Today in High Prairie – October 15, 2020

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What’s Happening Today – October 15, 2020

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Today’s Local Birthdays – High Prairie – October 15, 2020

Brian Pardell

Curtis Smith

Ryla Soto

Today’s Local Birthdays – Faust – October 15, 2020

Mark Nagao

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – October 15

1265 – Temur Khan, Kublai Khan’s Successor

1829 – Asaph Hall, Discovered Mars’ Moons

1879 – Jane Darwell, Huckleberry Fin Actress

1900 – Fritz Feld, Jack Benny Show Actor

1920 – Mario Puzo, The Godfather Novelist

1924 – Mark Lenard, Mr. Spock’s Dad Actor

1934 – John Coleman, Weather Channel Co-Founder

1935 – Willie O’Ree, 1st Black to Play in NHL

1937 – Linda Lavin, Alice Actress

1943 – Penny Marshall, Laverne & Shirley Actress

1946 – Richard Carpenter, The Carpenters Vocalist

1950 – Chris De Burgh, The Lady in Red Singer

1955 – Tanya Roberts, Charlie’s Angels Actress

This Day in Local History – October 15, 2020

Oct. 15, 1913: Grouard town council instructs police to place placards on each house where there is a sign of infectious or contagious diseases.

ct. 15, 1969: Fred Dumont defeats Reg Burgar and becomes mayor of High Prairie. Councillors elected are Oliver Bell, Annah Holt, Chris Lewis, Jack Sanders, Dave Sandor, and Larry Shaben.

Oct. 15, 1969: South Peace News reports on the completion of the Heart River Bridge over the channel north of town.

Oct. 15, 1977: D&B Janitorial, owned by Wayne Dalke and Pat Bradley, opens for business in High Prairie.

Oct. 15, 1981: Nadim Rahime opens Nad’s Barber Shop and Pool Hall.

Oct. 15, 1981: Workers break for supper while rebuilding the UGG elevator and fire breaks out destroying the building. It’s the third time in 21 months UGG is hit by fire.

Oct. 15, 1988: Cathy Hubar opens Cathy’s Cottage behind JJ Video.

Oct. 15, 1990: Dennis and Christine Zahacy purchase JJ Video.

Oct. 15, 1995: Construction of the Treaty 8 House is completed at Sucker Creek.

Oct. 15, 2000: Darren Robert Clark Fjeld, 32, dies in a farm accident north of High Prairie.

Oct. 15, 2007: An Ontario man, Jason John Clayton, beats a drunk driving charge in High Prairie provincial court after Judge Thomas R. Goodson declares his charter rights were violated. Police took evidence before reading Clayton his charter rights.

Oct. 15, 2007: Faust resident Angie Dow says she was “humiliated” at the polling station during municipal elections when she was asked to go home and get her I.D. She has lived in Faust for about 20 years.

Oct. 15, 2011: REAC members agree at their meeting in Faust to ask for more tests at the Swan Hills Waste Treatment Centre. “Let them prove they are not contaminating,” says member Jule Asterisk.

Oct. 15, 2012: A night of petty vandalism at Kinuso results in windows being smashed in 13 vehicles.

Oct. 15, 2012: The M.D. of Big Lakes council chambers fills to overflowing to hear the pros and cons of council’s wolf bounty.

Oct. 15, 2014: The High Prairie Regals executive meets and decides to ask the NPHL for a leave of absence. Lack of money to pay existing bills and begin the new season is the determining factor. The leave of absence is granted. The move ends 58 straight years of operation by the club.

This Day in World History – October 15

1520 – King Henry VIII of England orders bowling lanes at Whitehall.

1582 – Many Catholic countries switch to Gregorian calendar, skip 10 days.

1641 – Paul de Chomedy de Maisonneuve claims Montreal.

1674 – Torsaker witch trials begin in Sweden: 71 beheaded and burned.

1783 – Jean Pilstre de Rozier makes 1st tethered balloon ascent.

1815 – Napoleon arrives on island of St. Helena to begin his exile.

1846 – Dr. William Thomas Green Morton’s 1st public use of ether.

1860 – Grace Bedell, 11, writes to Abraham Lincoln, says “Grow a beard!”

1866 – Great fire in Quebec destroys 2,500 houses.

1878 – Edison Electric Light Company incorporated.

1880 – Cologne Cathedral, Germany completed, 633 years after it was begun.

1917 – Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari is executed by firing squad.

1919 – 14 horses begin 300-mile race for $1,000 prize money.

1928 – German dirigible “Graf Zeppelin” lands in Lakehurst, NJ.

1935 – NHL’s St Louis Eagles fold.

1951 – E. Miramontes synthesizes the 1st oral contraceptive.

1952 – “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White is published.

1956 – 1st plane to land safely on water.

1964 – Craig Breedlove sets auto speed record of 846.97 kph.

1969 – Madison Square Garden TV Network begins.

1969 – Vietnam Moratorium Day; millions nationwide protest the war.

1971 – The start of the 2,500-year celebration of Iran.

1975 – Iceland moves intl boundary from 50 to 200 miles.

1981 – Pro cheerleader Krazy George leads 1st audience wave.

1983 – Black Hawks & Maple Leafs score 5 goals in 84 seconds.

1989 – Wayne Gretzky passes Gordie Howe as NHL’s all-time top scorer.

1993 – Amstel brewery produces 1,000,000,000th bottle.

1997 – US launches nuclear powered Cassini to Saturn.

2001 – Galileo spacecraft passes within 112 miles of Jupiter’s moon Io.

2003 – China launches 1st manned space mission.

2018 – American retailer Sears files for bankruptcy.

Today’s Horoscopes – October 15, 2020

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – Your financial situation could be greatly boosted by a development you hadn’t expected. Perhaps some investments suddenly skyrocket in value, or maybe the homes in your neighbourhood are suddenly worth more than you thought. Whichever it is, don’t try to cash in on it right now. Chances are the value of your investment will continue to increase. Hang in there and watch it grow.

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – A legal matter that may have been pending for a while could finally be completed today. It’s very likely to go in your favour. Therefore, if you’ve been sitting on a contract, agreement, or other document that needs your signature, read it carefully before you sign. You will probably get what you want out of the transaction. By the way, this is also a great day to get married!

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – Your physical energy is likely to be high today, so you might not feel like staying indoors. Take care of your body first, and get in a good workout. You may also want to explore, perhaps by driving out of town for the day or going to an amusement park, if possible. You may not feel this energetic very often, so it’s best to make the most of it when you can.

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – An exciting rush of physical passion could hit you today when you’re introduced to an interesting new person. Take care not to wear it on your face. You generally don’t like to reveal that much of yourself! Besides, you won’t want this person to think you’re too obvious. Try to stay focused and remain objective. Then consider whether it’s a good idea to pursue this attraction.

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – Chores that need to be done around the house could be at the top of your priority list today. A female visitor, perhaps your mother, could come by and making your place look great will preoccupy you. Don’t do any more work than you absolutely have to. You won’t want to be too tired when she arrives.

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – Today you may have some important phone calls to make, and want to get them out of the way before doing anything else. You will definitely get your message across because your communicative abilities are very strong. Words combine with feelings to create understanding between you and just about anyone, whether you’re talking on the phone or writing.

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – Good news about money could create some excitement in your household today. One of your goals might be to invest some of the funds in fixing up your living situation. You might even consider moving or purchasing a new home. You may kick around a lot of ideas about how to spend the windfall, but don’t go too crazy. Hold on to some of that money as a nest egg.

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – An intriguing new neighbour, perhaps someone you’re attracted to, could move in near you. This might prove very exciting. You will probably strike up a conversation and enjoy talking with him or her. Whether you choose to pursue this attraction depends on both of your current situations, but at the very least, you will make a new friend.

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – Your intuitive abilities should be operating at a very high level today. You might inadvertently receive some positive psychic messages about your future, and this could prove very exciting. These insights could be a source of inspiration that propels you to accomplish wonders in some aspect of your life. This could turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy! Make the most of it!

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – A friend could tell you about an exciting new person for whom you feel a very powerful physical attraction when you see their picture. Your first conversation could prove exciting but stay calm and remain objective. If your feelings are too obvious, he or she could well lose interest before anything has time to develop! Just be yourself, enjoy the discussion, and have fun. That’s all you need do at this point.

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – Some exciting career developments could have you flying high today. Perhaps you’ve just reached a long-term goal or managed to get a break that tells you your goals are now within reach. Whichever it is, you’re likely to be on the receiving end of some congratulations, perhaps from unexpected people. More income could also be in the offing. Whatever it is, you’ve earned it!

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Tonight, you might decide to attend a small group activity of some kind, if possible, perhaps one concerned with philosophical or spiritual matters. Everyone who attends is apt to feel very strongly about the subject, so discussions could prove lively and exciting. Your mind could be spinning like a top when you leave, so if you can, walk home so you can clear your head. Write down your thoughts. You will want to remember them.

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