Today in High Prairie – January 9, 2020

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What’s Happening Today – January 9, 2020

CRC Play & Learn at HP CRC Office at 10 a.m.

CRC Baby & Me at Peavine at 1 p.m.

Free Play at HP CRC Office 6-8 p.m.

Today’s Local Birthdays – High Prairie – January 9, 2020

Leonard Cunningham

Leann Fowler

Today’s Local Birthdays – Faust – January 9, 2020

Jaymee Tanasiuk

Jordan Shewchuk

Sara Wild

Tammy Budskin

Tye Morgan

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – January 9, 2020

1658 – Nicolas Coustou, Descente de Croix sculptor

1870 – Joseph B. Strauss, Golden Gate Bridge builder

1890 – Karel Capek, Coined the word “robot”

1901 – Chic Young, Blondie cartoonist

1913 – Richard Nixon, US President

1920 – Clive Dunn, The Avengers actor

1932 – Jane Ross, Star Trek actress [Tamoon]

1934 – Bart Starr, Green Bay Packer

1934 – Bob Denver, Gilligan’s Island actor

1942 – Lee Kun-hee, Samsung chairman

1943 – Kenneth Kelley, Manhattans singer

1944 – Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin guitarist

1948 – Paul King, Blue Oyster Cult rocker

1951 – Crystal Gayle, Country singer

1954 – Lance Hoppens, Orleans rocker

1960 – Lisa Walters, Canadian pro golfer

1965 – Muggsy Bogues, Shortest NBA player ever

1978 – A.J. McLean, Backstreet Boys singer

1982 – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

This Day in Local History – January 9, 2020

Jan. 9, 1914: The federal government decides to support Grouard and tells the ED&BC railroad to build a line through Grouard. They add they will only support ED&BC’s plans if they go through Grouard and say a “good reason” must be given not to go through the town.

Jan. 9, 1915: Grouard News editor Roy S. Burns writes in an editorial that “…the day of big profits and slow turnovers is past and Grouard now faces the competition of outside firms which the arrival of steel has brought to our doors.”

Jan. 9, 1949: The HP Elks and Royal Purple celebrate the opening of the Elks Hall.

Jan. 9, 1983: Vic Shapka’s rink wins the Zone II Mixed curling finals held in High Prairie.

Jan. 9, 1989: The High Prairie Roman Catholic Separate school board votes to reintroduce high school at St. Andrew’s in the fall.

Jan. 9, 1991: A public meeting is held in Faust to discuss the closure of Carole Bannister school. Citizens learn if they increase enrolment to 45 the school will stay open.

Jan. 9, 1993: Al Anderson scores his 50th goal of the season but the hometown High Prairie Midgets lose 12-9 to Peace River.

Jan. 9, 1994: Dale Campbell’s rink wins the A Event and qualifies for the Men’s Districts after winning zones in High Prairie.

Jan. 9, 2000: Brian Bliss’s rink goes winless in seven games at the Alberta Senior Men’s Curling Championships in Calgary.

Jan. 9, 2000: High Prairie figure skaters win 14 medals at the Northwest Alberta Winter Games Trials and Peace Region Interclub Skating Competition held in town.

Jan. 9, 2002: High Prairie town council proceeds cautiously on plans to purchase the Moostoos Building to provide a new home for the library.

Jan. 9, 2002: Banana Belt Councillor William Marx proposes a special tax for paving M.D. of Big Lakes roads. Council votes later against the proposal.

Jan. 9, 2002: High Prairie Interagency announces it opposes High Prairie town council’s plan to cut funding for two police officers.

Jan. 9, 2002: M.D. of Big Lakes Public Works Supt. Don O’Quinn tells council their gravel hunt was unsuccessful. On April 23, 2001, council agreed to spend $40,000 for air photo gravel mapping to try and find a long-term source.

Jan. 9, 2005: A fireball blazes the night sky over High Prairie.

Jan. 9, 2008: Joussard Councillor Guy L’Heureux exposes a claims error where councillors were being paid twice for meals.

Jan. 9, 2008: The M.D. of Big Lakes council hears there is little they can do with people who voted illegally in the 2006 municipal election. Myler Savill contested the election and proved in court some people voted illegally.

Jan. 9, 2008: Joussard Councillor Guy L’Heureux tells M.D. of Big Lakes councillors to use less salt in the hamlet after receiving complaints. Only use salt at intersections, he says, because of the proximity to Lesser Slave Lake.

Jan. 9, 2008: Public Works Supt. Vern Walker is recognized by the Town of High Prairie for 20 years of service.

Jan. 9, 2008: The M.D. of Big Lakes council promises to study options to use Moosehorn Lodge instead if seeing its possible demolition.

Jan. 9, 2011: Gunnar Odegaard, founder of the High Prairie Sled Dog Races, dies at the age of 88 years.

Jan. 9, 2012: The M.D. of Big Lakes hires Ken Bosman as its new manager.

Jan. 9, 2013: Slave Lake’s Gordon Ferguson expresses an interest on behalf of his clients in opening a Domino’s Pizza franchise in the old Walleyes and Whitetails building. High Prairie town council expresses concerns over parking but leaves the matter in the hands of its administration.

Jan. 9, 2013: The M.D. of Big Lakes decides to ease up on its lobby on the Alberta government for increased services [renal dialysis] at the proposed hospital. “They did step up to the plate,” says Reeve Alvin Billings, noting the expansion of an extra 6,800 square feet.

Jan. 9, 2013: High Prairie Councillor Barry Sharkawi says people are leaving town due to the hospital’s inability to deliver babies.

This Day in World History – January 9, 2020

1431 – Judges’ investigations for the trial of Joan of Arc begins.

1493 – 1st sight of manatees by Christopher Columbus.

1570 – Tsar Ivan the Terrible kills 1,000-2,000 residents of Novgorod.

1768 – Philip Astley stages the world’s first modern circus in London.

1799 – British PM starts income tax to raise funds for the war vs Napoleon.

1811 – 1st women’s golf tournament held.

1839 – First photograph taken in Paris.

1839 – Thomas Henderson measures 1st stellar parallax [Alpha Centauri].

1909 – Ernest Shackleton reaches record farthest South latitude. [88°23′]

1936 – Semi-automatic rifles adopted by US army.

1937 – Italian regime bans marriages between Italians & Abyssinians.

1943 – Japanese government in Java limits sale & use of motorcars.

1951 – “Life After Tomorrow” is 1st film to receive an “X” rating.

1954 – -87°F [-66°C], Northice Station, Greenland [Greenland record].

1956 – Abigail Van Buren’s “Dear Abby” advice column 1st appears.

1960 – Building of Aswan dam in Egypt begins.

1968 – Surveyor 7 space probe soft lands on moon.

1969 – 1st trial flight of Concorde supersonic jetliner occurs.

1972 – LA Lakers 33-game winning streak snapped by 120-104 to Milwaukee.

1976 – C. W. McCall CB song “Convoy” hits No. 1 on country music charts.

1979 – High-school player Daryl Moreau makes 126th consecutive free throws.

1985 – Calgary Flames set NHL record 264th game without being shut-out.

1986 – Kodak loses patent battle vs Polaroid; must give up instant cameras.

1991 – Baseball officially bans Pete Rose from Hall of Fame for betting.

1995 – Ecuador & Peru involved in boundary fight.

1996 – 1st episode of “Third Rock from the Sun” screened on NBC.

1998 – Anatoly Solovyov & Pavel Vinogradov spacewalk record 3:08 minutes.

2001 – Apple reveals iTunes at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

2002 – Michael Jackson receives the Artist of the Century award.

2007 – Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs announces the iPhone.

Today’s Horoscopes – January 9, 2020

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – “Why does being patient have to take so long?” quipped one frustrated soul. Could it have been you? Waiting has never been your strong suit, there’s no question about it. You will get through today more easily if you concentrate on finding an outlet for your pent-up frustration. A visit to the gym or a vigourous cleaning of the house would help.

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – We all know the adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” But you can’t help feeling that you have tried and tried and tried to no avail. All that is about to change, as you begin to reap the fruits of your labours. You can expect to see things from a new, unusual perspective. This will allow you to sidestep the obstacles that have been blocking you recently. Pay extra attention today and make a mental note, if not a physical one, of any unusual ideas you have.

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – Whatever you want, you need only ask for it and there is a good chance you will get it. And it’s about time, too. It seems you have been working exceptionally hard lately. You are certainly due for a raise, if not a promotion. Gather your thoughts, collect your supporting evidence, and ask for what you deserve. If your yen for more public recognition is nagging at you, then take steps today to ensure that you get more time in the spotlight.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – It’s time once and for all to tie up all those loose ends of projects left undone. Much as you may dread it, think of it this way, Libra: by completing these tasks you clear space for exciting new projects to come your way. Know that everything bodes well today for all things financial and professional. Perhaps you’ll get that bonus that’s due you!

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Junk mail and a few telephone solicitations would almost be a welcome relief from the intense communications you’ve been having with people lately. All this intensity is interesting, to be sure, but also more time consuming than you’d like. You barely have time to handle your own affairs, much less those of others. If you begin to feel yourself at the bursting point, call your own personal time-out. A shower or bath would do you a world of good, Scorpio.

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – It isn’t nearly as bad as you think. In fact, things are definitely looking up. Of course, you’ll never know that if you refuse to drag yourself out of bed to see for yourself. Your hard work of the last few months has left you enervated and somewhat drained. But today you begin to see the payoff! It’s time to get up, get dressed, and dazzle the world with your brilliance. You know you can do it.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Think of yourself as a marathon runner. You have a very long distance to travel, but the sweetness is not just to be found in crossing the finish line, but rather in relishing all the sights along the way. While your head today is overflowing with plans and ideas, you begin to feel deflated when you begin to consider all the logistics of realizing these dreams. Fret not. The planets have blessed you with an energy level that is equal to the task, so go ahead and get started!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – It’s time for you to tap in to that inner resource that you have always known existed. Your ability to heal is extraordinary, and there’s no point in denying it any longer. Your mind is like a sponge, thirsty to soak up any new knowledge or practice about the healing arts. You might spend today browsing a New Age bookstore. Or why not spend a relaxing hour lying flat out on a table, learning from the skilled fingers of a master masseuse?

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – Once begun is half done, as the saying goes. This certainly applies to you today. Yes, it’s true that you have a considerable amount of work ahead of you, but surely you know that you can get it done. Trite as it may sound, making a list [no, you don’t have to check it twice] will help you break the projects down into manageable chunks. It’s so much easier to focus only on the next step rather than the entire Herculean task.

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – How annoying when work gets in the way of pleasure, but there are times when professional opportunities are simply too good to pass up. That beguiling creature you’ve had your eye on will just have to wait for you another day. For now, focus on the business at hand. With the current aspect at play, the payoff could be tremendous!

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – One disadvantage of attics is that so much junk tends to get stored up there. Today is the day for you to clean house. You’ve been putting this off long enough and now must face the dust and debris in your own personal attic. Whether it’s emotional messes that need cleaning up or business matters that beg for attention, know that you will be hurting yourself and your future prospects if you delay any longer.

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – It seems your ship is about to come in. At least, the planets seem to think so. Your years of cultivating business relationships will pay off in the form of increased sales or new business opportunities. It seems this success spills over into your personal life as well. Life on the home front has never been more serene. You are the conductor of this melodious symphony that is your life. Congratulations!

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