“We’ll talk,” regarding recorded votes

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Whether or not High Prairie town council will record all its votes is a matter slowly winding its way through the process.
Councillor James Waikle brough forth the matter at council’s Dec. 14 meeting. He questioned CAO Rod Risling about the process that needed to be followed to make his request a reality.
“Anything can be done,” said Risling.
However, he added council’s electronic recording system was not set up to record each vote; therefore, recording each vote would have to be done manually.
“Yeah, we can,” Risling told council.
“Is it more work, yes.”
He reminded council if they wanted to proceed with recorded votes on all motions, they would do so.
“We’ll talk,” said Waikle.
Waikle brought forth the issue at council’s first regular meeting Oct. 26, after the municipal election Oct. 18.
Current council policy records motions passed or denied but does not record each vote unless a recorded vote is asked for by a member of council. At any time, a council member can ask for a recorded vote, which must be done according to law. A change in the way votes are recorded requires a change to council’s procedural bylaw.
Recorded votes on all motions provides the public with complete transparency and accountability.

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