Today in High Prairie – July 1, 2020

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What’s Happening Today – July 1, 2020

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Today’s Local Birthdays – High Prairie – July 1, 2020

Rene Guerin

Ryan Guerin

Jayson Ferguson

Today’s Local Birthdays – Faust – July 1, 2020

Danielle Rioch

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – July 1, 2020

1381 – St. L. Justinian, 1st Patriarch of Venice

1857 – Roger Connor, Home Run King Until Babe Ruth

1861 – Samuel D. Riddle, Man ‘o War’s owner

1863 – William Stairs, Canadian explorer

1899 – Charles Laughton, Mutiny on Bounty actor

1899 – Indian Jones, Fictional character

1901 – Irna Phillips, Created 6 soap operas

1906 – Estée Lauder, Estée Lauder Cosmetics CEO

1916 – Olivia de Havilland, All the King’s Men actress

1926 – Delmar Watson, Heidi child actor

1931 – Leslie Caron, Gigi actress

1932 – Bobby Day, Rockin’ Robin singer

1934 – Jamie Farr, M*A*S*H actor [Klinger]

1941 – Rod Gilbert, New York Ranger

1942 – Andraé Crouch, The Color Purple singer

1945 – Deborah Harry, Blondie vocalist

1951 – Daryl Anderson, Lou Grant actor

1951 – Fred Schneider, B-52’s guitarist

1952 – Dan Aykroyd, Saturday Night Live comedian

1956 – Lorna Patterson, Private Benjamin actress

1961 – Diana Spencer, Lady Di, Princess of Wales

1967 – Pamela Anderson, Baywatch actress

1977 – Jerome Iginla, Calgary Flame

1977 – Liv Tyler, Lord of the Rings actress

This Day in Local History – July 1, 2020

July 1, 1903: Fletcher Bredin is the first postmaster as the Lesser Slave Lake post office opens.

July 1, 1909: W. Doherty is the first postmaster as the Grouard post office opens.

July 1, 1913: The first tennis tournament ever held in Grouard begins. The tournament concludes July 4 with Mr. Alliston winning the men’s title and Mrs. Cook the women’s title.

July 1, 1915: The Grouard Board of Trade writes a letter to Frank Cochrane, Minister of Railways, thanking him for his efforts in getting the ED&BC railroad to build a branch line to Grouard.

July 1, 1915: A picnic held in High Prairie to aid the Red Cross Society raises $125.

July 1, 1967: High Prairie’s Fern Fortier is the winner of the McLennan Klondike Days Queen Contest.

July 1, 1971: Jim Smith, of Atikameg, retires after 41 years of service in the Hudson Bay Company.

July 1, 1972: Fred Dumont resigns as HPSD superintendent to rejoin the Alberta Department of Education. Verne Evans assumes his role.

July 1, 1972: Sister Marion Poirier resigns as principal of Joussard School. She is replaced by Tom Iannone.

July 1, 1973: Wilf, Gary and Lyle Ruecker, Dale Ginther and Garand Jones purchase John Janelle Real Estate and Insurance Ltd. and rename it Ruecker and Associates Ltd.

July 1, 1979: The Peavine Rangers win $2,000 at a All-Native Fastball Tournament in Prince George, B.C. The Driftpile Swingers place third and win $500.

July 1, 1979: The Faust Comedettes ladies fastball team wins the gold medal at the 1979 Indian Summer Games at St. Paul.

July 1, 1980: IGA celebrates the grand opening of their newly-expanded store.

July 1, 1980: The Enilda post office is destroyed by fire.

July 1, 1981: The Spaulding Restaurant changes hands and reopens under the name of High Prairie Main Spot with Clair Nelson as owner.

July 1, 1987: Mandatory seat belt use becomes law in Alberta.

July 1, 1994: The I.D. of Big Lakes assumes road authority from Alberta Transportation.

July 1, 2006: Gerry Hebert and Edwina Ayles take over as owners of Circuit City from Jean Hebert.

July 1, 2015: Revolution Motors advertises Pete Ptashnyk’s 50 years with General Motors.

This Day in World History – July 1, 2020

1200 – In China, sunglasses are invented.

1782 – American privateers attack Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

1831 – Admiral James C. Ross reaches magnetic North Pole.

1858 – 1st Canadian coins minted [1, 5, 10 and 20 cents].

1862 – US Congress outlaws polygamy for the 1st time.

1867 – The Dominion of Canada is formed, John A. Macdonald 1st PM.

1871 – The decimal currency system is made uniform in Canada.

1873 – Prince Edward Island becomes 7th Canadian province.

1874 – 1st US zoo opens in Philadelphia.

1879 – Charles Taze Russell publishes 1st edition of The Watchtower.

1890 – Canada and Bermuda are linked by telegraph cable.

1899 – Gideon Society established to place Bibles in hotels.

1903 – Tour de France: inaugural race begins in Montgeron.

1905 – Albert Einstein introduces his theory of special relativity.

1908 – “SOS” distress signal becomes the worldwide standard for help.

1911 – Proclamation removes “Dei Gratia” from Canadian coins.

1916 – Coca-Cola brings current coke formula to the market.

1916 – 1st of 4 fatal Jersey Shore shark attacks occur.

1923 – 1st permanent radio network, AT&T, founded.

1926 – Canada restores gold standard.

1933 – German Nazi regime declares married women shouldn’t work.

1934 – 1st X-ray photo of entire body is made in Rochester, New York.

1941 – 1st commercial TV licenses granted.

1941 – Bulova Watch Company pays $9 for 1st ever network TV commercial.

1958 – CBC Corporation links TV broadcasting across Canada via microwave.

1966 – 1st colour TV transmission in Canada takes place from Toronto.

1968 – US, Britain, USSR & 58 nations sign Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

1969 – Investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales occurs.

1979 – Sony introduces the Walkman.

1980 – “O Canada” officially becomes the national anthem of Canada.

1982 – Kosmos 1383, 1st search & rescue satellite, launched.

1987 – New York radio station WFAN commences 12t 24-hour all sports format.

1993 – 1 second is added to the clock.

1996 – Winnipeg Jets officially move to Arizona.

1997 – UK returns Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China.

2007 – Smoking in England is banned in all public indoor spaces.

Today’s Horoscopes – July 1, 2020

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – Yesterday’s trajectory might run into a couple of snags today. You could find your dreamy nature conflicts with the planned and steady. This conflict of interests may be creating some tension that will be difficult to work with. Your emotions are apt to deceive you, so try not to get pulled off course by a passing whim. Try to keep your feelings well grounded.

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – Try to keep yourself in line with your emotions today. It’s possible that a powerful yet subtle force is slowly trying to pull you off track. If so, think about taking a break and doing some physical activity to get your blood pumping. Go for a walk with a friend to help clear your head so you can think more rationally about the decisions you need to make.

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – You could find that an emotional issue rubs you the wrong way today. Your tendency is to want to escape. Try to do so in a healthy manner. Watch your favourite movie or read a book. Don’t fall prey to the temptation to indulge in more dangerous pursuits. That would only push the problems away temporarily. When they resurface again, they could be even harder to handle.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – Your artistic side may want to take to the airwaves in some way today. Perhaps you should consider building your own website or getting a spot on a local radio show. Your dreams need a vehicle for distribution. Give them the means to be dispersed to others. You have the ability to inspire many people. Take this ability seriously and make use of your creative talents.

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – You could find that what was so light and active yesterday runs into roadblocks today. It might seem as if you’re suddenly heading straight for a brick wall regarding some of your current projects. Suddenly there’s a more reserved tone to things, and you may have lost a bit of your precious momentum. Use this time to back off and reassess the wisdom of your direction.

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – The pace of things is likely to slow down a bit compared to what was happening yesterday. This is probably for the best. Take this time to do some planning and stabilizing. You’ve plowed forth into the fields. Now stop and assess what you’ve accomplished. Take things one step at a time and don’t get ahead of yourself. Be patient and things will come your way naturally.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – You might find there’s a quality of dreaminess to your emotions today that keeps you from focusing on the task at hand. People are likely to be stubborn and confused, and you could be one of them. It might seem as if your mind is going in two directions and you aren’t sure which way to proceed. Try to incorporate more of your dreams into your waking reality.

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – Little voices are whispering in your ear today. They could be asking you to join them in the clouds. You might get the feeling there’s a lot of tension between what your heart has to say and what your mind has to say. Don’t be surprised if the energy of the day leaves you confused by the time the day ends. Don’t stress about making hard decisions or commitments.

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – Someone could be prodding you to take action today. It might be best if you beat them to it and motivate yourself. Stay a step or two ahead of the herd. Lead your own stampede and go wherever you want to go. It’s quite likely you’ll run into conflict regarding issues about which you feel strongly. People are likely to be stubborn, so prepare yourself for a stalemate.

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – You might experience a great deal of emotional confusion today. There’s a debate brewing inside you. You’re having a hard time deciding whether to pursue the practical or the fanciful. Looking to others for help could only add to the confusion, so take their advice with a grain of salt. If nothing seems clear to you, then wait it out and proceed when you have a better handle on things.

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – Keeping things in balance will be a challenge today. You’re likely to find that there’s conflict brewing that doesn’t seem to want resolution. It’s OK. Don’t press the issue. You may find the best solution is to escape into the clouds and come back to reality when the storm has settled. There’s no need to try to untangle the knots if they simply don’t want to budge.

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Tension is likely to arise in many different areas of your life. It’s possible you’re either too dreamy or too practical for the issue at hand. It’s important for you to strike a balance. The toughest part will be finding people and situations that agree with you. Other people are likely to be quite inflexible and stubborn, and you may have to adapt in order to reach a compromise.

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