Town takes easy approach to illegal sale

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

It is illegal to sell fireworks in any store in High Prairie.

A local merchant discovered that fact after being visited by Town of High Prairie fire chief Trevor Cisaroski.

Cisaroski told council at its Jan. 14 meeting he was tipped off by a person that the owner was selling fireworks and/or pyrotechnical devices.

“I went to the store and had a look at the sale shelf, and they were selling fireworks and other celebration products,” Cisaroski wrote in his report.

“One was a smoke bomb kind of product which technically doesn’t fall under ‘fireworks’ definition.”

The unnamed merchant agreed to remove the fireworks but was hesitant about removing the smoke bombs.

“Technically, he does not have to remove the smoke bombs, but we discussed the danger of them in the wrong location. If a kid was to buy this product and throw it in the hallway of a hotel or apartment it may cause a fire,” wrote Cisaroski.

Council agreed with Cisaroski’s assessment.

The merchant was not charged under the town bylaw but it bring up an interesting point.

“The store owner asked why he was being punished from selling the product because he operates in town when you can buy anywhere in the surrounding area,” wrote Cisaroski.

But he did have a reply.

“Why set up residents to having to pay a fine by supplying the items?”

Fireworks are commonly sold throughout Big Lakes County.

Town council gave no indication they were willing to change the bylaw prohibiting the sale of fireworks.

There is no bylaw against selling or setting off fireworks in Big Lakes County.

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