Today in High Prairie; September 13, 2022

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What’s Happening Today – September 13, 2022

9:30 a.m. – Northern Sunrise County meets at admin building.

10-11:30 a.m. – Parent & Tots at Girouxville Hall, Crafts, games and more.

1 p.m. – Coffee Time at Kinuso Senior Centre.

6:30 p.m. – Town of HP council meeting in chambers.

7 p.m. – Whist card games at Big Meadow Hall north of Enilda.

7 p.m. – Village of Donnelly council meeting in chambers.

7 p.m. – McLennan Royal Purple Elks meeting at McLennan Elks Hall.

7 p.m. – Trap Shooting at HP Gun Range. Equipment and instruction available.

7:30 p.m. – HP Elks & HP Royal Purple meet at Downtown Elks Hall.

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays – September 13, 2022

1475 – Cesare Borgia, Italian Aristocrat

1660 – Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe Author

1775 – Laura Secord, Canadian War Heroine

1831 – Andrew Noble, Science of Ballistics Founder

1851 – Walter Reed, Yellow Fever Discoverer

1857 – Milton S. Hershey, Hershey Chocolate Tycoon

1860 – John Pershing, American WWI General

1903 – Claudette Colbert, It Happened One Night Actress

1912 – Reta Shaw, Mary Poppins Actress

1924 – Maurice Jarre, Doctor Zhivago Composer

1925 – Mel Torme, American Singer

1926 – Emile “The Cat” Francis, New York Rangers Coach

1941 – David Clayton-Thomas, Joy to the World Singer

1944 – Peter Cetera, Chicago Lead Singer

1952 – Randy Jones, Village People Musician

1955 – Joni Sledge, We Are Family Singer

1957 – Vinny Appice, Black Sabbath Drummer

1975 – Rascal Flatts, County Singer

1976 – Jose Theodore, Montreal Canadiens

This Day in Local History – September 13, 2022

Sept. 13, 1913: The Grouard News reports 500 tons of freight destined for Groaurd is tied up between Mirror Landing and Athabasca Landing.

Sept. 13, 1913: The Northern Transportation Company issues a public challenge to race its Northern Sun against the Hudson Bay Company’s steamer Slave River from Shaw’s Point to the mouth of the Slave River. General manager C.D.A. Barber sends a cheque for $1,000 to the Grouard News in the winner-take-all event. Judges will accompany each ship to ensure they do not exceed the registered steam pressure.

Sept. 13, 1915: Father Edward Petour O.M.I., is named as the first missionary for the High Prairie district by Bishop Grouard.

Sept. 13, 1915: District Fisheries inspector, Sid Travers, predicts the fishing industry on Lesser Slave Lake could reach $60,000 in the next year. Three companies are operating in the area: the Northwest Fishing Company, Alberta Fisheries Ltd. and the Slave Lake Fish Company.

Sept. 13, 1969: The Royal Canadian Legion opens its new hall in High Prairie. Comrade Bill Gordon cuts the ribbon, assisted by Madam Joy Manuel.

Sept. 13, 1969: Stan Daniels, president of the Metis Association of Alberta, tells the Alberta Weekly Newspapers’ Association that “you have made us nothing but jailbirds and drunks, you have turned our women into sluts.” He adds there is no “Metis problem” or “Indian problem” but a “people’s problem.”

Sept. 13, 1970: High Prairie’s Rogar Kosar reports to the training camp of the Philadelphia Flyers in Quebec City.

Sept. 13, 1971: A class for the mentally retarded is opened in the Anglican Church Hall in High Prairie. Mrs. R. Cox is classroom teacher and instructor. Its future is cloudy, however, because the Alberta Department of Education refuses to recognize it.

Sept. 13, 1972: Mary Stewart tells South Peace News she is interested in forming a kennel club in High Prairie, where people get together and talk about dogs and how to train and care for them.

Sept. 13, 1978: South Peace News reports Robert Snow purchases R&S Electronics in High Prairie and renames it Snowflake Electronics.

Sept. 13, 1982: Carol Beamish opens It’s a Small World Day Care in High Prairie.

Sept. 13, 1985: MLA Larry Shaben says the Alberta government promises High Prairie will have a new courthouse and Provincial Building by 1988.

Sept. 13, 1985: NPHL president Jack McAvoy steps down and High Prairie’s Wayne Forrester is elected to replace him. Forrester is elected over former Regal Tom Iannone.

Sept. 13, 1985: An NPHL entry bid from Slave Lake is approved by the NPHL, providing that they meet all the requirements of the league constitution.

Sept. 13, 1989: South Peace News reports that the High Prairie Figure Skating Club hires Mark Carpenter, Barb Zabolotniuk and Jodie Severson as coaches for the coming season.

Sept. 13, 1989: South Peace News reports that the High Prairie Pigeon Racing Club is formed.

Sept. 13, 1992: Ernie Masson is elected president of the High Prairie Regals.

Sept. 13, 1993: A Kinuso man is jailed two years less a day for having repeated sex with two girls, one aged 13, the other 15.

Sept. 13, 1993: CH2M Hill Engineering arrives in Faust to begin the cleanup of the old Osmose site.

Sept. 13, 1994: The Driftpile Swingers win the men’s fastball league title by defeating Gift Lake 4-0 on pitcher J.R. Giroux’s three-hitter.

Sept. 13, 2006: Peavine Metis Settlement announces it has purchased Arrow Energy.

Sept. 13, 2006: High Prairie town council does not deal with a concern from Loonie Plus owner Karen Peyre, who writes council demanding higher business fees for peddlers. Town manager Larry Baran says he is researching the matter. Currently, peddlers pay a $50 fee; Peyre asks it be at least $500. The next night the High Prairie Chamber of Commerce supports Peyre’s request.

Sept. 13, 2006: The M.D. of Big Lakes agrees to rezone property west of Joussard to accommodate Red Sky Grove’s plans to develop recreation lots.

Sept. 13-14, 2008: Hundreds attend various events at the High Prairie Settlement Celebration. A highlight of the weekend was the 1950s and 1960s dance at the High Prairie Municipal Library.

Sept. 13, 2009: Town of High Prairie treasurer Hermann Minderlein announces his resignation effective Oct. 9.

Sept. 13, 2010: Peavine Metis Settlement chair Raymond Carifelle hands over the hospital land transfer during Premier Ed Stelmach’s visit to High Prairie. Stelmach also comes to town and attends an oil industry workshop.

Sept. 13, 2011: Cleo Carifelle arrives from Slave Lake to present the Town of High Prairie with a goodwill banner for its efforts during the Slave Lake spring wildfire.

Sept. 13, 2011: Pitcher Burton Auger tosses a no-hitter to lead the Gift Lake Sluggers to a 3-1 win and the championship in the High Prairie Men’s Fastball League.

Sept. 13, 2014: The High Prairie Renegades football team loses its first-ever game 36-8 at Grande Prairie to the St. Joseph’s Celtics.

Sept. 13, 2016: High Prairie town council discusses the future of the religious tax exemptions on municipal property.

Sept. 13, 2017: South Peace News features a past history of High Prairie and area and the involvement of women in politics.

Sept. 13, 2017: South Peace News reports every incumbent councillor in Big Lakes County plans to seek re-election.

Sept. 13, 2017: A water line and truck fill to serve the Prairie Echo area is proposed at a Big Lakes County meeting. The project is estimated at $6 million.

This Day in World History – September 13, 2022

  122 – Building begins on Hadrian’s Wall, Northern England.

1503 – Michelangelo begins work on his statue of David.

1759 – British beat French forces at Plains of Abrahams [Quebec].

1850 – The main-belt asteroid “12 Victoria” is discovered.

1881 – America Lewis Howard Latimer invents and patents electric lamp.

1899 – First ascent of 17,058 foot Mount Kenya.

1906 – First airplane flight occurs in Europe.

1922 – World record 136.4F in El Aziziyah, Libya [in shade].

1931 – Capt. G.H. Stainworth flies world speed record 655 kph.

1949 – Ladies Pro Golf Association of America formed in New York.

1955 – Swiss inventor George de Mestral granted a patent for Velcro.

1956 – IBM introduces the RAMAC 305 computer: weighs over a ton.

1959 – USSR’s Luna 2 becomes first probe to contact another celestial body.

1961 – Unmanned Mercury-Atlas 4 launched into Earth orbit.

1964 – St. Louis is first NL baseball team to score runs in every game since 1923.

1965 – Beatles release “Yesterday”.

1965 – Beatles win first Grammy, for Best Group of 1964.

1969 – “Scooby-Doo Where are You” debuts on CBS-TV.

1970 – IBM announces System 370 computer.

1971 – Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet premier, buried in Moscow.

1971 – World Hockey Association forms.

1974 – First broadcast of “The Rockford Files” on NBC-TV.

1977 – First TV viewer discretion warning for show Soap.

1977 – GM introduces first US diesel auto [Oldsmobile 88].

1981 – April Moon sets women’s handbow distance record of 1,039 yds.

1983 – US mint strikes first gold coin in 50 years [Olympic Eagle].

1985 – Super Mario Bros. video game first appears.

1987 – Cesium-137 stolen from abandoned hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

1987 – Paul Lynch of Great Britain does 32,573 push-ups in 24 hours.

1990 – “Law and Order” first premieres on NBC-TV.

1991 – 55-ton concrete beam falls in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

1997 – Elton John releases “Candle in the Wind 1997”, a tribute to Diana.

1997 – Mother Teresa’s State Funeral held in India.

2012 – 33,000 people evacuated after Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire erupts.

2018 – Report: Islamic extremism by 121 groups cause 84,000 deaths in 2017.

2018 – Spanish parliament votes to exhume former dictator Francisco Franco.

Today’s Horoscopes – September 13, 2022

Aries [March 21 – April 20] – Expect some positive changes in a current partnership! If this is a business partnership, a new agreement between you shows promise of success and good fortune. If this is a romance, you might be so perfectly compatible you are considering moving to the next level of commitment. Any new partnership begun today should be promising and bring you whatever you hope to gain!

Taurus [April 21 – May 21] – Have you been working out, following a new dietary program, or both? If so, today you could look in the mirror and for the first time see some tangible and positive results. You are probably looking and feeling great. Do not abandon your efforts. You will want to continue the progress. Keep the energy flowing by going for a run or other workout, then treat yourself to a small indulgence!

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] – Have you been thinking about relocating, Gemini? The siren song of distant states or exotic lands may play constantly in your ears. Foreign cultures could inspire you artistically, spiritually, and personally. This is actually a time when few things are out of your reach. If you are serious about this, look into it. You can decide once you have all the facts!

Cancer [June 22 – July 22] – Expect something new to take place regarding your home today! A family member could come for a visit or even move in. You could be redecorating, landscaping, or buying new furniture. There is always the possibility you are moving. Whatever the changes, they are likely to be positive despite the messy and disruptive process of making them. You have got a lot to look forward to!

Leo [July 23 – Aug. 23] – Some wonderful news could come to you, possibly from a sibling or neighbour! It might involve money or a new opportunity that is opening up nearby. A group event concerning a subject you are very interested in could also take place. You might feel you have a lot of phone calls to make and plans to think about. The future looks bright. Enjoy!

Virgo [Aug. 24 – Sept. 22] – An opportunity to bring in extra income might arrive today, possibly through a female friend. Another Virgo might be involved. This probably involves a special, temporary project, but it could prove enjoyable and profitable. A love partner might want to participate, too. Think about it before committing. Talk to people who have done this before. It is worth a try, anyway!

Libra [Sept. 23 – Oct. 23] – This is a day of fresh beginnings for you! Accomplishments in the past foster a new sense of self-confidence, along with optimism and enthusiasm for the future. Travel lies ahead in the distant future, and possibly advancing your education in some way. Romance also looks promising. Go for a facial or massage today, if possible, or buy some new clothes. Start the new cycle by making your appearance match what you feel inside!

Scorpio [Oct. 24 – Nov. 22] – If you have never tried your hand at the arts, this is the day to do it. Your imagination and ingenuity are flying high, and your aesthetic sense is acute right now. If you are not already involved with such activities, look online to see what classes or workshops are offered. Get a friend to sign up with you. You will probably have a great time!

Sagittarius [Nov. 23 – Dec. 21] – You could encounter a potential romantic partner today! You will probably communicate with this person at a virtual group event and hit it off immediately. This person is likely to be bright, physically attractive, kind-hearted, and sensitive. If you are single and available, do not pass up this opportunity. Take advantage of the chance to get to know each other. Who knows where this might lead?

Capricorn [Dec. 22 – Jan. 20] – A lot of changes could be taking place in your life now! Even though most of them are positive, the upheaval can be unsettling right now. Do not give in to panic. Nothing needs to be done that you can not handle. Take each task one step at a time. As you vault each hurdle, the road ahead seems that much smoother. When you arrive, all will be well. Keep going!

Aquarius [Jan. 21 – Feb. 18] – New beginnings and promising new opportunities may appear from a distant state or foreign country! Your adventurous side is excited and enthusiastic, but the side of you that wants to stay settled could put up some resistance. Do not feel you have to jump into anything. Get all the facts and assess the situation objectively. Think seriously about it all. What do you most want?

Pisces [Feb. 19 – March 20] – A financial windfall might open new doors for you, and you could consider making some major changes in your life. You might think about moving to a nicer home. Romance is definitely on your mind. If you are not already involved in a domestic situation, you might consider it seriously right now. Change can be frightening, but these changes are good. Do not hesitate!

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