The Page – September 20, 2023

Don’t you just love going outside on a cool, crisp fall morning and hearing the sound of Canada Geese flying overhead?
What is more Canadian than that?
Farmers might not like it if those same geese have fattened up for the flight south on their barley and peas, however!

Ever notice when geese fly one side of the “V” is longer than the other?
The Page says the explanation is simple. More geese on one side!
And you thought there was some scientific explanation!

The Page almost missed it!
Official Languages Day in Canada was Sept. 14. The Canadian government says “it allows us the opportunity to celebrate linguistic duality and Canada’s rich heritage.”
The Page does his part and is fluent in five languages: English, Canadian, Gibberish, Flippant and Slang.
Never let it be said The Page is not well educated!

The Page almost died and went to heaven last week!
Like many in the Peace Country, he opened up the mailbox and found coupons from A&W, Dairy Queen and Subway! Deals to be had everywhere!
That pretty much takes care of The Page’s lunch plans the next few weeks.
Everyone seems to be happy about the news and the coupons except for The Page’s doctor!

Can you believe it? The Page has never heard of Jenny Craig!
Colonel Sanders, Uncle Ben, Ronald McDonald – yes! – but who is this Jenny Craig of whom you speak?

South Peace News’ three office cats: Slink Panther, Link Panther and Kitty, took great interest in the Big Lakes County meeting Sept. 13 when council discussed their animal control bylaw and licensing fees for cats and dogs.
Of interest was the definition of a “working dog”. The cats are offended.
“What about us?” they ask. “We’re working animals! We work for our cat chow! We catch mice! We’re arms with paws of destruction! We’re feline killing machines! We earn our keep!”
Besides, their friends who live in barns keep mice populations in check. They are definitely working cats. No argument there!

Of note, it was 19 years ago today (Sept. 20) when South Peace News reported that gasoline prices reached the $1 per litre mark in High Prairie.
Gosh, it seems like so long ago!

A couple were just married and on their wedding night the woman insisted her groom pay her $20 before making love. He agreed. Strangely, every time they made love he paid her $20.
Thirty years later, she came home to find him distraught. He had lost his job.
“Fear not,” said the wife.
She went over to a drawer and pulled out two documents. One was for a bank account that had nearly $1 million. The other was for stocks and bonds amounting to another $2 million.
“Each time we made love, I put the money into accounts for us,” explained the wife.
The distraught man now started to cry.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Had I known that,” he said, “I would have given you all my business!”

Have a great week!

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