The Page – June 28, 2023

Happy Canada Day this weekend, everyone!
The big day falls on a Saturday this year, perfect for party plans.
The Page knows Canada is the best country in the world. And just how great is Canada?
“Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can’t screw it up entirely although he sure is trying!”

Here is some good dating advice. The Page saw this on a High Prairie man’s Facebook page.
“Date a woman with warrant for her arrest. Then she can’t call the police on you!”

Recently-elected MLA Scott Sinclair has been pretty quiet since the election. Can anyone report a Sinclair sighting at a public event in High Prairie since the election?
Here is what is interesting. Sinclair was sworn-in as MLA June 20. But he was at a public meeting at Smith June 13 before he was officially an MLA. The Page says good for him. Get in tune with issues right away. No need to wait.
Sinclair also told the Slave Lake Lakeside Leader he’s “70 per cent there” in the process of setting up a manned constituency office in Slave Lake.
What! No word on a potential office in High Prairie!
Now, the story was with a focus on Slave Lake so there could be plans to open an office in High Prairie. So far, however, no announcement.
That, dear readers, is not good! If Sinclair wants to quiet the rumours he is all for Slave Lake and to heck with High Prairie, he had best make an appearance in town very soon and open an office.

The above reminds The Page of a story he sprung at the coffee shop years ago.
Late one fall, there was a murder up north. The suspect had not been caught. The Page went to the coffee shop and said he heard a rumor the suspect was in High Prairie where he thought he’d never get caught.
“How come?” asked a foolish member of the coffee gang falling into The Page’s trap.
“We just had an election. He came to town and changed his name to a local politician and everyone knows you can’t find one of those guys after an election.”
Are you paying attention, Mr. Sinclair?

Connor McDavid did not score enough to lead the Edmonton Oilers to the promised land in the Stanley Cup playoffs but he did score a big win last week.
Yes, McDavid is getting married! No doubt making one woman a very happy girl but breaking the hearts of many hopefuls at the same time.
Best wishes to McDavid and is bride-to-be!

The Page ran across this item, “Test your brain age” on social media. Just for fun – and that is what these things really are – The Page took the test twice.
The first time The Page scored 54. Pretty close to his real age of 61. The second time The Page scored 34! Wow! Have to like that second score! Dementia is far away!
The Page noted the only difference was the second time he took the test was in the morning rather than evening when perhaps there were more knives in the drawer, if you know what I mean. I guess that means the old brain factory gets tired as the day goes on.

Walking along the beach one day, a husband, wife and daughter look down on the sand and sees prints of horseshoes.
“Obviously a horse,” he tells his wife.
Later, they come across another set of prints with a paw but sharp indents on the outside.
“Obviously a bear,” says the wife.
They continue to walk along and come across a bunch of trash.
“I know what made those tracks,” says the little girl to the look of her puzzled parents.
“A bunch of idiots!”

Have a great week and don’t forget to read page A9 for a listing of Canada Day events in the region.

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