The Page – October 4, 2023

After flying on your friendly air carrier, you sometimes have to wonder what the un-friendly ones must be like.

“I used to think that if we brought sex completely into the open, people would switch their minds over to something else. Well, that is what I used to think.”
“The permissive society is a bore. It’s no fun breaking the rules when there aren’t any.” –
Richard Needham

Some end-of-season golf quotes from comedian Bob Hope:
“I asked my good friend Arnold Palmer how I could improve my game. He advised me to cheat.”
“I’ve played some strange rounds of golf in my travels. One course in Alaska was hacked out of the wilderness. My caddy was a moose. Every time I reached for a club he thought I was trying to steal his antlers.”

As anybody old enough to enjoy the colours of fall knows, one big wind and there go all the leaves. And yup, already happening. If you didn’t get some nice photos, well, you might be able to find some nice shots someplace. And of course, there is always next year.

The Village of Berwyn west of Grimshaw is written up on the CBC website. CBC has several stories about small communities across Alberta having troubles filling council seats.
Resignations of entire councils happens as many village councils are only three people.
On any council anywhere, there can be internal disputes. Berwyn itself is looking at its fourth election in the past seven months for council seats.
Then there is the problem of finding capable staff, particularly CAOs.
Former treasurer in High Prairie, Terri Wiebe, is now CAO in a town east of Edmonton. She said last year “There is a real shortage of qualified people to take the job. Not to mention, do they have experience and after that, are they capable?”

For our own part observing good and bad councils, councillors and top level staff over decades, we can say for sure there are the good, the bad and the ugly. Worse, the people in the job who shouldn’t be there don’t know it, or won’t admit it.
In some cases, for elected people, the public voted them in, wisely or unwisely. In other cases, nobody wanted the job so the candidates slid in by acclamation. Don’t take that as saying all acclamations are bad.
But bad councillors and staff and management can really make it hard on everybody else trying to look after their community while also trying to do their best.

We always thought Registered Mail at Canada Post was sacred. Then comes the story of the fellow down east who was mailed an inheritance cheque for $301,560 from his brother looking after his dad’s estate. The cheque was sent Registered Mail but never arrived.
Turns out Canada Post pretty well said ,“Sorry for your loss. These things happen.”
The fellow is reported to have said he was counting on the money to help pay for his retirement. He was losing sleep and going half-crazy with worry.
After six weeks of this, it turns out Canada Post was actually turning everything inside and out trying to find the cheque. And finally, they found it!
The man’s small local post office had a drawer in which they put all registered mail until somebody came to claim their item. In this case, the cheque fell behind the drawer and was kind of hidden. After turning the office upside down, it was finally discovered. Whew! Now, how about a framed apology letter from the president or chairman of Canada Post, and maybe even a visit? That would work for us.

In all honesty, The Page doesn’t know what to make of this.
Here we have a fellow who knows he has a substance problem. OO. Lots of people do. In this particular case, the perp drank some alcohol. Then he bought a joint which he smoked. According to facts presented in the case in Slave Lake, the joint appears to have been spiked with some kind of drug. The perp went crazy.
How crazy? Well, facts presented after the fellow smoked the joint, the fellow attacked someone he knew. Then he went to a neighbour’s house and broke down their door. He caused damage and scared people in the house, including children. “Unhinged” was the word used to describe the fellow. Police arrived and had to taser him. It had no effect.
When police finally got the fellow under control, EMS had to inject him twice to calm him down. As the judge said to him in court, “You were one step away from police shooting you.”
We have to ask, why the heck is the supplier of these drugs moving product that is likely to get the customer killed? Or at the very, very least out of the market and in jail for several months? Do grocery stores knowingly sell poisoned food? Do mechanics giggle when they ‘fix’ a car that is probably going to drive itself off the road because of a sloppy repair? Do drug dealers even know what they are peddling is in the end going to mean fewer customers?
Or is this like selling alcohol? We all know it is abused by some. And we all know people die from drinking. And so we accept the ‘collateral damage’ as we accept people being killed in traffic accidents?
Gosh, maybe the war on drugs would be over if the drugs just mellowed you out, made you smile, put you to sleep and had no side effects. Isn’t that the idea behind legal pot?

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