Today in High Prairie – January 25, 2020

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What’s Happening Today – January 25, 2020

HP Ladies Bonspiel [Day 2 of 3].

Today’s Local Birthdays – High Prairie – January 25, 2020

Sydney Welcher

Nicole Williscroft

Today’s Local Birthdays – Faust – January 25, 2020

Anthony Giroux

Serena Twin

Zach Larrivee

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – January 25, 2020

1759 – Robert Burns, Auld Lang Syne writyer

1858 – Kokichi Mikimoto, Japanese pearl farm pioneer

1882 – Virginia Woolf, British author

1918 – Ernie Harwell, US baseball sportscaster

1931 – Dean Jones, The Love Bug actor

1931 – Stig Anderson, Co-founder Polar Music [ABBA]

1933 – Corazon Aquino, President of Philippines

1936 – Diana Hyland, 8 is Enough actress

1938 – Leiji Matsumoto, Japanese creator of anime

1946 – Ronnie Brandon, McCoys rocker

1950 – Michael Cotton, Tubes rocker

1953 – The Honky Tonk Man, American pro wrestler

1956 – Andy Cox, Fine Young Cannibals rocker

1958 – Gary Brian Tibbs, Adam & The Ants bassist

1970 – Milt Stegall, Winnipeg Blue Bomber

1981 – Alicia Keys, US singer-songwriter

This Day in Local History – January 25, 2020

Jan. 25, 1913: The Grouard News reports the ED&BC railroad reaches Morinville.

Jan. 25, 1915: Grouard town council is worried their promised railway branch line will not be built. Solicitor C.F. Newell tells them construction will begin in the spring. Two days later, Newell tells the Grouard board of trade the line will be built “if they can sell the bonds of their line”. The board of trade decides to take up the matter with the Railways Commission but are still confident.

Jan. 25, 1980: High Prairie town council accepts the keys and the responsibility for operating the airport’s terminal building.

Jan. 25, 1981: Kay Savill’s rink qualifies for the Ladies Provincials after winning the B Event at the Peace Districts held in High Prairie.

Jan. 25, 1986: Prairie Figure Skating Club members Erin Delorme and Jodie Severson win gold medals at a skate-off in Peace River for the Alberta Winter Games. Barb Henderson and Deanna Blaikie win silver medals and also qualify for the games.

Jan. 25, 1988: All 43 nurses at the High Prairie Hospital join the United Nurses of Alberta strike. The illegal strike lasts 19 days.

Jan. 25, 1990: Brian Panasiuk records his second shutout in three games as the hometown High Prairie Regals blank the Falher Pirates 4-0.

Jan. 25, 1999: A new area code 780 is introduced in Northern Alberta.

Jan. 25, 2006: South Peace News reports the High Prairie Seed Cleaning Co-op is looking for six acres of land to build a new plant.

Jan. 25, 2010: John Eriksson begins his new job as CAO for the Town of High Prairie.

Jan. 25, 2014: Over $30,000 is raised at Buzzing for Butler, held for cancer patient Kayleigh Butler at the Legion Hall.

This Day in World History – January 25, 2020

1554 – Founding of the city of São Paulo in Brazil.

1579 – Treaty of Utrecht signed, marks beginning of Dutch Republic.

1721 – Tsar Peter the Great ends Russian-orthodox patriarchy.

1799 – 1st US patent for a seeding machine, Eliakim Spooner, Vermont.

1840 – American naval expedition 1st to identify Antarctica as continent.

1858 – Felix Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” 1st played.

1870 – Soda fountain patented by Gustavus Dows.

1881 – Thomas Edison & Alexander Graham Bell form Oriental Telephone.

1915 – Alexander Graham Bell in NY calls Thomas Watson in San Francisco.

1919 – Founding of League of Nations, 1st meeting 1 year later.

1921 – Karel Capék’s play “R.U.R.” introduces the word “robot”.

1924 – 1st Winter Olympic games open in Chamonix, France.

1945 – Grand Rapids, Michigan, becomes 1st US city to fluoridate its water.

1955 – Russia ends state of war with Germany.

1955 – US & Panama sign canal treaty.

1955 – Columbia University scientists develop an atomic clock.

1961 – Walt Disney’s animated film “101 Dalmatians: is released in US.

1970 – “M*A*S*H” movie is released; later becomes TV series.

1971 – Military coup in Uganda under Major General Idi Amin occurs.

1974 – Dr. Christiaan Barnard transplants 1st heterotopic heart.

1979 – 1st documented case of a robot killing a human in US.

1980 – Highest speed attained by a warship, 167 kph, USN hovercraft.

1981 – Mao Zedong’s widow Jiang Qing sentenced to death.

1983 – Infrared telescope satellite launched into polar orbit.

1983 – Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie arrested in Bolivia.

1993 – Puerto Rico adds English as its 2nd official language.

1993 – Sears announces closure of catalog sales department after 97 years.

2004 – Opportunity rover (MER-B) lands on surface of Mars.

2016 – British rowing team becomes 1st female crew to cross Pacific.

2018 – Doomsday clock moved by 30 seconds to 2 minutes to midnight.

Today’s Horoscopes – January 25, 2020

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – Money matters might be weighing on the mind of a close friend or lover and your advice could be sought. A creative project of some kind may require a larger expenditure of money, time, or other resources than you originally thought, and this could have you wondering if you’ll be able to continue with it. It might take a little corner cutting on your part, but you should be able to complete it as planned.

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – You might have visitors, or even a hot date scheduled for tonight, but by mid-afternoon you might be feeling too tired to go through with it and wondering if you should cancel. It’s best to keep your activities low key. Have coffee and snacks at home instead of going out, and get the snacks from the store! Your evening is likely to be full of exciting and stimulating conversations, so you’ll be glad you stuck with your plans.

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – Deliveries you may be expecting could be delayed or held up. Today you might learn something shocking about a neighbour or relative, and gossip might spread very rapidly through your community. This could have you reeling even though it might be exaggerated. You could pay visits to a few people nearby, or spend a lot of time on the phone trying to learn the truth. Don’t take anything you hear today at face value.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – Some good but surprising news about a group with which you may be affiliated could come your way today. Perhaps fundraising activities have been more successful than you thought, or perhaps recognition is coming your way. A lot of paperwork may have to be completed before this can be made to work for you, however. Contracts or other legal papers might be involved. In the evening, go out with your friends and celebrate.

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Some upsetting news regarding money could throw you into a bit of a dither today. Perhaps a cheque you’ve been expecting hasn’t arrived on time, or maybe the bank has made a computer error regarding your account. It’s nothing that can’t be straightened out, though it’s going to be a pain making all of those phone calls. Basically, all should be going very well for you. This is only a temporary hindrance.

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – A temporary setback with regard to your career might have you feeling a bit disoriented right now. Modern equipment of some kind might be involved. Don’t make yourself crazy; this is only temporary and will be straightened out. Your own determination, efficiency, and practical abilities should have it taken care of in no time. Basically, you’re probably feeling quite optimistic for the future and not likely to change that energy any time soon.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Today may start out being a very frustrating day. Be prepared! Some equipment with which you work might suddenly go out of order and it could take a while to get it fixed. A temporary separation from a romantic partner could also be disappointing. You may have a lot of physical energy for which you have little immediate outlet. Take a long walk. This could not only provide an energy outlet but clear your head as well.

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – Your level of artistic inspiration is very high today. Dreams or meditation may have brought up some spiritual insights and revelations for you, and you may have promptly forgotten them upon coming out of your dream or meditative state. This could prove very frustrating for you! Try writing them down even if you only remember snatches. This can actually bring them to the surface again. You’ll want a record of them anyway.

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – A delivery of some kind you were expecting to come from far away might be delayed, causing you to wonder if it might have been lost. It hasn’t; it’s just delayed. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do but wait. Equipment you use on the job could go out of whack today, necessitating calling in a repairman. This could set your work back some and make you a bit antsy. Try to find something else to do!

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – Today you’re likely to be feeling especially passionate, sexy, and desirous of a romantic encounter. You might even have a hot date scheduled. However, don’t be surprised if it has to be postponed for reasons beyond the control of either you or your partner. If you can’t do otherwise, you might try to sublimate those feelings through creative activities. Engrossing novels and movies could also prove a good outlet, although never as good as the real thing!

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – A female visitor who might have a few problems might come to your door wanting advice and sympathy. She could have some other news that could come as a shock to you. A crisis on the job might make it necessary for you or your partner to spend most of the time today away from home and family. This could be frustrating, particularly if you have to cancel your plans. Hang in there!

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Tasks of any kind are all likely to seem like the labours of Hercules today. Overwork and nerve strain could have you feeling a little bit under the weather today, and it might be a good idea for you to take some time alone to rest. If you can’t do that, at least try to take things easy. Some unexpected changes in your community might have your neighbours’ tongues wagging. Be sure to check out the facts before jumping to any conclusions.

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