Today in High Prairie: May 28, 2022

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What’s Happening Today – May 28, 2022

1 p.m. – Coyote Acres 4-H Achievement Day [Show and Sale] at HP Agriplex.

10 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Peace River Farmers’ Market at 8002-102 Ave. [West Hill Industrial Plaza].

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – May 28, 2022

1660 – King George I, King of England

1738 – Joseph Guillotin, Guillotine inventor

1887 – Jim Thorpe, US all-round athlete great

1907 – Henry Ritz, Ritz Brothers comedian

1908 – Ian Fleming, James Bond novels author

1910 – T-Bone Walker, US blues guitarist

1919 – Frank Middlemass, Oliver Twist actor

1931 – Carroll Baker, Babydoll actress

1931 – John Karlen, Cagney & Lacey actor

1938 – Jerry West, Image of man on NBA logo

1941 – Beth Howland, Alive actress [Vera]

1944 – Gladys Knight, Lead singer of the Pips

1944 – Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York at 9/11

1945 – John Fogerty, CCR rocker

1947 – Lynn Johnston, For Better/Worse cartoonist

1959 – John Morgan, British etiquette expert

1961 – Roland Gift, Fine Young Cannibals rocker

1965 – Christa Miller, Drew Carey Show actress

1977 – Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View panelist

This Day in Local History – May 28, 2022

May 28, 1946: The Dominion Executive Council appoints several ladies to form the High Prairie No. 37 Ladies’ Auxiliary.

May 28, 1969: South Peace News reports that the $35,000 renovation at The Bay store has started. George Barnes is manager of the store.

May 28, 1971: St. Andrew’s School celebrates the grand opening of their new addition with Father Loran from Peace River attending.

May 28, 1975: High Prairie Elementary School student Violet Brule is rescued from the bottom of the High Prairie swimming pool. She is revived after mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is performed.

May 28, 1980: South Peace News reports on building expansions at Peyre Farm Euipment, Carwald Concrete and Gravel, and Cox Brothers.

May 28, 1980: Jean Lewis becomes High Prairie’s first female mayor after Phil Rutter resigns.

May 28, 1980: Brian Martinson is elected president of the High Prairie Golf and Country Club.

May 28, 1983: At the High Prairie Friendship Centre’s annual meeting, it is reported $20,000 cannot be accounted for during an audit.

May 28, 1983: Only 15 skaters attend the Enilda Rollerskating rink’s final skate.

May 28, 1989: Dean Haubrich shoots an 83 to win the High Prairie Spring Open Golf Tournament. Deanna Quintal wins the ladies’ title shooting 99.

May 28, 1990: A boy, 13, pleads guilty in High Prairie youth court to careless use of a firearm and possession of a firearm stemming from the shooting of a 13-year-old Enilda girl April 7. He is sentenced to two hours of community service work.

May 28, 1997: South Peace News reports that Holy Family Catholic School Division is putting their proposed Fine Arts Centre on hold.

May 28, 1998: Holy Family Catholic School Division agrees to close its sub-office in High Prairie.

May 28, 1999: MLA Pearl Calahasen is appointed to the position of associate minister of Native Affairs.

May 28, 2006: Pastor Pat Duffin conducts his first service at the High Prairie Christian Centre.

May 28, 2007: Plans for an expanded M.D. administration building are presented to council.

May 28, 2007: Glen Armstrong Construction of Peace River begins construction on H.P. Farm Supply land in the town’s west end. The installation of water and sewer would be completed in the next few weeks.

May 28, 2007: M.D. of Big Lakes councilors are shocked to hear High Prairie firefighters receive more pay than M.D. firefighters and vow to correct the problem.

May 28, 2008: South Peace News publishes a full page story on improvements at the High Prairie Golf Course.

May 28, 2009: Sharon and Linda Cox open Pizza Bistro in Joussard.

May 28-29, 2009: High Prairie hosts the Alberta Food Bank Network Association’s annual general meeting in High Prairie. High Prairie food bank manager Kim Dumont receives a certificate of appreciation.

May 28-29, 2010: Jeff and Jessica Lubyk win the Faust Walleye Tournament with a catch of 25.38 pounds. They win $7,200.

May 28, 2011: East Prairie actress Roseanne Supernault, 21, wins her second Rosie Award for Best Alberta actress for her portrayal of Natalie Stoney in Blackstone.

May 28, 2012: On her sixth birthday, Sarah Calahesin sheds her long locks for the Locks to Love charity at Leonarda’s Beauty Salon.

May 28, 2012: High Prairie Councillor Barry Sharkawi announces at an economic development pursuit committee meeting that High Prairie will get its new hospital.

May 28, 2012 High Prairie Councillor Barry Sharkawi leaves an economic development pursuit committee meeting after saying Councillor Michael Smith accused him of bashing local business. The meeting ends as a quorum no longer exists.

May 28, 2014: South Peace News publishes a list of Alberta town’s residential mill rates, proving that High Prairie’s is the highest of towns with populations between 2,000 and 3,200.

May 28, 2014: High Prairie town council passes its tax bylaw. Residential mill rates drop one per cent.

May 28, 2015: Sgt. Ashton Halldorson is awarded the Legion Medal of Excellence at the High Prairie Air Cadet Squadron’s Annual Inspection.

May 28, 2018: RCMP officer Anita Lee Doktor is found not guilty of impaired driving in High Prairie provincial court.

May 28, 2019: A gated community for High Prairie is proposed at a public meeting at the High Prairie Golden Age Club. The meeting is initiated by Diana Oliver.

May 28, 2019: Pile driving starts at the construction site of the new Northern Lakes College Campus site in High Prairie.

May 28, 2019: Vernon Wayne Laboucan’s charges are tossed at his trial in High Prairie provincial court after police do not attend to testify. It is later discovered due to a Crown error the officers were not told to attend.

This Day in World History – May 28, 2022

585BC – Solar eclipse occurrence leads to a truce during war.

1588 – Spanish Armada departs Lisbon to invade England.

1742 – First indoor swimming pool opens in London.

1818 – First steam vessel to sail Great Lakes launched.

1845 – Fire in Quebec, Canada, 1,500 houses destroyed.

1889 – Édouard and André Michelin incorporate the Michelin tire company.

1892 – Sierra Club formed in San Francisco for conservation of nature.

1900 – Total solar eclipse occurs.

1918 – Azerbaijan gains independence, declares itself Democratic Republic.

1919 – Armenia declares its independence.

1928 – Dodge Brothers Inc. and Chrysler Corporation merge.

1929 – First all colour talking picture On With the Show exhibited.

1934 – Birth of the Dionne quintuplets in Canada.

1937 – Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco opens to vehicular traffic.

1952 – Women in Greece are given the right to vote.

1957 – NL approves Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants move to the US west coast.

1959 – Monkeys Able & Baker zoom 300 miles into space on Jupiter missile.

1961 – Amnesty International founded.

1961 – Last trip [Paris to Bucharest] on the Orient Express.

1963 – Cyclone hits Chittagong, Bangladesh; 1 million houses destroyed.

1982 – Pope John Paul II is first reigning pope to visit Great Britain.

1987 – Monitor, Civil War warship, is discovered by a deep sea robot.

1987 – Paul Pearman jumps 21 barrels on a skateboard in Augusta.

1997 – Wallace Berg, 42, is fourth American to scale Mount Everest for third time.

2006 – Barry Bonds hits his 715th career home run, passing Babe Ruth.

2018 – Coco-Cola launches its first alcoholic drink – Lemon-Do – in Japan.

Today’s Horoscopes – May 28, 2022

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – A change has occurred in our solar system, a shift that will probably be imperceptible but nonetheless profound. You have seven months to understand how this change impacts you. It will dawn on you that you feel a strong need for liberation. Perhaps you need to release yourself from the bonds of a group. Innovation is in the air!

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – You must not expect any enormous changes today. However, the process you began three or four years ago will accelerate slightly. You are changing the moorings of your identity, the ideas that make you sure of who you are. Your family, background, and education no longer count as much as your spiritual foundations. Do not be afraid of this shift. Go with it!

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – The day should be fairly positive, and you will begin to feel the faintest hints of a major change beginning. This new phase will last seven months. As it progresses, you will find greater freedom of expression. You can expect to shift into high gear in subjects you used to avoid. Some friction with siblings is likely to arise in the next few months!

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – The solar system is shifting gears today, and it is liable to trigger a great transformation that will last seven months. The change will centre on the means you use to fulfill yourself in terms of both your career and love life. If you feel somewhat hemmed in by your training or upbringing, you can expect to seek liberation from these inhibitions in the months to come!

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – It is an excellent forecast for you! Although no specific events will occur, there is the huge promise of freedom over the next seven months. A fundamental shift is about to occur in your occupation and love life, As the months unfold, you can expect to be more visionary, more creative, and perhaps more rebellious. This time, you will be much more effective than in the past two or three years!

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – To understand the major shift that is taking place, you must look at events from a lofty perspective. A slow-acting liberation is gathering momentum. In the next seven months, you will be unable to resist the opportunity to rid yourself of some oppressive part of your past. You will shed your old complexes and emerge renewed. Do not be alarmed if some family relations suffer as a result. The distress is only temporary!

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – The gentle winds of change are blowing through your life at the moment. You have a feeling of newness and an open attitude toward the world. Some outside events will be coming up in your life that give you the impression you are advancing in a concrete manner toward a new life. You can expect to have some pleasant surprises!

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – The idea of a turning point in one’s destiny often brings a smile to the faces of cynical people, but in your case, it definitely has some meaning. This turning point can take the form of a new person in your life or a key event that changes things forever. Sometimes things we only hear about actually happen. Something like this may happen to you in the coming months!

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – It may be you have returned deeply changed from a long voyage. Of course, we are all changed to some extent by travel, but in your case, the change is truly profound. You are going to have some problems getting back into the life you had before you left. Your old life is likely to feel too limiting to you. So what are you waiting for? Change it!

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – If you feel suffocated by your romantic relationships, if you feel they lack some spice or are too traditional, then why not liberate yourself? There is a feeling in the air life is turning in a positive direction. This will help you set things up to turn even your craziest ideas into reality. Starting today, you are going to be asked to be more concrete!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – During the last few months, it could be you have met some strange people who have greatly influenced your attitude about marriage or partnership. They have been pushing you to get more freedom into your life. If this is indeed the case, you can feel quite sure they have come under a cosmic influence. That is no reason for you to agree. Freedom or lack of freedom is completely subjective!

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – The last months have been very challenging, and there is a very good chance you no longer feel up to meeting the challenges. If you have been yearning to modify something in your daily life, do it now! The hour has come to make concrete changes. Regardless of whether the change you seek is at home or work, physical or emotional, do not be afraid to seriously upset your life!

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