The Page – November 1, 2023

This newspaper hits the streets on Tuesday in High Prairie. Halloween!
Please, everyone, be extra careful of the ghosts, goblins and witches running about. Children are very excited on Halloween and sometimes do not pay as much attention to traffic as they should.

The Retail Council of Canada (RCC) recently released its RCC X Leger Holiday Shopping Survey. It says the average Canadian will spend $898 on Christmas presents this year.
Wow! The Page is hoping for some terrific goodies in his stocking this Christmas!
But the survey also said last year Canadians spent an average of $782. Someone must be getting expensive presents because The Page certainly brings the average down with the value of his presents!
Perhaps The Page needs to get off the “Naughty” list from Santa before his fortunes increase!

An interesting matter arose at High Prairie town council’s meeting Oct. 24. The subject of rental properties arose and one councillor suggested contacting one of the real estate firms in town, while ignoring the other two.
The Page checked and one of the real estate firms not mentioned by this councillor is very active in rental properties. The other, not so much. So, why did this councillor and rest of council not mention the other firm active in rental properties? Should they not be treated the same as the others?
For the record, the ignored real estate firm The Page spoke to did mention that real estate firms do work together and help each other out with referrals. Good to know.
It is still a shame council did not treat all the firms fairly. They all pay taxes, operate reputable businesses and should be treated equally. To actively promote one business and ignore the others is not right.

The Page received three emails last week warning him of dementia warnings.
Is someone out there suggesting something?

There are only two things The Page can’t eat for breakfast.
Lunch and supper!

Is it just The Page or does anyone else notice how nickels are piling up in his pockets and tables at home? The Page is getting quite a collection of the five-cent pieces and is ready to make a trip to the bank.
It was just over 10 years ago on Feb. 4, 2013 when the Canadian government took the penny out of circulation in Canada. It was a good move as pennies were pretty much useless. One has to wonder how long it will be before the nickel goes bye-bye! Dimes? Quarters?
This brings up another whole matter of electronic money. There will probably be a day when there are no coins or even paper money. It is happening as we speak. It is expensive to keep minting coins and printing money.
Still, The Page thinks this is a horrible idea. Electronic money means someone can track your spending. Frankly, it is no one’s damn business where anyone spends their personal money.
Besides, if we got rid of nickels, dimes and quarters how would The Page get paid?
Hope the bosses have a sense of hee-haw!

The Page purchased some Halloween candy two weeks ago to get ready for Halloween.
Of course, there was a lot of sampling going on before the goblins and ghosts arrived. One such purchase was a box of chocolate bars including Smarties, Aero, Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp.
The Page noticed that each little box of Smarties had a different number of Smarties. Of a dozen boxes opened, there were anywhere from only seven to 11 Smarties. You would think the number would be more consistent – say around nine Smarties in each box?
This really worries The Page. Are there exactly the same number of Smarties in each 50-bar box or are some people getting ripped off? A pessimist would say however, perhaps the buyer is getting a few extra!
The Page won’t even talk about the fact there seems to be very few red Smarties. More pink, orange and brown. Lots to worry about, my friends!

Now that Halloween is over, people will be putting up Christmas decorations.
Couldn’t we wait until after Remembrance Day?

Speaking of Remembrance Day, annual services will be held all over the region Saturday, Nov. 11. This newspaper will try to get a listing of all services to let you know next week.

Have a great week!

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