Town of HP won’t demand Rehn’s resignation, willing to move forward

Chris Clegg

South Peace News

High Prairie town council is not giving up on Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn, although some remain skeptical whether things will change.

Council agreed at its Jan. 12 meeting to send a letter to Rehn and Premier Jason Kenney expressing their displeasure over his past performance. Many of council’s griefs are the same as the Town of Slave Lake’s: lack of meetings and appointments on key issues and general lack of visibility in the region.

In making the motion to send the letter, Councillor Brian Gilroy acknowledged Rehn has apologized and it was time to move forward, but real action was needed.

“Words of apology mean nothing unless action follows,” he said.

Mayor Brian Panasiuk told council he received a call from Rehn earlier in the day. He said meetings were set up to address concerns Thursday with Minister of Health Tyler Shandro and Friday with Minister of Municipal Affairs Rick McIver.

“There has been a little movement. . .stuff for our region,” said Panasiuk.

Councillor Michael Long said he spoke twice with Rehn.

“He has clearly stated he’s not going to step down,” said Long, adding he hopes he sees movement on issues including hospital demolition and dialysis.

Councillor Donna Deynaka said she hopes Rehn gets the message on council’s displeasure.

“I want to hear how he will respond,” she said.

“I hope he gets the message but I’m not holding my breath.”

Council agreed to send the letter before Kenney punted Rehn from the UCP caucus Jan. 14.

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