The Page – September 6, 2023

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!
School has started!
Sorry, kids!

The calendar has turned to fall and harvest season! Combines have been spotted in some fields as the harvest season begins.
May farmers be blessed with many warm days and plenty of sunshine for a about six weeks.
The Page remembers his grandfather telling him about harvest in the Peace Country.
“If you don’t get the crop off in August, most of it comes off in October.”
Hope that is not the case this year!

The Page has blabbed with a few farmers in the region. Apparently, crops are described in general as a bit above average. Despite all the rain we received recently, very little rain in the spring affected germination and development.
Obviously, this varies from region to region. Again, best of luck to farmers during the harvest!

Alberta turned 118 years old Sept. 1!
Did you enjoy a birthday cake!

The Page was out doing some early Christmas shopping last week. On his list was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Don’t know how that happened!
However, a friend of The Page’s has a perfect suggestion: A Do-It-Yourself Divorce Kit!

It was 110 years ago today on Sept 6, 1913 that the seal of the Town of Grouard arrived.
“On top is the ‘Town of Grouard Labor Omia Vincit’ or ‘Labor Accomplishes All’. In the centre of the seal is the form of a buffalo,” reported the Grouard News.
The Page and many others have tried to find a copy of this seal with no success. The Alberta government, museums, churches have all come up dry.
It would be kind of cool to see this seal displayed in the Big Lakes County office in High Prairie and perhaps the fire hall at Grouard.
The search continues!

Speaking of history, it was 53 years ago on Sept. 6, 1970 when Lawrence Anderson used a three-iron to ace the seventh hole at the High Prairie Golf Course. It was the first hole-in-one recorded at the course.
Of course, many others have been recorded since, most of them at the tenth hole (Spike Lounge), if you know what I mean!

And 51 years ago on Sept. 6, 1972, a federal election was called by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau prompting optimism the Liberals would announce the rapeseed crushing plant will go to High Prairie.
How did that go for us?
Nothing has changed in over 50 years!

And on a sad note, we remember it was 15 years ago today on Sept. 6, 2008 when long-time Lesser Slave Lake MLA and High Prairie businessman Larry Shaben died at the age of 73 years from cancer.
Gone but never forgotten!

If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent a night with a mosquito!

If you want to understand how to fix a problem in the world, you have to ask who is making a profit from the problem, not who is suffering from it.

Every loaf of bread is a tragic story of a bunch of grains that could have become whiskey but did not!

Have a great week!

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