Today in High Prairie: June 2, 2021

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What’s Happening Today – June 2, 2021

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Today’s Local Birthdays – High Prairie – June 2, 2021

Susane Gibb

Billie Cowell

Today’s Local Birthdays – Faust – June 2, 2021

Cailyn Connell

Jordana Houle

Layla Hunt-Giroux

Paulette Laboucan

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – June 2, 2021

1740 – Marquis de Sade, French philosopher/writer

1857 – Edward Elgar, Pomp & Circumstance composer

1899 – Royal Beal, Death of a Salesman actor

1904 – Johnny Weissmuller, Tarzan actor

1915 – Walter Tetley, Bullwinkle Show voice

1934 – Johnny Carter, The Flamingos singer

1936 – Sally Kellerman, M*A*S*H actress [movie]

1941 – Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer

1943 – Charles Haid, Hill Street Blues actor

1946 – Peter Sutcliffe, “The Yorkshire Ripper”

1948 – Jerry Mathers, Leave It To Beaver actor

1950 – Joanna Gleason, Hello Larry actress [Morgan]

1951 – Larry Robinson, Montreal Canadien

1951 – Gilbert Baker, Designed rainbow flag [gays]

1951 – Dave Flett, Thin Lizzy guitarist

1952 – Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner

1953 – Craig Stadler, US pro golfer

1954 – Michael Steele, Bangles rocker

1955 – Gary Grimes, Summer of ’42 actor

1958 – Lex Lugar, WWF pro wrestler

1960 – Tony Hadley, Spandau Ballet vocalist

1960 – Kyle Petty, US racing car driver

1972 – Wayne Brady, Wayne Brady Show comedian

1977 – Zachary Quinto, Star Trek actor

1978 – A.J. Styles, WWE pro wrestler

1982 – Jewel Staite, Canadian actress

This Day in Local History: June 2, 2021

June 2, 1965: South Peace News reports water levels in Lesser Slave Lake are at their highest since 1935.

June 2, 1969: Youth Ronald Pasicka is fined $150 plus $64.12 in court costs after Judge Bernard Barker finds him guilty of dangerous driving. Court hears Pasicka drove onto the ball diamond in High Prairie May 5 while a ladies game was in progress. He makes a turn near first base and enters the outfield at second base causing players to flee. Barker calls Pasicka’s actions “stupid”.

June 2, 1969: Ken Hofferth, a member of the Big Meadow Beef Club, raises the Grand Champion Steer at the 4-H Beef Show and Sale.

June 2, 1973: High Prairie’s Tom Lysiak is chosen second overall in the NHL draft by the Atlanta Flames.

June 2, 1976: Five members of the High Prairie Recreation Board resign over a dispute with the Town of High Prairie. The members resign because town council would not define the function of the board and because there was no co-operation.

June 2, 1979: Ken Ludwig, John Dunn and Tom Sprado advance to the Alberta Track and Field Championships in Calgary June 9 after advancing at the Northern Regionals in Lloydminster.

June 2, 1984: Prairie River students Joy Dunn, Michael Bliss, Erick Kohn and Chuck Jones all win gold medals at the Peace Country zone track meet in Grande Prairie.

June 2, 1985: A woman is injured at Whitefish after being shot in the left arm during a party.

June 2, 1985: Ken Hopf walks away with the best all-round cowboy title as the Driftpile Rodeo concludes.

June 2, 1990: Chad Haggerty and Kerry Cunningham qualify for the Alberta Track and Field Championships after qualifying at a meet in Fairview.

June 2, 1992: The hamlet of Faust celebrates the opening of its $1.3 million RCMP detachment.

June 2, 1993: Jeff Chalifoux resigns his seat on the I.D. council as his new job as manager of the Whitefish Band left him with no time.

June 2, 2001: Magloire Parke’s steer wins the grand champion title at the High Prairie 4-H Achievement Day.

June 2, 2005: A High Prairie girl, Kiersten Lambert, 5, is burned after playing in tar left by High Prairie Public Works crews.

June 2, 2005: Gift Lake Metis Settlement Councillor Dale Anderson proposes forming an economic hub at the High Prairie Business Persons’ meeting.

June 2, 2005: Two Youth Apprenticeship Program teams from Prairie River Junior High School win gold and silver at the Project Skills Canada competition in Edmonton.

June 2, 2006: The first tickets are sold in the High Prairie Elks Summer Fun Dream Sweepstakes. Fred and Arline Spendiff and Frank and Ruth Pratt buy the first tickets in the $240,000 first place prize sweepstakes.

June 2, 2006: A Kinuso School graduate, Veronica Karpa, is nominated for the Edwin Parr Teaching Award for Central Alberta. Karpa teaches Grade 5 and Grade 8 classes in Bowden.

June 2, 2006: Stephanie Supernault wins a bronze medal in Junior Girl’s Javelin at the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association Track and Field Provincials in Edmonton with a toss of 30.82 metres.

June 2, 2007: Kate Ochran wins the Grand Champion title at the East Peace 4-H Achievement Day at the High Prairie Agriplex.

June 2, 2007: About one dozen High Prairie Air Cadets and volunteers continue the tradition of planting flowers along the walking trails at Jaycee Park.

June 2, 2008: Helen Lemay, a long-time resident of High Prairie, dies at the age of 90 years.

June 2, 2009: Prairie River Junior High School holds its annual Youth Apprenticeship Project finals at Northern Lakes College in Grouard. The Grade 9 winning team is comprised of Evan Griffiths, Destinie Getz and Kelissa Getz.

June 2, 2010: South Peace News publishes a photo of Mallory Caudron, a Grade 12 student at St. Andrew’s School, who received this year’s Meyers Norris Penny Scholarship within Holy Family Catholic School Division.

June 2, 2010: The Northern Lights Encore Choir performs its spring concert at the High Prairie United Church.

June 2, 2010: Kevin Cramer wins the Legion Medal of Excellence at the High Prairie Air Cadet Squadron’s Annual Inspection at the Royal Canadian Legion.

June 2, 2012: Taylor Blackhurst raises the Grand Champion steer at the East Peace District 4-H Club’s Achievement Show and Sale at the High Prairie Agriplex.

June 2, 2012: The HPSD Regional Hand Games Tournament is held at Kinuso School. Kinuso School wins the elementary division, and Atikameg School the junior/senior high division.

June 2, 2014: Tracy Roberts is promoted to acting library manager with the retirement of library manager Janet Lemay. Later in the year, she is promoted to library manager.

June 2, 2016: Tanishia BigCharles receives the Top Cadet Award at the High Prairie Air Cadets Annual Inspection.

June 2-3, 2016: E.W. Pratt High School student Justin Mindel places fourth at the Track and Field provincials in senior men’s high jump with a leap of 1.8 metres.

June 2-16, 2016: The High Prairie and District Museum opens its doors to display art from students at E.W. Pratt High School.

June 2, 2017: East Prairie Metis Settlement asks for co-operation from High Prairie town council to lobby for a second road leading from the settlement toward Swan Hills.

June 2, 2018: F/Sgt. Jared Gomes wins the prestigious Cadet Medal of Excellence at the High Prairie Air Cadet Squadron’s 67th Annual Ceremonial Review at the Edmo Peyre Hall.

June 2, 2018: High Prairie Coyote Acres Club 4-H member Sunni Mason raises the Grand Champion Steer at the East Peace 4-H District Show and Sale. In the sheep category, Ramona Bokhout raises the Grand Champion – Female.

This Day in World History – June 2, 2021

1615 – First Récollet missionaries arrive at Quebec City, from Rouen, France.

1835 – P.T. Barnum & his circus begin 1st tour of US.

1857 – James Gibbs patents the chain-stitch single-thread sewing machine.

1875 – Alexander Graham Bell makes 1st sound transmission.

1896 – Guglielmo Marconi applies to patent the radio, accepted July 2.

1904 – Professor Schron finds microbe that causes photosynthesis.

1910 – Pygmies discovered in Dutch New Guinea.

1924 – Snyder Act: US citizenship granted to all American Indians.

1928 – Kraft rolls out Velveeta cheese.

1935 – Babe Ruth, 40, announces his retirement as a player.

1952 – Maurice Olley of General Motors begins designing the Corvette.

1953 – Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II held in Westminster Abbey.

1964 – Rolling Stones 1st US concert tour debuts in Lynn, Massachusetts.

1968 – Canadians must get government permission to export silver.

1975 – First recorded snowfall in London in June.

1977 – New Jersey allows casino gambling in Atlantic City.

1979 – John Paul II becomes 1st pope to visit a Communist country [Poland].

1983 – Toilet catches fire on Air Canada’s DC-9, 23 die at Cincinnati.

1988 – Consumer Reports calls for a ban on the Suzuki Samurai automobile.

1994 – Indonesian censors ban Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List”.

1997 – Timothy McVeigh found guilty of 1995 Oklahoma City bombing: 168 die.

1999 – Bhutan Broadcasting Service brings TV to Kingdom for the 1st time.

2003 – Europe launches its first voyage to another planet, Mars.

2004 – Ken Jennings begins 74-game winning streak on Jeopardy.

Today’s Horoscopes – June 2, 2021

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – If you were in charge of a company’s human resources department, today you would begin to completely overhaul the recruitment procedure. You would focus more on the human element rather than any diplomas and awards people wave around as evidence of their abilities. Confidence in people combined with trust in your instincts could prove profitable in more ways than you imagine.

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – The romantic side of your life may be rocked by a storm of emotion. You may go from intense rage to ecstasy in an instant. The day may instruct you to get hold of your emotions. If you hope to build a stable relationship, it’s necessary to maintain psychological coherence and physical health.

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – The day may be somewhat oppressive. It’s possible you will receive some unpleasant news related to your domestic life. Perhaps in the past few years you haven’t been especially careful about your home budget. Or you may have postponed an important maintenance task for too long. While this may not be the day the roof literally falls in, it’s time to take care of repairs.

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – You seem frustrated today! There’s only one person who could possibly arouse your anger to such a degree, and that’s you! Today’s aspect is favourable for crises of conscience that result in a change of attitude. You’re likely to remember to choose your words more carefully from now on.

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – This is a contemplative day. You seem to be developing new techniques, means, therapies, and methods to use in your main occupation. Today you’re likely to question your underlying reasons for so much innovation. Why reinvent the world? Although you may not make any major changes in your activities, you could find new justifications for them.

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – You will have to expect the day to be somewhat frustrating. Your friends may insist you be more cooperative and less individualistic. They could resent your refusal to be part of the team. In fact, your rebelliousness may be earning you quite a reputation! How you deal with these clashes will set the stage for your future. Think carefully before taking action.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – You mustn’t expect to do whatever you like today. Quite the contrary! You may be restrained by technical limitations. Perhaps your financial resources will be insufficient. In other words, you won’t be able to follow your usual pattern of taking refuge on a spiritual island and quietly contemplating your inner thoughts.

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Science, space exploration, and certain other fields require the participation of all with a very strong team spirit. Stubborn as you are, it doesn’t make you the greatest specialist in group dynamics. Certainly no one would ever accuse you of enjoying working in a group, unless you’re the one in charge. Just such a miracle is possible, provided you take the first step.

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – What good does it do you to resist change? Everyone knows you have trouble adapting to change in the world around you. Unfortunately, that’s life and you can’t do much about it. However, you aren’t powerless. You will find that life is more stable when you can surf the waves of change. Embrace change and make it work for you rather than resist it all the time.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – If you work in a helping profession such as psychotherapy, you’re probably breaking quite a few rules and protocols right now. You may even be going against theories that were a fundamental part of your education. Don’t be troubled by your rebelliousness. It’s important the status quo be challenged from time to time. It’s people like you who advance the field!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – You don’t have to be a genius or do something extraordinary in order for people to notice you. It’s time you abandon the notion you can’t play a musical instrument because you don’t have perfect pitch or you can’t sculpt because you don’t have Michelangelo’s genius! Dare to engage in any hobby or interest that you fancy.

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – You aren’t free enough. This is especially true in your relationships. With the current astral energy, you can expect to break free of your chains. It’s time for you to participate more in life. Speak your mind. Tell people what you want and when you want it. Surely one of your desires is freedom. Overcome your fear of rejection and ask for it! It really is as simple as that.

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