Today in High Prairie: August 2, 2022

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What’s Happening Today – August 2, 2022

1:30 p.m. – High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo.

1 p.m. – Coffee Time at Kinuso Senior Centre.

1 p.m. – McLennan Birdwalk Summer Program [ages 4-8 years]. Call [780] 324-2004 for more info.

7 p.m. – Whist card games at Big Meadow Hall north of Enilda.

7 p.m. – Trap Shooting at HP Gun Range. Equipment and instruction available.

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – August 2, 2022

1754 – Pierre C. L’Enfant, Planned Washington, D.C.

1788 – Leopold Gmelin, Developed Gmelin’s Test

1820 – John Tyndall, Demonstrated Why Sky is Blue

1834 – F-Auguste Bartholdi, Designed Statue of Liberty

1886 – John McCurdy, Canadian Aviator

1890 – Marin Sais, Pony Express Girl Actress

1892 – Jack L. Warner, President of Warner Bros.

1905 – Myrna Loy [Williams], Vanity Fair Actress

1912 – Ann Dvorak [McKim], Scarface Actress

1914 – Beatrice Straight, Poltergeist Actress

1924 – Carroll O’Connor, All in the Family Actor

1932 – Peter O’Toole, Lawrence of Arabia Actor

1939 – Wes Craven, Nightmare Elm Street Director

1945 – Joanna Cassidy, Blade Runner Actress

1948 – Chris Bennett, Midnight Express Musician

1950 – Lance Ito, Judge at O.J. Simpson Trial

1950 – Sue Rodriguez, Assisted Suicide Advocate

1952 – Les Dudek, Steve Miller Band Guitarist

1953 – Butch Patrick, The Munsters Actor – Eddie

1960 – Patricia Kotero, Purple Rain Actress

1975 – Ingrid Rubio, Infidels Actress

This Day in Local History – August 2, 2022

Aug. 2, 1889: Father Constant Falher, O.M.I., arrives at St. Bernard Mission in Grouard.

Aug. 2, 1912: The Diamond P. Logging Company defeats Grouard 16-8 in the Grouard Baseball League opener. The league is the farthest north in Canada.

Aug. 2, 1913: The Grouard News reports the headquarters of the Royal North West Mounted Police may be moved to Grouard from Athabasca.

Aug. 2, 1913: The Grouard News reports Northern Merchantile Company Ltd. opens a new general store in Grouard.

Aug. 2, 1913: F.C. Porter writes in the Grouard News that every man, woman and child should sign a petition lobbying the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia railroad to come through Grouard.

Aug. 2, 1914: Twenty-foot boats owned by Hodgson and Walker, of Grouard, bet $100 and race across Lesser Slave Lake.

Aug. 2, 1915: Myles O.C. McDermott is elected to serve on Grouard town council after the resignation of J.R. Connell. McDermott is a former reeve of the Village of Grouard.

Aug. 2, 1962: The newly-elected advisory committee for I.D. No. 125 holds its first meeting. Carson Chemerinski, Leonard Kruger and Mike Poloz, of High Prairie, August Sandquist of Enilda and Jack Peever from Sunset House comprise the committee.

Aug. 2, 1967: Mullen Motors wins first price for Best Commercial Float as the High Prairie Elks Stampede kicks off with a parade.

Aug. 2, 1970: Carson Porisky, piloting his Spirit of High Prairie boat, rescues two Widewater fishermen after their boat capsizes near Slave Lake. Porisky is accompanied by Herb Marquardt in his boat.

Aug. 2, 1972: The Treasury Branch wins best commercial float as the High Prairie Elks Stampede begins.

Aug. 2, 1972: Richard Wayne Marsh, 15, of Joussard, dies after the car he is a passenger in rolls on the Sunset House road. Driver Lorne Dvornek escapes without serious injury, Marsh was thrown from the vehicle.

Aug. 2, 1973: Edmonton’s William John Cameron is killed after being struck by a vehicle driven by Roger Goulet, 19. Cameron had left his vehicle to check his tires when hit.

Aug. 2, 1976: High Prairie Glass opens under the ownership of Bernie Ernewein.

Aug. 2, 1978: Dr. Chris Lewis attends High Prairie a town council meeting to push for fluoridation of the water supply.

Aug. 2, 1978: UGG wins best commercial float as the annual Elks Stampede kicks off with a parade.

Aug. 2, 1981: About 500 people attend the first-ever Grass Drag Races held in High Prairie. About 10 snowmobiles and motorcycles enter the event.

Aug. 2, 1989: South Peace News reports that small fish wash ashore at Hilliard’s Bay the previous week. The deaths are attributed to an algae bloom on Lesser Slave Lake.

Aug. 2, 1989: The High Prairie Elks Stampede opens with the annual parade. For the first time in many years, rain greets parade watchers.

Aug. 2, 1992: High Level’s Mike Young wins the men’s title at the High Prairie Open Golf Tournament shooting 154. Marian Marston wins the women’s title shooting 197.

Aug. 2, 1992: Ed Fudali and Don Adams win the Joussard Walleye Tournament.

Aug. 2, 1996: Vandals strike the recycling bins located at Freson IGA for the third time in a month.

Aug. 2, 2000: Seven cars jump the tracks in a railway accident east of High Prairie. Six of the cars contained diesel fuel, one leaked but the spill was contained.

Aug. 2, 2000: Betty Cunningham retires from High Prairie’s Canada Post Office after 35 years of service.

Aug. 2, 2000: The High Prairie Bad Boys defeat the visiting Peace River Stampeders 13-10 to take a 1-0 lead in the best-of-three East Division Wheatbelt Baseball League playoff series.

Aug. 2, 2001: Communities in Bloom judges arrive in High Prairie for judging. A reception is held at the Nazarene Church.

Aug. 2, 2006: Cheyenne Johnson wins the Elks Pro Rodeo Queen Contest.

Aug. 2, 2007: Councillor Rick Dumont assumes the mayor’s chair after the resignation of John Brodrick.

Aug. 2, 2008: Darcy McKenzie’s horse “Bud” is savagely attacked at Atikameg and later destroyed.

Aug. 2, 2011: The High Prairie and District Museum wins first place and $300 in the High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo Parade.

Aug. 2, 2013: Allyson Gauchier wins the girl’s title and Austin Guttinger the boy’s title at the High Prairie Golf Club’s Frank Carson Memorial Junior Open.

Aug. 2, 2016: Abbey Miller is crowned High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo Queen.

Aug. 2, 2016: Painted Smile, a champion saddle bronc horse owned by Kesler Rodeo, is inducted into the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame at the High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo.

Aug. 2, 2016: Cathy Wilcox is hired by Lesser Slave Lake MLA Danielle Larivee as constituency assistant in the High Prairie office.

Aug. 2, 2017: South Peace News reports on a letter sent to a High Prairie resident from Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman, telling her that there are no plans to offer dialysis at the High Prairie Health Complex.

Aug. 2, 2017: South Peace News reports on the passing of former councillor and businessman Mike Poulter, who died in his home so an exact date of death was not know.

Aug. 2, 2017: Lawrence Marvel “Skipper” Villeneuve passes away in the Philippines at the age of 75 years. He was involved in farming, road construction, logging, oil exploration and politics.

Aug. 2, 2018: Northern Lakes College announces the demolition of its current site on the east side of town, and announces a temporary move to the old Caisse Horizon Credit Union building.

This Day in World History – August 2, 2022

1610 – Henry Hudson enters the bay later named after him, the Hudson Bay.

1695 – Daniel Quare receives British patent for his portable barometer.

1701 – Great Peace of Montreal signed between New France & Indians.

1790 – First US census conducted; the population was 3,939,214.

1791 – Samuel Briggs and his son, patent nail-making machine.

1802 – Napoleon declared Consul for Life.

1865 – Trans Atlantic Cable being laid snaps and is lost.

1875 – First roller skating rink opens in London.

1880 – British Parliament officially adopts Greenwich Mean Time.

1887 – Rowell Hodge patents barbed wire.

1892 – Charles A. Wheeler patents a prototype of the escalator.

1918 – Japan announces that it is deploying troops to Siberia.

1922 – China is hit by a typhoon; about 60,000 die.

1934 – Adolf Hitler becomes commander-in-chief of German armed forces.

1934 – William Franks twirls Indian club overhead 17,280 times in 1 hour.

1938 – MLB conducts the first test of bright yellow baseballs.

1943 – Uprising at Treblinka Concentration Camp [crematorium destroyed].

1961 – The Beatles first gig as house band of Liverpool’s Cavern Club.

1961 – St Louis Cardinals [NFL] beat Toronto Argonauts [CFL] 36-7.

1965 – Morley Safer’ sends first Vietnam report indicating the US is losing.

1972 – Gold hits record $70 an ounce in London.

1973 – “American Graffiti” starring Richard Dreyfuss premieres.

1986 – Saddam Hussein offers peace in open letter to Iran.

1987 – Don Brown sets flight record for handbow [1,336 yards].

1989 – NASA confirmed Voyager 2’s discovery of 3 more moons of Neptune.

1990 – Iraq invades and occupies Kuwait, Emir flees to Saudi Arabia.

2017 – Great Gritain’s Prince Philip, 96, makes final solo public appearance.

2017 – New larger crypto-currency Bitcoin Cash created.

2017 – Report: more than a billion people around the world need glasses.

2018 – Apple is first USA public listed company to reach $1 trillion value.

2018 – Pope Frances declares the death penalty unacceptable in all cases.

Today’s Horoscopes – August 2, 2022

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – Your love life might be a little fragile, and you will find your partner is more sensitive than usual. A more caring, emotional approach to a situation will help you form a better connection with your partner. Today you will find clear boundaries need to be established in order to keep things running smoothly between you and your loved ones!

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – Things in the love and beauty department should be going rather well for you now, so it is a good time to make a move toward the object of your desire. Make sure you are being completely realistic in your actions. Realize you may need some discipline in this area. Maintain a healthy structure within which you can work!

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Slow down and take a more reserved, sensitive, and calculated approach to things today, especially when it comes to matters involving love and beauty. You will find a greater level of sensuality waiting for you when you are willing to open up the door even wider. Go after the object of your desire, but make sure your approach is sensitive and disciplined!

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – You may be at a rather climactic point now in the department of love and beauty. Your creative levels are peaking, and you might feel a strong urge to create something on a giant canvas. Realize discipline is needed to get those artistic juices flowing. Do not let fear stop you. Initiate your dreams and let the details fall into place later!

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – Pieces of your life you have tried to avoid for some time may come to the surface today and cause you a bit of trouble. That which is not organized or structured is getting more and more chaotic just to teach you a lesson. Take care of things now. Put things in order and become more aware of the ticking of the clock. There is a reason you need to take care of business!

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – Cupid has fired his arrow into your heart today, so snuggle up with the object of your desire. You will feel more sensual and romantic than usual. Gourmet foods and fine wines should grace your plate tonight. Realize there may be an element of restraint that needs to get worked into the equation, but do not let this stop you from having a good time!

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – You may feel a bit of a creative block now, but do not view this as a signal to stop pursuing your artistic goals. The truth of the matter is discipline is all that is needed to manifest the things you really want. Do not let other people’s energies get in the way of where you are now and where you want to be. Get back in the flow!

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Today is an important day in which you can breathe creative energy into a structured situation. You will find that bolstering the aesthetics of your surroundings will help inspire you to be more disciplined and eager to keep things neat and tidy. Take your time and do not let other people’s anxiety cause you to rush into anything you are not ready for!

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – Be a bit more selective in terms of where you put your energy today. Do not waste your time with situations that are not healthy or conducive to your aims. You may find it hard to get motivated, but this is fine. This is a good day to lay low. Your energy is apt to feel rather sluggish, so be conservative with how you use it. Pace yourself throughout the day!

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Love and romance are coming your way today, but it is important to be practical. Do not take your relationships for granted. Realize love does not necessarily mean everything is perfect. Structure and discipline are often required in order to maintain a healthy partnership. You should be able to incorporate these elements rather well, so make the most of this energy!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – You probably should settle down a bit today in the love and romance department. Realize your relationships with others are not a show or stage act to perform. This is a day when you should listen to feedback from your partner and think about restructuring certain elements of your relationship in order to make things flow more smoothly!

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – Sit back and observe others’ behaviour today. Take a look at the people around you and figure out what makes them tick. You will find you can learn a great deal from their actions and mistakes. Consider your role models and people you wish to emulate. Think about the traits that attract you to certain people and work to adopt those traits yourself!

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