Today in High Prairie: November 22, 2021

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What’s Happening Today – November 22, 2021

9:30 a.m. – AHS Managing Diabetes by Zoom. Call 1-877-349-5711 to register.

5 p.m. – Town of Peace River meets at town office.

6:30 p.m. – AHS Managing Stress by Zoom. Call 1-877-349-5711 to register.

7:30 p.m. – AA meeting at HP Church of the Nazarene.

Today’s Birthdays – High Prairie – November 22, 2021

Brock Johansson

Mackenzie Kasinec

Christopher Strebchuk

Duane Cunningham

David Anderson

Today’s Birthdays – Faust – November 22, 2021

Tim Raho

Tex New

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – November 22, 2021

1511 – Erasmus Reinhold, Calculated Planetary Table

1888 – Tarzan, Movie Character

1890 – Charles de Gaulle, President of France

1899 – “Hoagy” Carmichael, American Composer

1901 – Lee Patrick, Maltese Falcon Actress

1921 – Rodney Dangerfield, Caddyshack Actor

1922 – Eugene Stoner, Inventor of the M16

1940 – Terry Gilliam, Monty Python Actor

1941 – Ron McClure, Blood, Sweat & Tears Rocker

1942 – Steve Caldwell, Orleans Rocker

1943 – Billie Jean King, Tennis Pro

1943 – Floyd Sneed, Three Dog Night Drummer

1943 – Yvan Cournoyer, Montreal Canadien

1959 – Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween Actress

1966 – Brian Robbins, Head of the Class Actor

1967 – Boris Becker, Tennis Pro

1984 – Scarlett Johansson, Avengers Actress

This Day in Local History – November 22, 2021

Nov. 22, 1913: A gasoline lamp explodes and burns Northern Merchantile Store in Grouard causing $15,000 in damages. The company promises to rebuild.

Nov. 22, 1967: The visiting Peace River Stampeders defeat Fairview 7-4 to open the NPHL season under the rule of president Ike Lawrence of High Prairie.

Nov. 22, 1967: The Bay’s grocery manager, H. Peter von Lipinsky, receives a bronze plaque in Edmonton for Outstanding Merchandizing during the Canada-wide July is Salad Month. It’s one of only three prizes awarded in the Prairie Provinces.

Nov. 22, 1969: Joussard’s Sister Marion Poirier receives her Degree of Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta.

Nov. 22, 1969: Jim McLean scores twice to lead the hometown High Prairie Regals to a 4-2 win over the Fairview Elks.

Nov. 22, 1970: Marilyn Porisky is crowned CWL Queen at the annual bazaar. Last year’s queen, Lorraine Patenaude, hands the crown over.

Nov. 22, 1977: The NPHL opens its season as Fairview defeats visiting Hines Creek 7-6. Falher defeats visiting Valleyview 4-3 and Peace River wins 8-4 in High Prairie.

Nov. 22, 1978: A fire at an old apartment building in High Prairie leaves 15 homeless. Arson is the cause.

Nov. 22, 1978: Peavine Metis Settlement celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Metis Betterment Act.

Nov. 22, 1978: The Country Burger snack bar opens in Vic’s Mall with Lorrie Shantz as manager.

Nov. 22, 1979: Fire destroys the Marczyk Lumber Mill 10 miles north of High Prairie.

Nov. 22, 1980: Gift Lake Junior High School boy’s and girl’s volleyball teams win first place at a tournament in Grouard.

Nov. 22, 1980: Charles Anderson is voted tournament MVP as the E.W. Pratt Chargers men’s volleyball team defeats Peace River in the finals of the 3A Zone tournament in High Prairie.

Nov. 22, 1984: The High Prairie Cuties ringette team defeats the powerful Tangent Good Sports 5-2 in Donnelly.

Nov. 22, 1986: The visiting High Prairie Regals defeat the Sexsmith Raiders 9-2 in the first-ever meeting between the clubs.

Nov. 22, 1986: Jason Kachnic scores four goals and Jerry Cunningham records the shutout as the High Prairie Atoms blast Slave Lake 11-0.

Nov. 22, 1986: The St. Andrew’s Saints men’s and women’s volleyball teams win the Divisional tournament at Girouxville.

Nov. 22, 1990: Bus driver Joan Wilson is acquitted of a charge in High Prairie provincial court of driving without due care and attention in regard to a school bus accident June 4 that sent three children to hospital.

Nov. 22, 1990: Jacques Tanguay makes 22 saves as the visiting Falher Pirates defeat the High Prairie Regals 6-1.

Nov. 22, 1994: Fraser Berg and Troy Blais each net hat tricks as the hometown High Prairie Regals defeat Valleyview 10-4.

Nov. 22, 1995: High Prairie town council buckles under pressure and opts to stay in the Peace Library System.

Nov. 22, 1997: Kevin Woodcock, 27, of High Prairie, is killed when his one-ton truck hits the rear of a loaded logging truck in heavy smoke conditions.

Nov. 22, 1999: Striking Agricore employees picket the elevator in town.

Nov. 22, 2000: High Prairie town council decides against garbage pick-up at residences front doors.

Nov. 22, 2001: Jonathon Beaudry, 18, of Joussard, dies in a three-vehicle accident on Highway 2 just east of Enilda.

Nov. 22, 2005: Chris Lamouche is named Gift Lake Metis Settlement’s Community Member of the Year at their annual Recognition Night.

Nov. 22, 2006: South Peace News features three pages of coverage as Travis Cunningham approaches 500 goals for his NPHL career.

Nov. 22, 2006: Red Sky reports lots at its development on Joussard’s west end are selling for up to $150,000.

Nov. 22, 2007: High Prairie RCMP are looking for a male suspect after the Centre 750 Store in Grouard is robbed.

Nov. 22, 2008: The Prairie Echo Community League celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Nov. 22, 2011: Town of High Prairie economic development pursuit committee chair Michael Smith proposes a tourism conference for High Prairie in 2013.

Nov. 22, 2011: Driftpile’s Kyle Willier and his brother, Sheldon Willier, receive a bravery medal from the Royal Canadian Humane Association from the Edmonton Police Service for saving the life of a man off Spruce Point Park June 28, 2009.

Nov. 22-23, 2014: The High Prairie and District Children’s Resource Council nets $11,500 during its annual radio auction.

Nov. 22, 2016: Councillor Arlen Quartly proposes a one-way street to alleviate the traffic problems at the High Prairie Post Office.

Nov. 22, 2016: High Prairie’s Jess Verstappen wins the Canadian National 4-H and Youth Judging Competition at the Canadian Western Agribition. She wins the honour to judge the First Lady Classic female all-breed beef show for her efforts.

Nov. 22, 2016: ATCO Electric tells High Prairie town council that the first LED streetlights will be installed in 2017.

Nov. 22, 2017: South Peace News features the High Prairie Community Band, now in its third season. The band director is Collin Rattray.

Nov. 22, 2017: The Smoky River Junior High School Basketball League begins its 21st season. Defending champs from both the girl’s and boys division lose. The St. Andrew’s boys lose 51-28 to Prairie River. Meanwhile, the St. Andrew’s girls defeat PRJH 35-21.

Nov. 22, 2018: Two men charged in connection of the death of Ryan Joseph Ellefson on July 29, 2017 appear in court for sentencing on manslaughter charges. Dakota C. Anderson, of Gift Lake, and Jesse Prestly Laboucan, of Atikameg, instead have the matter put over until Jan. 31, 2019 by Judge D.R. Shynkar.

Nov. 22, 2019: The visiting High Prairie Red Wings win their fourth straight game after defeating Slave Lake 3-2 in overtime. Larry Yellowknee scores the game-winner.

This Day in World History – November 22, 2021

1492 – Pinta separates from Christopher Columbus’s fleet.

1542 – Spain delegates “New Laws” against slavery in America.

1794 – Strasbourg Alsace-Lorraine prohibits wearing of beards.

1809 – Peregrine Williamson of Baltimore patents a steel pen.

1842 – Mount St. Helens in Washington erupts.

1910 – Arthur Knight patents steel shaft golf clubs.

1927 – First snowmobile patent granted.

1932 – Pump patented that computes quantity and price delivered.

1934 – “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” first heard.

1942 – Hitler orders Rommel’s Africa Korps to fight to the last man.

1950 – Lowest NBA score: Fort Wayne Pistons 19, Minneapolis Lakers 18.

1955 – RCA Records pays $35,000 to Sun Records for Elvis Presley’s contract.

1967 – BBC unofficially bans “I Am the Walrus” by Beatles.

1967 – Silver hits record $2.17 an ounce in New York.

1968 – First interracial TV kiss [Star Trek – Captain Kirk and Uhura].

1972 – US ends 22-year travel ban to China.

1974 – UN General Assembly recognizes Palestine right to sovereignty.

1976 – Comic strip “Cathy” by Cathy Guisewite debuts.

1977 – Regular Concorde passenger service between NY and Europe begins.

1986 – Mike Tyson, 20, becomes youngest heavyweight champ in history.

1986 – Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton, became 13th NHLer to score 500 goals.

1989 – Conjunction of Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and the moon.

1990 – Margaret Thatcher announces her resignation as British PM.

1996 – O.J. Simpson wrongful death trial: O.J. says, “Absolutely not true.”

2005 – Angela Merkel becomes first female Chancellor of Germany.

2008 – YouTube hosts the largest ever live broadcast.

2017 – Ratko Mladic the “Butcher of Bosnia” is convicted of genocide.

2017 – Uber admits hackers stole personal information affecting 57 million.

2018 – Leaning Tower of Pisa’s tilt reduced by 4 cm.

Today’s Horoscopes – November 22, 2021

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – Doubts about a romantic or business partnership could have an energizing effect on you today. You are determined to resolve any problems or disagreements you may have with your partner. You will probably do it, as success through determination and hard work is strongly indicated. You might also make an advantageous new friend.

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – Uncertainty about your financial future might have you developing some sort of savings or investment plan to give you more security. You will probably find the help you need, as today’s planets show you should succeed at anything you try. A slight malaise could cause you to turn to vitamins, herbs, yoga, or some other sort of healing method that can put you back on your feet.

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – A joint endeavor with a partner could lead to imaginative and creative opportunities. You feel energized and ready to take on just about anything. Whatever you start today, especially creative projects, should succeed in spite of any obstacles that come up. Relations with partners and others should be recharged by the day’s activities.

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – Today, you might have an irresistible impulse to put your home in order. You want to give it a thorough cleaning, do a little decorating, or perhaps make some minor but necessary repairs. A new object, either a sculpture or painting, might inspire this desire. Your place should look fabulous by the time you are done. Go for it!

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – A specific task or goal could have you making a lot of calls, writing a lot of letters, or doing a lot of running around in the car. You are feeling especially determined. You will succeed at this or anything else you try today. Conversations will be productive and could spur you on to new projects.

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – If you have been thinking about working out of your home, this is the time to put your plans into action. Anything regarding money or the home could succeed now. All signs indicate your hard work and determination will bring the results you want. An older visitor might drop by, perhaps with advice or ideas you will want to consider.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – Although you occasionally want to spend a whole day alone, this is not the time. You have a lot of specific goals in mind you want to take care of today, perhaps involving writing or speaking. There will not be any question of putting them off. This is a great time to start almost any kind of project. The planets indicate success at whatever you try.

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Unknown skills or talents you did not know you had might set you on a course that leads to increased income, if you are willing to put in some hard work. This will undoubtedly lead to heightened self-image and self-confidence, setting off a domino effect that makes your future brighter. Whatever comes up today, strange as it may seem, go with the flow!

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – An unwitting communication from a friend could set you off on a path that changes your life. This could involve business opportunities, or you could discover a new interest or group you would like to join. Whatever it is, it may capture your attention and keep your energies focused for a long time. This should be a positive development.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Whatever difficulties may have arisen over the past few days, you have the power to overcome them, gain new strength, and move on. Your physical energy is good – you will not wear out. You will probably push on and take care of each chore as it comes up. If you have been thinking of starting a new project, this is the day to do it. Obstacles will not stop you.

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – Your association with a group could enable your spiritual progress today. Past emotional issues could come up, but do not despair. Look at it as an opportunity to release old traumas that have limited you. Transcending limitations of any kind – emotional, spiritual, or physical – is an especially productive approach. You will release a lot and come out of the experience with new focus.

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – Money or other resources could be made available to you today so you can increase your career prospects or advance in your occupation. You will find this very encouraging, as you will throw a lot of energy into this interest. This is the time to be ambitious. You have what it takes to push forward with just about anything you want to do.

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