The Page – May 22, 2024

How about that rain! Yahoo!
The Page figures no one is too upset over the free drink from Mother Nature last week. The soil does need a good soaking to make things grow.
Not to get readers too upset, but with the rain comes something else in about 10 days. Skitters! The pesky bugs need water to hatch.
Oh, well! Got to take the good with the bad!
True fact: only female mosquitoes bite! They need blood for their eggs to hatch.

On May 16, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the New Brunswick Conservative government “a disgrace” regarding women’s rights.
Without going into too much detail, The Page agrees with the PM! After all, no one knows more about disgracing someone than Trudeau!

Hmmm! Is Justin Trudeau proof that politicians are like bananas: they all start out green and straight but as they age they turn yellow and go crooked?

Lots of Alberta towns, villages, M.D.s, counties and the like are upset over the Alberta government’s new Bill 20. In short, the mucky mucks in Edmonton want to change a few things in the Municipal Government Act. It’s the document that is the Bible of local governance in High Prairie, Falher, Peace River and areas in-between.
One of the big beefs is Bill 20 gives the Alberta government more power to “interfere” or “intervene” with local governance. Local politicians are all upset about that! How dare they interfere with their empire!
Seriously, who do you want deciding local affairs? Your locally-elected neighbour down the street or some bureaucrat in Edmonton with their own interpretation of the law?

Also, in Edmonton the Alberta government recently announced they are going back to more locally-elected health boards.
Well, that didn’t take long, did it?
As recently as the late 1980s and early 1990s, each community where there was a hospital had a locally-elected health board. High Prairie had one. McLennan. Peace River.
But as time went on, the provincial government decided a regional board was better. Ta da! Keeweetinok Lakes Regional Health Authority became a reality. Not sure what the one serving Peace River was called. Then came Peace Country Health. Then the provincial Alberta Health Services board.
Now we’re heading back to more local boards.
It’s about time!
Perhaps everyone in the healthcare field will be a bit more responsive to locally-elected people rather than nameless buffoons in Edmonton.

A guy goes in for a job interview.
“What’s your best quality?” asks the boss.
“Well,” says the applicant. “I’m probably too honest.”
“Gee,” says the boss. “That’s not a bad thing. How can that be a bad thing?”
The applicant replies, “Who the hell cares what you think?”

Number one rule about teamwork!
You can always blame someone else!

An old man walks into the tax collector’s office and sits down.
“How may I help you?” asks the secretary.
“Don’t need any help,” replies the old man.
“Then why are you here?” asks the secretary.
“I just wanted to meet some of the people I’ve worked for all my life!”

A police officer is trying to catch a man speeding. He’s going 100 km/ hr, then 120, then 150 before he finally gives up and pulls over.
“It’s been a long day,” says the officer. “I want to go home. If you give me a good reason for speeding, I’ll pass on the ticket.”
“Well,” says the man. “Last week, a police officer ran off with my wife. I thought it was him trying to return her.”

Putter downer: if brains were taxed you would get a refund!

Did you hear about the guy who quit his can crushing job because it was soda pressing?

As of this writing, the only NHL playoff series The Page got wrong was picking Toronto over Boston.
Pick the Leafs! Arrgh!
Oh, well! The Page feels better now that he has quit banging his head against the wall!
At the time of this writing (May 16) The Page has picked Florida, Colorado and Edmonton to win their series.

Have a great week!

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