The Page – November 24, 2021

Elsewhere in the pages of this newspaper you will read how High Prairie School Division fenced off a popular snow sliding hill in High Prairie’s east end.
“Liability” was the reason cited.
All arguments aside, at the time the decision was made, HPSD did not even get a cost estimate for extra insurance, neither did they explore the idea of cost-sharing the minimal expense with the Town of High Prairie. The Page [this week written by Chris Clegg] says if the cost was minimal, why fence it off? Let the kids play!
The reason: it was not an option provided by HPSD’s insurance company.
The Page reminds HPSD that the insurance company doesn’t care about recreation for children in High Prairie, but perhaps we, and locally elected citizens, should.
Furthermore, what is disappointing is HPSD did not even try.

A few weeks ago, this newspaper reported that shopping locally was increasing due to people not wanting to travel due to COVID concerns.
The Page hopes that trend continues into the Christmas holiday season.
It is said that each dollar circulates in a community about seven times before it leaves. That circulation creates jobs, employment and prosperity. Once money leaves town, it is lost forever.
Besides, how many of those Edmonton stores donate to local organizations?

It was 64 years ago today that the High Prairie Regals were admitted into the NPHL. Followed was a storied history that includes a still record 13 league titles [tied with the Grimshaw Huskies].
Sadly, the Regals are in hiatus. So is the North Peace Hockey League which officially decided Nov. 17 to not proceed with a limited season in 2021-22.
Isn’t it odd? The NPHL survived everything thrown at it for decades only to be whacked in the butt by a little virus called COVID.
Here’s hoping the Regals use the extra time to reorganize for the 2022-23 season.

Another little tidbit of history. It was 40 years ago today that High Prairie turned on its first set of traffic lights in 1981.
No, senior peace officer Alan Bloom did not hand out the first ticket for rushing through a stop sign! He came along much, much later. Gosh, he isn’t that old!
Now we have three sets of lights. If The Page’s foggy memory serves him right, a fourth set was proposed for the streets at E.W. Pratt High School heading east to High Prairie Elementary School but the idea failed.

One last history tidbit. It was 12 years ago today that Blackstone premiered on APTN with East Prairie’s Roseanne Supernault, 20, starring in one of the roles.
Supernault would win several awards for her work on the show.

This drunk from High Prairie staggers into a washroom at the Falher Hotel. Minutes later a scream is heard by staff.
“Check it out!” says the manager.
“To hell with you,” says the bar waitress. “You go!”
After a short back and forth banter, and a couple more screams from the washroom, the manager decides to investigate.
“What’s going on here?” he yells as he enters the washroom.
“Every time I try to flush this damn toilet it bites me,” says the drunk.
“Sir,” says the manager. “You’re sitting on a mop pail!”

The Page chuckled a bit at our Toronto media friends after Anaheim Angels’ player Shohei Ohtani won the American League most valuable player award.
All season, Toronto’s Vladimir Guerrero was touted as a worthy opponent.
However, the vote was unanimous meaning every Toronto voter turned their backs on Guerrero.
No matter. Guerrero had a great season and The Page is confident multiple MVP honours are in the future for the super-talented Blue Jay.

Big Lakes County is investigating whether or not it might be cheaper to contract out its grader services opposed to in-house.
Hope BLC takes into account the fact a local business will hire employees and do business locally when it does its analysis.
The idea was brought forward by a new councillor, Jim Zabolotniuk. He is also asking why BLC is in the agriculture rental business when there are companies locally like Flaman Rental providing a similar service.
However, Councillor Tyler Airth does not agree saying private companies do not have the same equipment available.
Both make good points, but if BLC is proving the same equipment as Flaman red flags should be raised.
What The Page likes to see is new ideas are being bought forward by the new councillors.

Have a great week!

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