The Page – October 11, 2023

If you thought you had it bad last week, you could have been a turkey on Monday!

How about that September!
Not very often we get such a run of good weather! Believe me, The Page is not complaining!

Bernie LeBlanc used to live in High Prairie. He was a businessman, teacher and former town councillor. He always used to talk about fall back in eastern Canada in his hometown of Espanola, Ont.
“Back home we used to get fall for four to six weeks,” he used to say. “Yellow, red, green – colour everywhere! It was beautiful! Here, you get maybe two or three days before the wind comes along and blows the leaves all away!”
Bernie was right! Hope you did not miss fall this year! Of course, you can still check it out along local rivers!
Ah, the price you live for living in paradise!

“Well, yes, your new boyfriend is certainly a lot older than you, dear. But at least him and your grandfather will have lots to talk about.” – Grandma Smithers

“Oh, so he’s a nice person once you get to know him? What you mean is, he is a total dickhead but you will get used to it.” – Grandpa Jonesy

The Page came across this on Facebook.
“In case nobody has told you today you are strong, smart, beautiful, and capable of anything!”
The Page is a bit miffed. They left out wonderful and spectacular!

The NHL season is underway! Better known as the time men and boys are happy and most wives and girls get surly!
Yeah, The Page knows many women enjoy hockey. What choice do they have unless there are two TVs in the house?
Look on the bright, side, ladies! At least you now know where your husbands are most nights!

Youth bowling starts at Enilda Bowling Alley Saturday, Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. to noon. Cost is only $5.
You’re most welcome, Myrna!

Gentlemen, have you ever got caught with your pants down?
Cheer up! It couLd be worse! You could be Vladimar Guerrero laying down beside second base!

Thought for the day! Imagine how bad things would get if hangovers did not exist!

Did you hear about the smart woman’s alphabet?

Did you hear why the smart guy got fired as a proofreader?
He worked at the M&M factory!

Halloween is less than three weeks away! Get your costumes ready!

Do you believe in UFOs?
On Oct. 11, 1969, High Prairie residents Ralph Emard and Clayton Auger reported a sighting 40 km west of town while returning home from Edmonton.
Many believe there is life in the universe other than on Earth.
Not Lucy in Peanuts, however. She is certain if there was intelligent life they would have tried to contact her.
As Linus noted, that debate was settled!
The Page notes UFO sightings are usually highest right after the bar closes!

Have a great week!

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