Today in High Prairie: May 2, 2022

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What’s Happening Today – May 2, 2022

4 p.m. – Next Steps Kids at HP Children’s Resource Centre. Pre-registration required: 780-523-2715.

7 p.m. – Town of Falher meeting in council chambers.

7:30 p.m. – High Prairie AA chapter meeting at HP Church of the Nazarene.

7:30 p.m. – Triangle Pioneer Threshermans Association meeting at Triangle Hall.

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – May 2, 2022

1601 – Athanasius Kircher, Invented magic lantern

1729 – Catherine the Great, German Empress of Russia

1797 – Abraham Gesner, Canadian inventor of kerosene

1860 – Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionist movement

1902 – Erin O’Brien-Moore, Peyton Place actress

1903 – Benjamin Spock, US pediatrician

1908 – William Bakewell, Gone with the Wind actor

1924 – Theodore Bikel, The Russians Are Coming actor

1932 – Bruce Glover, Diamonds are Forever actor

1933 – Bunk Gardner, Mothers Of Invention musician

1935 – Lance LeGault, The A-Team actor

1936 – Engelbert Humperdinck, British singer

1937 – Lorenzo Music, “Carlton the Doorman’s” voice

1937 – Ted Dabney, Founder of Atari

1942 – Jacques Rogge, Olympic Committee president

1945 – Goldy McJohn, Steppenwolf musician

1948 – Larry Gatlin, Gatlin Brothers singer

1950 – Lou Gramm, Foreigner rocker

1955 – Donatella Versace, Italian fashion designer

1962 – Big Boss Man, US pro wrestler

1966 – Belinda Stronach, Canadian politician

1972 – Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock” pro wrestler

1975 – David Beckham, English soccer midfielder

1980 – Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Canadian skateboarder

1983 – Christa Rigozzi, Swiss model

1985 – Kyle Busch, US auto racer

2015 – Princess Charlotte, Daughter of Prince William

This Day in Local History – May 2, 2022

May 2, 1914: The Grouard News reports the CNR pays $6.5 million in bonds at the provincial government in Edmonton. The sum is rumoured to be used to build branch lines in northern Alberta.

May 2, 1914: The Grouard News reports construction of the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia railroad is stopped until Aug. 1.

May 2, 1945: The Village of High Prairie has its first meeting with Verner Maurice as mayor.

May 2, 1969: Father Benoit Guimont resigns his position as school administrator at St. Bruno Mission School in Joussard.

May 2, 1969: Joyce Belcourt hits a home run and scores three runs as the hometown Faust Panthers defeat the Grouard ladies team 13-12 in an exhibition game.

May 2, 1971: McLennan’s Ruth Buchanan is elected president of the Winagami Beach Association at their annual general meeting.

May 2, 1975: A police car and a private car are both damaged after an 11-mile chase on gravel roads. Police pursue Gary James St. Arneault, 26, of Grouard, on the intersection north of Highway 2. Speeds reach in excess of over 60 miles per hour.

May 2, 1979: South Peace News reports Jo-Ann Hansen places second in the CFRN-TV Seach for Talent.

May 2, 1981: Audrey Marie Thunder, 24, and Wesley David Gladue, 30, of Gift Lake die in a trailer fire eight miles south of the settlement.

May 2, 1985: High Prairie RCMP Const. Herb Hahn is acquitted on an assault charge in provincial court.

May 2, 1987: Enilda Bowl holds its yearly awards banquet. Among the major winners are Laura Johansson and Klas Johansson. They rolled high singles of 359 and 367 respectively.

May 2, 1991: The High Prairie and District Men’s Fastball League holds its organizational meeting and re-elects Chris Clegg as president.

May 2, 1996: Recycling bins are installed at Super A and Freson IGA.

May 2, 1996: The Development Appeal Board approves a 30-unit motel, bar and restaurant which eventually becomes the Dreamcatcher Inn owned by Ray Willier. St. Andrew’s School and St. Mark’s Anglican Church oppose the facility.

May 2, 1999: A train derailment at McLennan is caused by someone pulling a track switch. Three cars leave the tracks.

May 2, 2000: Peavine Metis Settlement chair Iner Gauchier writes the Rec-Plex Partnership Committee telling them the issue of participating in the proposed rec-plex study must be taken to a vote of their membership.

May 2, 2001: South Peace News reports that High Prairie Seed Plant manager Joe Lizee receives a plaque for 30 years of service.

May 2, 2001: High Prairie town council cites playground improvements as its top priority at a special budget meeting.

May 2, 2005: Alan Bloom starts his new job as High Prairie’s second Special Constable.

May 2, 2005: Alicia Boisson and Shay-Lee Savill join South Peace News as summer staff reporters.

May 2, 2006: Aboriginal War Veteran Mike Belcourt passes away at the age of 89 years.

May 2, 2007: South Peace News features the problem of fisherman leaving trash on Lesser Slave Lake near Joussard. After months of meetings, officials decide to increase enforcement next winter.

May 2, 2009: South Peace News graphic artist Lawrence Andrews and eight others receive the top award for a student production at the Alberta Film and Television Awards in Edmonton. They win the award for their production Ayinanew which means “Eight” in Cree.

May 2, 2009: The Joussard community raises $2,603.50 for Camille and Antoinette Goutier, who lost their home to a fire March 8.

May 2, 2010: Former South Peace News pressman, area farmer and foster home provider Alex Visser passes away at the age of 71 years.

May 2, 2010: A team called the Cat’s Pyjamas, comprised of Tina Wilson, Ashley Burback, Cindy Ho and Jackie Martin, raises $1,600 for High Prairie Palliative Care during their annual Hospice Walk. Robert and Mable Goulet also raise $2,500. A final total was not available.

May 2, 2011: Athabasca MP Brian Jean retains his seat in the Athabasca constituency in the federal election, which returns Prime Minister Stephen Harper to power with 167 of 308 seats in the House of Commons.

May 2, 2012: South Peace News reports that the Faust Silver and Gold senior’s club receives a $25,000 federal grant to organize health and wellness meetings, as well as recreational activities.

May 2, 2014: Leann Peyre, Celeste Reid and Carolyn Winterburn all enter the competition for Elks Pro Rodeo Queen. Later, Reid suffers and injury and withdraws.

May 2, 2014: Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council holds its Archery Tournament. Patricia Beaver of Loon River wins the girl’s title and Taylor Letendre, also of Loon River, the boy’s title.

May 2, 2017: High Prairie town council decides to not take money from reserves to keep the tax rate the same as previous years. The mill rate increases 2.78 per cent for residential and non-residential property owners.

This Day in World History – May 2, 2022

1497 – John Cabot leaves Bristol, England searching for new lands across Atlantic.

1536 – Anne Boleyn is arrested and taken to the Tower of London.

1670 – King Charles II gives royal charter to the Hudson’s Bay Company.

1780 – William Herschel discovers first binary star.

1833 – Russian Tsar Nicolas I bans public sale of serfs.

1878 – US stops minting 20-cent coin.

1885 – “Good Housekeeping” magazine is first published.

1887 – Hannibal Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film.

1905 – French newspapers publish lists of Jules Verne’s unpublished work.

1908 – “Take me out to the Ball Game” registered for copyright.

1909 – Honus Wagner steals his way around bases in first inning vs Cubs.

1929 – Billie Holiday, 14, and her mother are arrested for prostitution.

1932 – Jack Benny’s first radio show premieres [NBC Blue Network].

1933 – In Germany, Adolf Hitler bans trade unions.

1938 – Ella Fitzgerald records “A-Tisket, A-Tasket.”

1941 – FCC approves regular scheduled commercial TV broadcasts.

1945 – More than 1 million German soldiers officially surrender.

1955 – Pulitzer prize awarded Tennessee Williams, “Cat on Hot Tin Roof.”

1956 – US Lab detects high-temperature microwave radiation from Venus.

1964 – First ascent of Shishapangma, the 14th highest mountain in the world.

1968 – Gold reaches then record high $39.35 per ounce in London.

1969 – British liner QE II leaves Southampton on maiden voyage to New York.

1975 – Apple records closes.

1981 – Radio Shack re-releases Model III TRSDOS 1.3 with 2 fixes.

1986 – Transportation Expo 86 opens in Vancouver, B.C.

1994 – Dr. Kervokian found innocent on assisting suicides.

1997 – Mercury Mail announces its 1 millionth internet subscriber.

2008 – Cyclone Nargis makes landfall in Myanmar; kills over 130,000 people.

2011 – Osama bin Laden is killed by US special forces in Pakistan.

2011 – The 2011 E. coli outbreak strikes Europe, leaving 30+ dead.

2015 – Boxing: Mayweather beats Pacquiao, makes most money of any fight.

2016 – Leicester wins English Premier League; start season at 5,000-1 odds.

2018 – Kanye West criticized for saying “slavery is a choice” in interview.

2018 – Indian city of Kanpur declared world’s most polluted city by WHO.

2018 – Iowa passes US’s strictest abortion ban, based on a fetal heartbeat.

Today’s Horoscopes – May 2, 2022

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – Take your creativity to a new level. There are many ways to express yourself creatively, so pick one and follow through. You may have a desire to be on stage, and you want to share your dreams and inner passion with the world. Your strong emotions and dreamy perspective are assets. Do not try to stuff them inside or push them away. Listening to your brain too much could deprive you of the bounty in your heart and imagination!

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – Your feelings may deceive you, so be careful of getting too wrapped up in your own drama. Perhaps you feel you are getting pushed and pulled in uncomfortable directions. You might tolerate this tension for a while without expressing your feelings about it. This is a dangerous policy because it could give others the impression that it is OK to continue treating you the way they do!

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – In some ways, you may feel like a lost soul who is not quite in touch with your dreams. Although you feel energetic and boisterous, you might also get the sense your energy is misdirected and you are being led in the wrong direction. The key for you now is to lead yourself. Cut through everyone else’s agenda and follow your internal rainbow. The more you take charge, the happier you will be!

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – The best way to create harmony among others is to first establish harmony in yourself. Do not expect others to take care of you and attend to all your desires. At the same time, it is not your responsibility to dote on others. The boundaries may get ambiguous at times, but do your best to maintain a healthy separation. People may pull on your heartstrings to manipulate you into doing what they want. Do not fall for it!

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – You might feel as if your powerful emotions are getting in the way of your dreams. Or perhaps you are finding you are so wrapped up in a particular vision of the future that you are getting lost in your own brain. You are losing touch with the present simply because you are so focused on a nebulous idea that does not even exist yet. Take a step back from your current mindset and re-evaluate the situation!

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – Perhaps you are stuck in a mindset you can not seem to escape. Be careful about taking action based on ideas rooted more in past fantasy than present reality. Your emotions could be playing tricks on you. You could be attached to a dream that has more to do with feeding your ego than fulfilling your destiny. Question your motives. You might find you are better off redirecting your energy somewhere else!

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – When you talk, you want other people to listen. More than likely, your thoughts will drift toward humanitarian ideas and philosophies. You are eager to share your ideas with others, and you may have a utopian dream that, if everyone just followed, would make the world a much better place. People may make fun of you for having such a perspective, but this definitely does not mean you should stop dreaming!

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Issues regarding control of a situation are probably going to be your focus. More than likely, you adhere to a solidly planned routine. You have a set way of doing things and you want to stick to it. Other people are moving into the picture, however, and they may want to take a leadership role. People will be adamant and strong willed when it comes to their facts. You should be, too!

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – You are apt to speak and act with a great deal of power, but be careful you do not get swept away by emotion. There is a surrealistic quality to the day. It could lead you to believe a mirage is real. You might get so caught up in the drama of your feelings that your power of reason gets watered down to the point where you lose track of your objectivity altogether!

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Your concept of reality could be based more on your emotions than facts. This is one of those days when this could get you into trouble. Whatever comes up, you are likely to feel very passionate about it and tend to lose any rational perspective whatsoever. Integrity, inner strength, and self-confidence will be the glue that holds your mind and heart together!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – This is your day to shine! Just make sure you do not do so at someone else’s expense. You are feeling more self-confident than usual, which may be hard for you to believe. Nevertheless, you could be so focused on your agenda you fail to see subtle signals put out by those around you. Other people cry out for attention, too. Make sure you shine some of your glorious light on them!

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – You may feel like you are being left out of the equation. Perhaps you feel like the oddball, the fifth wheel who simply does not have a place. Do not worry. Just because you feel that way today does not mean it is your destiny. If you do not like your course, change your position. If you do not like the people you are with, move in a different social circle. Do not blame your circumstances on others. Take responsibility!

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