The Page – November 29, 2023

As chair of the High Prairie Community Beautification Association (so much for The Page’s anonymity this week!), he got a first-hand look at the Christmas lights display in High Prairie during a quick test the morning of Nov. 24 in the Civic Square.
Once again, Town of High Prairie public works crews have done an amazing job! Well done, guys!
Everyone will get to see the display this Friday, Dec. 1 during High Prairie Light-Up celebrations. Please see page 3 for details of several events.

Further to the above, each year, Beautification chooses someone to “flip the switch” to turn on the lights at the celebration. His year, Sophie Oliver will do the honours.
Oliver was chosen by Twice Is Nice, who recently gave Beautification a $5,000 donation. As a small expression of thanks, Beautification asked Twice is Nice to choose someone and Oliver was their choice!
Some advice to Oliver: bulk up! Sometimes the switch needs a bit of persuading! Just kidding!

And, one last note. Enjoy the old decorations on the lightposts. They will likely be replaced next year with something better!

Down the road at McLennan, their Christmas Light-Up is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 2. Please see a story on their plans elsewhere in his newspaper. At the time of this writing, we did not know what page the story will appear.
Sorry for making you search!

One of The Page’s friends was absolutely giddy the other day. Yes, The Page actually has friends!
She was just jumping at the chance to attend all the holiday season activities the next few weeks. Christmas parties, shopping, celebrations, Festival of Trees, Christmas markets.
It is, indeed, a special time of year!
The Page will not be tagging along with his friend because he doesn’t want to know what he “might” get for Christmas! Heavy emphasis on the “might” part! Very heavy!

The Page got a sneak peek at Santa’s list for him last week, leaked by one of the elves.
Rotten oranges, rocks and coal were at the top of the list for The Page.
The Page had better be nicer to everyone!

The Page has a friend who is so slow it takes her an hour to make Minute Rice!
The truth is, she nags her better half for 59 minutes, then it takes him one minute to make the rice!

Ken Melynk posted this on his Facebook page. And we share it.
Five ants rented an apartment with five other ants. Now they are tenants!

Albert Einstein appears at the Pearly Gates and wants it. St. Peter is not sure it is Einstein so he asks for proof. Einstein scribbles down a few equations.
“It must be you,” says St. Peter. “Enter!”
Later, Pablo Picasso appears at the Pearly Gates and wants in. St. Peter is not sure it is Picasso so he asks for proof. Picasso draws a few portraits and St. Peter lets him in.
Later, Pierre Elliott Trudeau appears at the Pearly Gates and wants in. St. Peter is not convinced it is Trudeau.
“How do I know it’s you,” St. Peter asks.
“Let me in dammit,” says Trudeau. “As long as heaven isn’t anywhere near Western Canada, I want in.”
“I’m convinced,” replies St. Peter.

Remember, everyone smiles in the same language!

Have a great week!

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