The Page – November 23, 2023

The Page admits this is the last thing he would have thought of!
The High Prairie Community Beautification was planning on decorating Christmas trees and placing them at Pleasantview Lodge for residents to enjoy. Vice-chair Trish Long was behind the idea. Everyone was on board and plans were proceeding until a recent development.
The residents did not want it!
Seems they are leery of attracting the homeless into the area. In turn, safety becomes an issue.
As chair of Beautification, The Page admits this is an issue he never thought about. Beautification agreed with the residents and all plans halted.
The lesson learned from all parties? Talk to the residents first!

On the subject of decorations and Christmas lights, many big events are happening soon.
Peace River has its Moonlight Madness Nov. 24 and Shop Local Saturday Nov. 25 highlighted by the Santa Claus Parade at 5 p.m., also Nov. 25.
High Prairie has its annual Light-Up Friday, Dec. 1. Events at several locations go on during the day and evening with the Santa Claus Parade at 6:45 p.m. and the official “flipping the switch” to turn on the lights in the Civic Square at around 7 p.m.
McLennan has its Light-Up Saturday, Dec. 2.
My, Santa is sure going to be busy attending all the celebrations!
Check this week’s and next week’s South Peace News for stories on all events.

Beautification in High Prairie organizes Light-Up. The Town of High Prairie helps immensely with manpower and support in putting up the lights and decorations.
If you would like to help, the Town would appreciate it. Contact the town office and they will put you in touch with the right person. How about the High Prairie Red Wings? All those young, strong men could help a lot for a few hours one day, if available. Imagine how much could get done!
On a long-term note, Beautification is going to book the Sports Palace for Nov. 29, 2024 when the next Light-Up occurs. The idea is to have children’s games and public skating at the arena. Plus, the chamber of commerce, if revived by then could give away hotdogs, hot chocolate and popcorn in the comfort of the indoors.
Just an idea Beautification hopes comes to fruition.

If you think some of the sentences handed out at the local Court of Justice are a joke, look at what the NHL did Nov. 16.
Edmonton Oiler Adam Erne delivered a vicious cheap-shot elbow to a Seattle plyer and was given a minor penalty. Turns out the NHL brass thought otherwise. It stepped in the next day and delivered a hard blow. A whopping $2,018.23 which is the maximum fine allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Whether they occur in the public eye or on the ice, it is said fines are supposed to be a deterrent. Turns out the NHL has a lot in common with Alberta’s Court of Justice. The fine is this case is a joke.

Onto more serious matters. On the homeless front, it seems it is a problem everywhere. Peace River has issues. Slave Lake also has issues and just got a wheelbarrow full of money to help address it. High Prairie? The issue does not even make the agenda at town council meetings.
Of note, the Peace River Chamber of Commerce is involved in trying to find a solution and is very concerned. High Prairie, of course has no active chamber, so no one is actively speaking for the businesses.
The Page was approached by a concerned resident last week who wanted to do something. Earlier this year, the High Prairie Native Friendship Centre was exploring a grant to help but were not successful. The Page directed the individual to the Friendship Centre for discussion.
Perhaps this is the start of a solution, whatever it may be. We can only hope.

Have a great week, everyone!

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