Village of Donnelly election ends in tie

John Coy

Emily Plihal
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Initiative Reporter

Village of Donnelly welcomed its newest councillor after its byelection March 20.

“I want to congratulate the successfully elected candidate John Coy,” says Mayor Myrna Lanctot.

“I wish to welcome him to the council team, and I would also like to thank Lindsay Lehman for putting her name forward. This election was the closest I have ever experienced since being on council.”

Council was happy to learn that there were two candidates running in the byelection, the Village’s first official required election in a number of years. After polls closed, it was determined that residents voted a 27-27 tie between Coy and Lehman, requiring CAO Matthew Ferris to choose the winner by selecting a name out of a hat, as per the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

Coy says he is excited to be on council and to work with the current team, comprised Lanctot, Deputy Mayor Vance Yaremko and councillors Candace Waye and Norman Boulet.

“I ran for council again because I saw a need for dedicated representation in the Village of Donnelly,” says Coy, who was also a council member from 2012-15.

“I felt that since retiring, I have the time to devote the necessary time and attention to be a councillor for the village,” he adds.

Coy says he loves living in the village and he hopes that he can help to make a difference in the community.

“The best part about living in Donnelly is the people,” says Coy. “In Donnelly, people actually care for each other and you get a safe, peaceful feeling and feel at home. Comparing that to the busy city life where you don’t even know what your neighbour’s name is.”

Coy says he would like to thank all of the people who supported and voted for him in the election.

“I hope to bring fresh ideas and to learn from the community about what is needed,” says Coy.

“First and foremost a councillor’s obligation is to listen to the people that they were voted to serve and also for those people to share their views with council so that council can help them.

“I also would like to thank my honourable opposition Lindsay Lehman for such a close election,” he adds.

Coy will serve on the Village of Donnelly council until the next municipal election on Oct. 20, 2025.

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