The Page – November 11, 2020

“Holy Senior Citizens Homes Batman. We’re too old for this kind of stuff.”
That could be a normal expression from Batman’s younger sidekick, Robin. We mention this because somebody last week asked, “What the heck is that all about?”
This is reference to our column last week about the opening line in an item that started off “Holy loosey leaf binder.”
So, we had some discussion about this. Particularly since your humble correspondent uses such phrasing three or four or more times per year. For many, many years now!
The phrasing started with the late 1960s TV show Batman. Maybe it even started earlier in the original Batman comic books. But alas, many young people don’t know such things. Hence the comment from a reader mentioned above.
Now, if you didn’t know these expressions, well, we apologize. We thus take a wild guess that means you are in the same boat as not knowing who the Little Old Lady From Pasadena is. Elvis perhaps? The Acropolis? Perhaps who was The Iron Lady? Or why the United States Navy super aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt is nicknamed “The Big Stick?”
On the other hand, how many oldtimers know what a Switch is? Or, is winter coming?
Here are some Batman lines:
“Holy Oleo!”
“Holy Graf Zeppelin!”
“Holy IT&T”
“Holy Pianola!”
“Holy Rheostat!”
“Holy Bat Trap!”
“Holy Blogosphere!”
“Holy Bunions!”
Dang tough keeping up with pop-culture and what used to be pop-culture.
If you want see a long list of “Robinisms” see under the QuirkNews sidebar.

* * * * * * *

In our corner, it definitely looks like winter is ready to arrive.
However, it has to be said, the long range forecast says lots of daytime temperatures will be hovering around -5C to one or two degrees above zero. This is all the way through to the end of November.
White Christmas? Most likely. But not a frigid one until perhaps in the New Year.

* * * * * * *

We have to apologize to any readers who didn’t understand last week’s mention of school student enrolment being down in the Peace River School Division.
Basically, to explain the item that appeared in this column last week, we were curious where 175 students out of about 3,000 disappeared. That’s about six per cent. We are inquiring into this.
As PRSD superintendent explained earlier, some provincial money for schools is handed out according to student numbers. The lower count could mean lots of dollars will not arrive.
As we said in the column, there are lots of businesses with head offices far away that make decisions based on all kinds of numbers. A couple of years of declining students means what? No need to expand the local store? No need to build that new store in what they thought would be a good market?
And then there are governments themselves. And even a local chamber of commerce might start thinking of what the future holds. That doesn’t even start to mention what the school board itself might be thinking.
There are other points here. Was the drop in students in one location? Or was it spread right across the entire school division. Is this a signal overall populations are declining in one particular community?
We are sure there will be answers. In the old days, we used to sometimes call this a “slip of the old slide rule.” Nowadays, maybe it’s a bug in the spreadsheet.

* * * * * * *

Now the American election is over, does this mean we can get back to normal business?
Well, for sure 2020 has already been far from normal, what with the COVID-19. The so-called Mainstream Media is saying both America and Canada should have been much more like Australia and New Zealand. Australia locked down its borders on Feb. 1, we believe, which is the same day as the United States.
Unfortunately, in America many politicians, helped along by wildly anti-Trump media, was calling for shopping and dining in “Chinatown” well into March. They also said border closures were racist and xenophobic. No matter what he did, Trump was wrong.
Anyway, getting back to “normal?” Is that even possible with this disease hanging over us all? We are already opening stores and schools and more. That is probably the best thing to do. Plus of course, cross our fingers, hope for the best, and certainly, it doesn’t hurt either to do some praying.

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