Today in High Prairie – May 30, 2020

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What’s Happening Today – May 30, 2020

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Today’s Local Birthdays – High Prairie – May 30, 2020

Dan Haire

James Hopps

Jordan Koski

Today’s Local Birthdays – Faust – May 30, 2020

Caitlin Collins

Dick Churchill

Melinda Noskye

Ryan Shewchuk

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – May 30, 2020

1908 – Mel Blanc, Voice of Bugs Bunny

1909 – Benny Goodman, “The King of Swing”

1911 – Douglas Fowley, Singin’ in the Rain actor

1912 – Hugh Griffith, Mutiny on the Bounty actor

1912 – Joseph Stein, Fiddler on the Roof writer

1926 – Christine Jorgensen, 1st sex change patient

1927 – Norman Walker, Dirty Dozen actor

1934 – Alexey Leonov, 1st man to walk in space

1939 – Michael J. Pollard, Bonnie & Clyde actor

1944 – Lenny Davidson, Glad All Over rocker

1945 – Meredith MacRae, Petticoat Junction actress

1946 – Candy Lightner, MADD founder

1955 – Jake Roberts, US pro wrestler “The Snake”

1958 – Marie Fredriksson, Roxette singer

1958 – Ted McGinley, Love Boat actor

1961 – Ralph Carter, Good Times actor [Michael]

1964 – Wynonna Judd, US singer

1975 – Marissa Mayer, Designed Google home page

This Day in Local History – May 30, 2020

May 30, 1914: The Grouard News reports steel will reach Grouard by fall with train service scheduled to begin Oct. 1.

May 30, 1914: The Grouard News reports T. Stuart arrives in town ready to start a brick industry.

May 30, 1979: South Peace News reports that Dan Cardinal of Sucker Creek receives $1,117 from the Alberta Crimes Compensation Board to help pay for his son’s funeral expenses. Leonard Cardinal died June 2, 1978.

May 30, 1984: South Peace News prints excerpts of Willie Marx’s book “Grouard – Peace River Trail.”

May 30, 1984: South Peace News reports that two different sets of minutes have caused confusion as to how the High Prairie Recreation Board will pay off its debenture.

May 30, 1985: The old High Prairie United Church is moved to Triangle.

May 30, 1985: Former South Peace News sports reporter Rick Foster dies of a heart attack at the age of 36. His obituary in the June 26 issue says, his love of sports led to a lengthy career in media.

May 30, 1989: One of the town’s early pioneers, Mac McCue, dies at the age of 84.

May 30, 1994: Dwayne Taylor opens the Crazy Horse Saloon and The Liquor Corral.

May 30, 1996: Tolko Industries holds a grand opening for their strandboard mill.

May 30, 1996: After seven years as a backbencher, MLA Pearl Calahasen is promoted to Minister Without Portfolio for Children’s Services.

May 30, 2005: A Grade 6 High Prairie Elementary School student is sentenced to one year of probation after puling a knife on fellow students on the playground April 15.

May 30, 2006: Heather Flaman, 40, of Grimshaw, is crushed and dies in an industrial accident at Tolko Industries.

May 30, 2006: Jason Gray tries to eat 50 hot wings at Nado’s Pizzeria grand opening. He is able to eat “only” 32 wings.

May 30, 2013: F/Cpl. Adrian Backs is awarded the Cadet Medal of Excellence at the High Prairie Air Cadet Squadron’s Annual Inspection. Only a few cadets earn the meal across Alberta each year putting Backs in select company.

May 30, 2015: Enid Bertha May Helander passes away at the age of 93 years. She worked as a nurse and was very involved in the High Prairie United Church.

May 30, 2016: High Prairie hockey legend Tom Lysiak dies at the age of 63 from leukemia. Lysiak fashioned a fine NHL career with the Atlanta Flames and Chicago Blackhawks.

This Day in World History – May 30, 2020

1431 – Joan of Arc is burned at the stake in France.

1498 – Christopher Columbus departs with 6 ships for 3rd trip to America.

1821 – James Boyd patents rubber fire hose.

1832 – The Rideau Canal in eastern Ontario is opened.

1842 – John Francis attempts to assassinate Queen Victoria.

1848 – William G. Young patents ice cream freezer.

1879 – Gilmore Garden in New York renamed Madison Square Garden.

1896 – 1st car accident occurs; Henry Wells hits a cyclist in New York.

1904 – Frank Chance gets hit by pitch 5 times in a doubleheader.

1908 – Paris advocate E. Archdeacon is 1st passenger in a airplane.

1925 – Peter DePaolo became 1st man to average over 100 mph at Indy.

1935 – Babe Ruth plays final baseball game, goes hitless.

1964 – The Beatles’ “Love Me Do” single goes #1 in the United States.

1965 – Viet Cong offensive against US base Da Nang, begins.

1967 – Robert “Evel” Knievel’s motorcycle jumps 16 automobiles.

1971 – US Mariner 9 [1st satellite to orbit Mars] launched.

1976 – Bobby Unser sets world record for fastest pit stop [4 seconds].

1979 – Ted Coombs begins a 5,193 mile roller skate from LA to NYC.

1980 – 1st papal visit to France since 1814.

2012 – Vishwanathan Anand wins his fifth World Chess Championship.

Today’s Horoscopes – May 30, 2020

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – Your wacky personality will be appreciated today, but don’t take it too far. Leave room for seriousness to enter the picture. There’s a dreamy, cloudy sensation to the day that might make it difficult for you to concentrate on any one thing. If you pretend to know the answer when you don’t, you’ll only confuse the people who rely on your knowledge or authority. Respect that everyone wants answers these days.

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – Try to feel at ease today. Remember that inner peace is a big part of your health, and maintaining that baseline is critical during a pandemic. Find peace through reflection and a quiet review of where you are in life. Instead of focusing on material things, concentrate more on your emotional state. Others are likely to feel sensitive and weepy as well, so have them join you in this exercise.

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – It may be hard to find answers today. It may also be hard for you to get your point across, especially since everyone’s head is in the clouds. Don’t be surprised if your own head takes a trip up there as well. You’re better off giving it a boost up there instead of trying to force yourself back down to reality. Check things out from a different perspective.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – This is your day! You may find that people gravitate to you for advice and support. They’re apt to lower their guard and more openly accept things you believe in. Conversations could lead to more spiritual topics, and before you know it, you’ll be giving lessons on the meaning of life. Suddenly, your private thoughts are reaching a huge audience that’s eager for your words. Use this power responsibly.

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – It’s important for you to be extra cautious today. If you absolutely must go out, make sure you’re calm and collected before getting behind the wheel of a car. Don’t forget that helmet if you’re riding your bike. Strong emotions that come up at this time are apt to trigger a physical response that could be quite powerful, even a bit violent. Be careful of such tendencies.

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – You may not want to admit something today, although you know it’s true. It becomes more obvious than you think if you’re hiding behind a barrier that has formed between you and someone close to you. If you insist on acting this way, ask yourself why you even bother staying in the relationship. Global emergencies don’t necessarily cancel out our personal problems. Be gentle with yourself during this difficult time.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Like playing a game of chess, think carefully about your next move. Maybe your opponent is taking a long time to make their next move. If you let impatience force your hand, you could make your decision too hastily. Feel free to take as much time as you need. The other person may already be thinking two or three moves ahead of you. Staying calm and focused will help you concentrate.

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – Come out of your shell today. You’ll notice that people are much more sensitive to your feelings because they seem to be more emotional themselves. Communication is likely to occur more through unspoken channels than traditional methods, which is interesting at a time when most conversations are happening through electronic media. Do your best to let others know you’re listening to them.

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – You may feel a bit restless, because you feel something brewing but can’t identify it yet. This energy is like a river rushing below while you stand on a bridge. The water is tempting, but you can’t summon the courage to jump in. Don’t feel like you have to be a part of everything. Extending the metaphor, maybe your destiny lies on the other side of the bridge and not in the river. You’ll stay a lot drier that way.

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – If you woke up this morning and just wanted to stay in bed rather than start your day, know that you aren’t alone. Today you’re experiencing a sensitive warmth that makes you feel vulnerable to the chilly wind of reality. Harsh words seem to cut more deeply than usual, making you wish you’d never left the cocoon of your bed. Surround yourself with supportive people, whether in person or remotely.

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – You may find yourself taking the high road today. Maybe you’re even further aloft than that, like a bird soaring above the landscape. As you fly, your partner is on the ground trying his or her best to keep up. If you keep flying straight, you’ll get lost and confused and may not find your way back. Consider keeping your feet on the ground with your friend.

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Today you’ll feel as though your energy has come home. Living in lockdown has played into your tendency to hide at home when you aren’t feeling 100 per cent yourself. While lockdown might still be with us, you’re now feeling much better and ready to take on the world. Your emotions are in line with your actions, and that brings great clarity. You know the route you want to take. The path is obvious.

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