The Page – October 18, 2023

Gee whiz, Oilers fans! It is only one game!
And Calgary Flames fans, quick snickering!
We will see who is laughing at year’s end!

The Page got not one, not two but three social media messages on hair loss last week!
The Page is lucky to not be follicular challenged at this ripe old age. The old rooftop might be a little white but there is still enough to keep the old dome warm in winter!
Anyway, plenty of men and a few women like the bald look. Have to admit, it saves on combs, brushes and shampoo!
The Page is thankful for the hair he has left. You would think after 30+ plus years of covering council meetings all his hair would been pulled out by now!

The “big” EC Bar Ranch Flashlight Night is coming up Oct. 21!
And we mean big! Over 1,000 ghosts, goblins and princesses usually attend to enjoy the spooky corn maze and more. The Page remembers the corn maze because one year some character was wandering around with a chainsaw. It certainly made a few people nervous!
The Page hopes to attend this year and hopes few more people dress up in costumes for the event! Cost is only $10. Enjoy!

Holy smokes, no pun intended! The Page read about a plan to plant fire resilient trees in the Yukon. Yes, fire resilient trees!
This summer, the Government of Yukon’s Wildland Fire Management branch planted 90,000 aspen seedlings around Whitehorse and Haines Junction with support from the federal government’s 2 Billion Trees program. By replacing flammable conifers with fire-resistant deciduous trees in key locations, the Yukon is reducing wildfire risk for communities.
The Page figures people at Mercer, Tolko and West Fraser already knew this, but it was news to him. We know different wood burns hotter in a the firepit but The Page did not know a whole forest of certain trees could inhibit wildfires. Like, when a forest fire is that hot won’t all wood burn?
I guess The Page needs to go back to Science class!

Further to the story on page 1 and the editorial on page 6, the idea of a study to possibly join governments in the Smoky River region may – and we stress may – be a reality in the near future.
The Page sympathizes with small towns and villages. There is indeed a tremendous amount of pride in having your own government and identity.
Looking from afar, a regional government in Smoky River will take some work. The reality is there is some animosity between the communities. For example, if you live in McLennan, do you really want someone in Falher making decisions for your community, and vice versa?
The Page believes and has said so for years the Alberta government is trying to “break” small villages and towns financially. The reason: then they have to deal with less governments.
Yes, the streets still need to be cleaned, water and sewer operating, and more, but the less governments you have to deal with, the less work.
What! Government! Less work! Who would have thought?

Have a great week!
Are you ready for Halloween?
The Page can not decide where to dress up as a red devil or a princess!
Ugh! What a thought!

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