Today in High Prairie: June 17, 2022

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What’s Happening Today – June 17, 2022

Falher Honey Festival.

North Country Fair at Driftpile Valley.

10 a.m. – Coffee Time at Kinuso Senior Centre.

1:30 p.m. – Cribbage games at HP Golden Age Centre.

3:30 – 5 p.m. – HP Municipal Library CX Energy Movie Time. Call [780] 523-3838 for openings.

7:30 p.m. – High Prairie AA chapter meeting at HP Church of the Nazarene.

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – June 17, 2022

1818 – Charles Gounod, Faust opera composer

1870 – George Cormack, Wheaties cereal inventor

1874 – Grant Mitchell, Man Who Came to Dinner actor

1881 – Tommy Burns, Canadian boxer

1882 – Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer

1883 – Ruth Wakefield, Created Toll House Cookie

1904 – Ralph Bellamy, Rosemary’s Baby actor

1915 – Stringbean, Hee Haw banjoist/comedian

1922 – Jerry Fielding, Hogan’s Heroes composer

1937 – Peter Lupus, Mission Impossible actor

1943 – Barry Manilow, Mandy singer

1944 – Bill Rafferty, Laugh-In comedian

1947 – Paul Young, Mike & the Mechanics singer

1951 – Joe Piscopo, Miller Lite TV ads actor

1954 – Mark Linn-Baker, Perfect Strangers actors

1964 – Diane Murphy, Bewitched actress [Tabitha]

1965 – Kami Cotler, Waltons actress [Elizabeth]

1975 – Frederick Koehler, Kate & Allie actor [Chip]

1980 – Venus Williams, US tennis pro

This Day in Local History – June 17, 2022

June 17, 1915: Roy S. Burns takes over as publisher of the Grouard News after a three-month absence from J.E. Cook, who was doubling as the town’s secretary-treasurer.

June 17, 1915: The Grouard News reports Hilliard’s Bay is destined to become the most popular resort on Lesser Slave Lake due to its hard, sandy beaches backed by a gentle slope and thick woods which shelter it from the wind.

June 17, 1915: The Grouard News reports the Hotel Royal George in Grouard on First Avenue has been remodeled and opened by George Morin, who also opens a pool room in the adjacent building.

June 17, 1978: Mike Mungall fires a four under par to win the High Prairie Open Golf Tournament. Sheila Bradner wins the women’s title and Carmen Houle the junior title.

June 17, 1983: Keith Stout and Debbie Johansson are honoured as Prairie River Junior High School’s athletes-of-the-year at their awards night.

June 17, 1984: Darren Tuftin wins best all-round cowboy as Gift Lake hosts its seventh annual rodeo.

June 17, 1985: The second inquiry into the plane crash that killed six people near Joussard Oct. 19, 1984, begins in Grande Prairie. It begins but is postponed until Oct. 28.

June 17, 1987: South Peace News reports Randy’s Auto Body opens for business nine miles north of town. The business is owned by Randy Backs, who purchased the business from Lawrence Strebchuk.

June 17, 1987: Long distance phone rates to Faust from High Prairie no longer apply.

June 17, 1988: High Prairie celebrates the official opening of its new courthouse.

June 17, 1989: An accident claims the lives of four people at East Prairie. Floyd Douglas Patenaude, 21, John Steven Patenaude, 19, Samantha Supernault, all of East Prairie, and Gerald Albert Desjarlais, 23, of High Prairie, all die in the head-on collision.

June 17, 1990: High Prairie Dolphins’ swimmers Ian Griffiths and Robin McCallum win aggregate titles at the Grande Prairie swim meet.

June 17, 1992: Medicine Bottle celebrates a grand opening in renovated premises.

June 17, 1995: A 10-year-old boy torches the $12,000 REAC Recycling Depot.

June 17, 1998: The Town of High Prairie terminates their Joint-Use Agreement with the M.D. of Big Lakes. One year written notice is required. Later, the M.D. says to delay the issue until the October elections and let the new councils deal with it.

June 17, 1999: Former High Prairie Dr. David Wong, 58, dies in Edmonton after complications from diabetes.

June 17-21, 1999: The 100-year commemoration of the Treaty 8 signing is recognized near Sucker Creek.

June 17, 2005: Kittens are abandoned at the steps of Under the Sea pet store.

June 17, 2006: Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pearl Calahasen breaks ground on the Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre.

June 17, 2007: High Prairie Mayor John Brodrick announces he is resigning to begin a new job as Manning CAO. His resignation is effective Aug. 1.

June 17, 2008: An elated Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pearl Calahasen announces her government will pay for any cost overruns for the new High Prairie Hospital. The price tag is now estimated at $63.595 million.

June 17, 2008: High Prairie’s oldest resident, Bessie Roffey, dies at the age of 111 years. She was formerly a long-time resident of Kinuso and Alberta’s oldest citizen.

June 17, 2009: Police are looking for a lone male after a robbery at the High Prairie Inn.

June 17, 2009: The High Prairie Beautification Society is revived after a meeting in town council chambers. Alicia Boisson is elected president.

June 17, 2009: South Peace News features Stan Peacock and his efforts to build a biodiesel plant in the region using pennycress, or stinkweed, as fuel.

June 17, 2009: Howard Shaw delivers the valedictorian’s address at the Gift Lake Grade 9 Graduation.

June 17, 2009: High Prairie Dolphins swimmers swim 1,863 laps and raise $2,805 at a fundraiser at the indoor pool.

June 17, 2010: High Prairie Movie Gallery announces it will close sometime in the coming months, likely before July 31.

June 17, 2010: High Prairie singer Mike Halcrow signs a contract with a Nashville company, Paramount Song, to create an album.

June 17, 2011: A Driftpile woman pleads mercy for her sex attacker in Peace River Court of Queens Bench. The man pleads guilty and given house arrest for crimes committed over 35 years ago.

June 17, 2011: Building or expanding the fire hall would boost the members’ morale, High Prairie fire chief Ken Melnyk tells the Town of High Prairie’s protective services committee.

June 17, 2011: Sunset House School holds an awards night and celebration. It’s the last at the school, which closes at the end of June.

June 17, 2015: The High Prairie Skate Plaza is named the Q Skate Park in honour of brothers Arlen and Joe Quartly’s contributions.

June 17, 2015: The High Prairie Native Friendship Centre holds its 5th annual Friendship Walk. About 35 attend.

This Day in World History – June 17, 2022

1462 – Vlad III the Impaler attempts to assassinate Mehmed II.

1579 – Sir Francis Drake lands on coast of California at Drakes Bay.

1631 – Mumtaz Mahal dies during childbirth; husband builds Taj Mahal.

1745 – Americans capture Louisburg, Cape Breton Island from French.

1837 – Charles Goodyear obtains his first rubber patent.

1863 – Travelers Insurance Co. of Hartford founded [first accident insurer].

1885 – Statue of Liberty arrives in New York City aboard French ship Isere.

1919 – “Barney Google” cartoon strip, by Billy De Beck, premieres.

1932 – Oil tanker Cymbeline explodes in Montreal.

1939 – Last public guillotining in France.

1940 – France asks Germany for terms of surrender in WW II.

1944 – Iceland declares independence from Denmark.

1947 – Pan Am Airways chartered as first worldwide passenger airline.

1950 – First kidney transplant occurs in Chicago.

1963 – US Supreme Court rules vs Bible reading/prayer in public schools.

1965 – First bombing by B-52 occurs 50 km north of Saigon.

1967 – Barbra Streisand: A Happening in Central Park performed.

1967 – China becomes world’s fourth thermonuclear [H-bomb] power.

1970 – Edwin Land patents the Polaroid camera.

1972 – Salvador Allende forms a new socialist government in Chile.

1984 – John Turner succeeds Pierre Trudeau as PM of Canada.

1987 – Dusky Seaside Sparrow becomes extinct.

1988 – Microsoft releases MS DOS 4.0.

1991 – South Africa abolishes last of its apartheid laws.

1994 – O.J. Simpson and LA cops famous police car chase occurs.

2017 – Forest fires kill 62 people in Portugal.

Today’s Horoscopes – June 17, 2022

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – Do you feel like your life has not changed a bit over the past few weeks? You feel certain things need to change but you do nothing but sit there. Today, there will be a lot of influences that could incite you to be a little more foolhardy. You do not usually like to take risks, but if you do it, you will be greatly satisfied!

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – There is a fire burning deep inside of you. It gives you a lot of power and energy. People around you are receptive to this energy. Today a lot of your friends will thrive on your fire and be in the best of moods because of it. Do not try to hide your energy. If you do, it may disappear, or it could even burn you!

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Enthusiasm and energy will be your allies today. Something different is in the air and inciting you to move forward. You will make decisions and go in new directions for your own good and for the good of the people around you. Your dynamism will have a beneficial impact on your family. This newfound strength will give you a great boost!

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – You are organized and rigourous! You plan everything. But with today’s energy, you will be inclined to let the day go by without keeping to a tight schedule. After all, not every day has to be a workday. You can worry easily, but do not let this get you down. Follow the people around you. They will teach you to see the world differently. You will even think about new ways to organize your life!

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – A lot of people around you might think you are a strong individual. For example, you stand up against wrongs in the established social order. You can also be a very constructive person. You try to improve the world around you. Today, you will have all the time you like to meditate about the changes this world needs!

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – You are worried some of the people close to your heart might change. You have been watching and paying attention to subtle signs and changes for quite some time now. Today you will feel like a guide, and you will help those who might need you. You will be able to show them the way and help them to fulfill their needs!

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – You have always been a loner. You tend to act on your own and you do not trust outside help. Over the last few weeks, however, you have managed to find people who have accepted you the way you are. It is as if you have found a refuge where you can escape reality. But you will find if you open your heart to others, there will be additional places of refuge!

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – You have always felt the need to create. The simplest tasks can fulfill this need. You are even happy if you sketch on a small piece of paper. Over the last month or so you have been finishing a project close to your heart. Do not be afraid to show it off to your friends. People will be thrilled by your work. You deserve to feel proud of what you have achieved!

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – Some people around you might think you have never really matured, that you still have the mind of a child. It might not seem obvious at first, but your lighthearted attitude is also a sign of great wisdom. As with those who have truly committed to long-term romances, you will find out you will never lose your lightheartedness!

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – If you analyze your life, you will see it has completely changed over the past 12 months. You have matured as an individual and your actions have been beneficial to yourself and those around you. Try to make changes as often as you can. Do not stop now. You need to feel your life is evolving all the time. There is no time to rest!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – You may be a little bit disappointed to find out the people you think so highly of are in fact mere reflections of your own personality. The planetary alignment is trying to teach you to believe in yourself. You just lack confidence. After all, if they are admirable people, it is probably because they have great qualities – and you have them, too. Surprises are just around the corner!

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – There is a great day ahead of you. You will be blessed with the ability to solve problems, and others will come looking for you today. You will listen, understand, and express empathy. You will be wise enough to find solutions to any issues they present to you. After a day like this, you might ask yourself if you should not work as a therapist!

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