The Page – November 8. 2023

Remember to buy a poppy and attend the Remembrance Day service in your community Nov. 11. We have a list of services on page B1.

The Page has attended many Remembrance Day services over the years and has heard many magnificent speeches from dignitaries. It is especial moving each year to hear High Prairie Legion president Don Ebbett read the list of deceased and their names. Many were in their twenties and some in their late teens.
Ebbett also says each year a veteran’s greatest fear is people will not remember. Keeping that in mind, The Page remembers a service a few years ago.
An elderly lady and her sister (The Page is withholding their names) were assaulted days before the service in High Prairie. It was a well-known case in the community. Yet, one of the two victims showed up at the service, cuts and bruises for all to see.
It would have been very easy for this woman to stay at home and heal. Many would be ashamed to show their faces in public after such as assault. But this woman did not care. She attended the service to pay her respects and be damned what anyone thought.
God bless her! We need more people like her!

South Peace News features many stories this week on various programs which showcase making everyone’s Christmas a bit brighter.
If you can, please support these programs and remember there are some not nearly as fortunate as you may be.

The High Prairie Community Beautification Association continues with its plans for High Prairie Light-Up Friday, Dec. 1.
Of note, after the Santa Claus Parade, Santa and Mrs. Claus will visit children at the High Prairie Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre Performing Arts Centre, not the fire hall as in past years.
And the chili cookoff moves to the High Prairie and District Children’s Resource Council this year starting at 5 p.m. Instead of celebrity cooks, families will do the cooking. Mother and son, mother and daughter, father and daughter, father and son – whoever! – will do the cooking.
Patrons will get to sample each family’s chili for $5 and vote for their favourite. Or, buy a big bowl for $5. Almost everyone gets small cups and samples each chili so they can vote.
Wholesale Market is donating all materials for the chili cookoff this year to Beautification. Beautification and the CRC are organizing the event. Beautification is forwarding all proceeds to the CRC’s Santa’s Little Helpers Program. In effect, Wholesale Market is upfronting costs and making the donation. It is so nice when everyone can work together for multiple good causes.

Are you preparing your float for the Santa Claus Parade in Peace River on Saturday, Nov. 25 or High Prairie Friday, Dec. 1? Still lots of time, everyone!

It was 17 years ago on Nov. 11, 2006 that the NPHL held its last games on Remembrance Day. Since then, the league and its teams have refused to play Nov. 11 to take time to remember. Our editor, Chris Clegg, was a big supporter of not playing Nov. 11 as was the late president, Jack McAvoy.
The Page notes the Northwest Junior Hockey League has one game this year (Dawson Creek at La Crete) while the new National Junior Hockey League has three, including Edson at High Prairie.
The Page gives some credit to the High Prairie Red Wings. They are holding several activities to commemorate the day. At least they are not just dropping the puck and forgetting. Good on them for making the effort!
Years ago, the High Prairie Regals invited a Legion member to drop a ceremonial puck when they played at home Nov. 11.
Of note, many communities decide to close their arenas Nov. 11. Not so in High Prairie where they remain open for business.

One last note on Halloween. The Page bought about 250 small chocolate bars and never had a single trick-or-treater show up at his house on the north end of town.
Now, what to do with all those treats!
One wise woman already suggested The Page knew what was going to happen and now has all those delicious chocolate bars for himself.
Hmm! It just happens the treats are his favourites! A coincidence?

Have a great week!

This portrait was sent to The Page in hopes someone might recognize who this is. Sue Backs says her mother drew the portrait at Pleasantview Lodge in High Prairie many years ago. If you know who this person is, contact The Page at and the information will be forwarded. Of course, we will also let our readers know.

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