The Page – September 27, 2023

Last week, The Page told you about the South Peace News office cats and how they claim to be working cats.
The Page knows Slink Panther, Link Panther and Kitty are avid South Peace News readers. Well, the nights of Sept. 20 and Sept. 21 they produced a mouse! Yes, while staff were sleeping the cats were hard at work and on the prowl!
Definitely working cats!
Extra Temptations treats for the cats!

The Page saw this photo at a recent sporting event.
A fan wore the jersey number 00. His name on the back? Days Sober.

The photo reminded The Page of his more foolish days at college. He and a few friends liked to partake in the odd beverage of the alcoholic kind. One day his friends presented The Page with a jersey. The number on the back? It was 0.08!

NHL hockey teams opened training camps last week.
So begins another seven or eight months of slow torture for Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Stupidest sign seen on a truck
“No airbags! We die like real men!”

Interesting to note that 110 years ago today The Grouard News reported the CNR will be built on the north shore of Lesser Slave Lake to Grouard and onto Peace River Crossing.
The untold story of the railway is that Grouard businessmen bought plenty of land on the north shore, then wanted to make a quick profit (a huge one at that!) off the backs of railway owners who needed the land to build the railway. It prompted railway owners to buy land on the south shore where it was more expensive to build but at least they did not have to deal with greedy land speculators.
It is always about money, isn’t it?
My, what could have been in Grouard!

A funny story from this date in 1971.
High Prairie Royal Bank manager Glen Norton was notified of someone trying to break out of the bank. Yes, not “into” the bank but “out” of the bank!
Apparently, the cleaning woman locked herself in and was merely trying to get out.
Hey, these things happen!

An interesting idea from the North Peace Hockey League meeting a few weeks ago.
The league may be honouring Jack Mcvoy with the Jack McAvoy Memorial Trophy. The idea calls for 10 original names to be placed on the trophy, then one added each year afterwards.
We mention this because long-time High Prairie Regals player and coach Jim McLean (also coach of the Lakeland Eagles) and former NPHL president Ike Lawrence (famous for Ike’s Rules) would be two very strong candidates for the first top 10.
We’ll keep you posted!

And it was 45 years ago today that South Peace News reported sightings of Sasquatch footprints at Peavine.
The Page did not know his brother was in the area at that time!

Interesting that a teen who just moved to High Prairie wants to start a chess club.
Ayan Ranjankumar is the teen behind the idea. Call the library at (780) 523-383 for more information.
And keeping with history, it was 43 years ago today that the High Prairie Recreation Board hosted the Northern Alberta Chess Championships and an open tournament. High Prairie’s Don McDonald placed second in the open tournament.
Did you know The Page is also the owner of a Peace Winter Games medals from the 1970s in chess in the youth category.

Did you know the average person will spend 90,000 hours of his life at work?
The Page felt like he did that last week!

Two guys are in a bar. One guy says to his friend, “Gee, that guy over there sure looks a lot like you!”
His friend agreed and walks over to talk to the man.
“Sir, you look just like me. Where were you born?”
“Slave Lake,” he says.
“Wow! Me too! What street did you live on?”
“I lived on 4790 Birch Crescent!”
“Incredible,” says the man. “I live there, too. What are your parent’s names?”
“Charlie and Alice,” says the man.
“That can’t be! My parent’s names are Charlie and Alice. What are the odds of that!”
Two other men are at a table nearby watching and shaking their heads. One says to the other, “I see the Smith twins are drunk again!”

Have a great week!

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