Tim Hortons applies for development permit

Chris Clegg
South Peace News
Fans of Tim Hortons may soon be sipping on their favourite coffee after news broke last week that an agent for the company has applied for a development permit to build in High Prairie.

The application for the permit was received by the Town of High Prairie June 7 to build at 3801 – 51 Ave. in Peavine Estates. The ad appears on page 19.

If there no objections filed by the June 27 deadline, town administration will issue the permit June 28 allowing the project to proceed.

Mayor Linda Cox is pleased the project is moving forward.

“It was something we worked with the developer on to ensure that have the best possible outcome,” she says.

The latest delay occurred when Alberta Transportation wanted a new traffic impact assessment study completed for the area. The request bewildered council, because the hospital did not require a study for the area, and because there was already an existing study on file, although it was over 10 years old.

“In that time frame, nothing had changed,” said Cox.

Public Works Supt. Vern Walker reported at a previous council meeting April 11 he argued the case at a meeting with officials in Peace River.
Transportation finally relented. A new study would have entailed a new traffic count at the intersection leading into the property and submitting a similar plan at a cost of about $45,000.

Cox and council are pleased the construction could start in weeks.

“I think it will be an asset to our town,” says Cox.

The developer of the store remains unnamed. Tim Hortons Media Relations Team does not comment on such matters.

“We do not report on restaurant openings,” they emailed Sept. 15, 2016.

The news was also a welcome relief to Martin Blair, managing director, First Aberdeen Developments.

“You just made my weekend!” he says.

Blair did not know about the permit application when contacted June 11 in Calgary. Aberdeen sold Tim Hortons the land as part of its East Gate retail development site.

Earlier, Blair noted he had “talked with [the developers] who are doing it. It sounds like it will happen. I know we’re pretty anxious.”

He says with Tim Hortons moving forward he can proceed on other development plans for the area.

“[Now we] can plan for next year,” he says. “It will help us plan for next year [2018].”

At this point, Blair did not disclose what those plans might be. An earlier conceptual drawing did include a gas bar and restaurant, however.

Blair said in April that confident Tim Hortons is only the beginning of East Gate’s development, adding he was in “significant discussions” with
Parkland Fuel Corporation, who operates Fas Gas, about locating on the site.

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