The Page – March 20. 2024

The front page story on McLennan town council perhaps reducing the number on members on council for the next municipal election in 2025 is interesting.
A slight snafu is prompting administration to bring a new bylaw back to council. Apparently, the law is councils must have an odd number of reps. Council motioned March 11 for an even number (six) which is not allowed. Council current has seven members.
But sometimes you make an error and come up smelling like a rose. Now, McLennan citizens have more time to provide input to council. Do you want five people serving on council, or seven?
The Page urges citizens to talk to their mayor and council. It will help guide them in their decision.

Boyd Gibb brought forth an interesting question at High Prairie town council’s meeting March 12. He asked what the cost would be to have a byelection if the recall petition against either Mayor Brian Panasiuk, Councillor Donna Deynaka or Councillor James Waikle is successful. CAO Bill McKennan replied about $10,000.
It might be another matter to consider when possibly deciding whether or not to sign the recall petition. Do you want to spend $10,000 or wait until the next election to give these members the heave-ho? Is this money well spent?
Or, of course, re-elect them for the wonderful job they are doing!

March 14, the Alberta government announced it was “thrilled” on TC Energy’s sale of the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project to the Nisga’a First Nation in British Columbia.
The news release said it was “another incredible example of the important role Indigenous communities are playing as owners and partners in major development projects and the energy sector at large.”
There is also a story on page 3 about local First Nations and Metis Settlements investing in the Clearwater oilfield.
The Page was told years ago by former Sucker Creek First Nation Chief Jim Badger that First Nations had to begin investing in such projects if they were to move forward be successful. Every time we read and/or of such investment, The Page thinks of Jim and how right he was many years ago.

We hear the Alberta government is proposing a provincial ankle bracelet monitoring program to hold high-risk offenders accountable while out on bail or serving a community sentence.
The Page thinks this is a decent idea. We know judges are leery of sending crooks off to prison so the next best thing is to at least know where they are, right?
Of course, the provincial politicians could not waste a chance take a jab at their federal Liberal counterparts.
“The federal government’s bail policies are failing to keep people safe,” said Mike Ellis, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services.
In today’s world, sometimes The Page thinks the citizens are the hens and the crooks are the foxes.
The Page is reminded of a case in High Prairie youth court years ago. Judge R. P. Smith (may he rest in peace!) heard details of a youth committing several break and enters. When asked what to do he had a quick reply.
“Stronger locks on the doors!”

March 13, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Boy, would The Page love to be a fly on the wall during that meeting! It was probably as cold as a sled dog’s snoot in that room!
The Page has inside information that Trudeau took along a few items to prepare for the meeting including ear plugs, Pepto-Bismol, a bottle of Rolaids and a cutout of his famous father’s one-finger salute to the West to remind Smith how he really feels about Alberta and the West.

The Page has published a few musings from Drayton Valley citizen Duane Keller recently. His latest rant: “As a Canadian citizen, I pay for every politician’s raise, every bureaucrat’s bonus, every tax, every politician’s meal, every government legal cost and every government perk?”
So true!
He adds, “I demand all raises are stopped, every bonus is cancelled, all tax increase are halted, all meals are paid by the person eating, and bureaucrats and politicians pay their own legal fees. Quit wasting the money I work so hard to earn.”
The Page has some advice for Keller. You may as well wish to win the next lottery! Twice!

Bob was in big trouble after forgetting his wedding anniversary. His wife was really, really angry.
“Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in six seconds. And it better be there!” she ordered him.
The next morning, Bob gets up early and leaves for work. His wife wakes up, looks out the window and sees a box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway. Confused, she puts on her robe, runs out to the driveway, and brings the box back into the house. She opens it and finds a new bathroom scale.
Bob has been missing since.

Have a great week!

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