The Page – June 7, 2017

Environment Canada released last week its prediction for the coming summer months.
Locally, northern Alberta has a 40-50 per cent chance of temperatures above normal. It’s going to be a little bit warmer than average, according to how The Page is reading the maps and charts.
Rainwise, most of Alberta is forecast to be about average. Our own north-central part of the province, stretching from about High Level to Red Deer, is forecast to have a 40-50 per cent chance of above average rainfall. The amount of rain is not terribly above average, either.

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Interestingly, the June “monsoon season” in northern Alberta has not shown itself as much of a “monsoon” the past few weeks in weather forecasts for the whole month of June.
Not to be deterred by several hundred or thousand trained weather experts with banks of satellites and computers, and some very sophisticated computer models, The Page confidently makes its own prediction for June.
It will rain on the weekends for which you have made big plans. The sun will shine on the drive home from the cottage, lake, camp out or field trip. When you want to mow the lawn, it will rain. The North Country Fair just maybe, maybe squeak out another delightfully summery event.
But generally speaking, every time you have outdoorsy stuff planned – it will rain. Yup!
With that in mind, pack the rain gear and boots. Plan for the worst and you will never be disappointed.

* * * * * * *

It often came up in chats with former MLA Pearl Calahasen how exciting it was to drive in -40C winter weather to a meeting someplace in the boonies of the Lesser Slave Lake constituency.
Or sort of the same, driving down a dry summer gravel road, following a truck tossing up a huge cloud of dust.
Our current MLA Danielle Larivee probably gets as much sympathy [not very much] as did Calahasen from her city compatriots. They whine about getting their feet damp from a puddle outside their constituency office.
And having to head the Legislature in the middle of winter? Oh, the humanity of it all!
For more on this, read the editorial in this week’s newspaper on “Fake Rules” and another new plan to hose rural Alberta. We found it interesting how the travel distances suffered by people outside of Calgary and Edmonton were quickly dismissed by the folks making the new plan. Get your staff to drive you was their idea!
We have a suggestion: city MLAs should try sharing a constituency office with a rural counterpart.
For example, one Edmonton MLA would spend two days per week hanging out, and conducting business, in the Westlock MLA’s office. Anybody from Edmonton has to drive out to see him or her. Just see how many people actually do, and what the response is when you tell a voter to do that.
Calgary MLAs can hang out at Didsbury or some such place. After all, we don’t want to really inconvenience anybody by telling them they have to go to Valleyview, or Lloydminster, or Wainwright, or High Level, do we? Heck no, that would be so, so uncaring!
We are sure, with a little bit of imagination, our government might start to see what is really involved representing rural Alberta. Who knows, the MLAs [as they are driven around by their staff] might enjoy some fresh air, some scenery, and meet some real people who make milk and steaks and breakfast cereal and fuel for a truck and wood for a house. You know, us folks in the countryside.

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