him mentioned once in a week.”
That’s from our own newspaper publisher here, Mary Burgar.
Have a great week!

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