Use of fireworks in High Prairie is illegal

Setting off fireworks of any kind are illegal in the Town of High Prairie.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

No one wants to stop anyone from having a good time, but there are safety considerations to take into account.

As a result, unknown to many, it is illegal to fire off fireworks in High Prairie corporate limits.

Still, many people violated the bylaw during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“The new year’s celebration came in with bang as there were numerous incidences of people firing of fireworks,” wrote fire chief Trevor Cisaroski in his report.

“In talking to people, I believe it has been advertised that there are no fireworks allowed, yet it is not clear to residents or they don’t care and will fire the devices anyway.”

Cisaroski says he has discussed the matter with senior peace officer Alan Bloom.

“It’s a tough issue to police,” Cisaroski said he was told by Bloom.

In most cases, the fireworks are set off and by the time the complaint comes in and the officer investigates, the celebration is over.

Council discussed the matter noting there was little risk in winter but during the dry spring and summer months the risk was potentially high.

However, one councillor agreed with the total ban already imposed by law.

“I’m for completely banning [fireworks] in town limits,” said Councillor Judy Stenhouse.

She cited dogs barking, alarms being set off, and the risk of injury to people setting them off regardless of human error or faulty fireworks.

Councillor Debbie Rose agreed it was difficult to allow fireworks in town; meanwhile, Councillor Brian Gilroy asked if there could be a designated area set aside to set them off.

However, that would include the school grounds and the issue of who assumes liability becomes an issue.

Cisaroski says he will organize a social media blitz in the spring to make people more aware of the bylaw.

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