Vacationing MLA Rehn issues apology

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The vacationing Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn has issued an apology for not following suggested travel restrictions by his government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rehn was vacationing in Mexico when pressure began to build over his actions.

Rehn issued an apology on his Facebook page Jan. 2.

“Residents in our riding have done a tremendous job reducing the spread of COVID-19. We must all work together to get past this pandemic and get back to normal life,” wrote Rehn.

“Given this, I apologize for the fact that I recently took a previously planned family trip, following a busy legislative session.
“I am returning home to Alberta and will ensure I follow the premier’s new travel directive.”

Most comments regarding Rehn’s post have been negative, some calling for his resignation.

South Peace News did reach out to Rehn for comment but received no answer.

MLA Pat Rehn’s Facebook page

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2 thoughts on “Vacationing MLA Rehn issues apology

  1. In light of Pat Rehn’s unwise choice to travel I would recommend that he should self-isolate in a hotel for 14 days (away from his family and at his expense just to see what it was like for the rest of us during the holidays). While in the hotel he could still work ‘from home’. He should also isolate another 14 days while working at home thus making sure he is safe so that he can volunteer at the High Prairie Emergency Room to help our overworked healthcare staff for 4 hours per day (on his OWN time not the taxpayers dime) for the number of days that he was on vacation (if not allowed to help then he should just sit there in HIS constituency and observe our tired and stressed workers trying their best to save lives)! He was selfish and put himself and the rest of us Albertans at risk and this is no riskier than flying on several airplanes and visiting a foreign country! A simple apology and the loss of a few committees is just not enough for an elected official!!!! Step up and be a LEADER Mr. Rehn!!!!

  2. From: CL Buchanan
    Subject: Pat Rehn

    Message Body:

    I want to comment on Pat Rehn’s recent Mexican Holiday & his “supposed” apology.

    He keeps repeating that his holiday was “planned”. Do you know Mr. Rehn, how many of your constituents have “planned” winter holidays? Also, do you know how many followed your Government’s instructions and stayed home & most importantly of all stayed away from family over the holidays? Most of us I’m sure.

    What you did over the holidays I would fire you over but as I don’t hold that power over you, please be aware that you sir, had better not plan on running again because I shall make sure to remind all your constituents of your disregard for provincial policies that were aimed at their health welfare and ignored by you. Believe me sir when I tell you I shall be a burr in your side.


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