Woman cashes fraudulent cheques

H.P. court docket
May 31, 2021
Judge G.W. Paul

A High Prairie area woman who fraudulently cashed two cheques worth almost $900 from a regional Metis organization will be paying for her crimes.
Jeannine Amber Giroux was fined $300 each on two counts of fraud when she appeared in High Prairie provincial court May 31.
Court heard Giroux fraudulently cashed cheques from the Metis Nation of Alberta Region 5 Slave Lake at the Faust General Store on Jan, 31, 2020, Crown prosecutor Kelly Payne says.
The cheques were in the amount of $565 and $329.11.
“It’s a serious matter,” Judge G.W. Paul told Giroux.
“For that, you almost always go to jail.”
However, Judge Paul ordered Giroux to pay the fines and the restitution by Jan. 11, 2022 and stressed she pay the Metis Nation by that date.
“You should be an upstanding citizen and pay them,” he suggested.
Judge Paul supported the Crown’s position to fine Giroux because of tight and poor living restrictions in prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic and her family situation.
Earlier, Giroux told court she was dealing with family issues.
Considering those factors, the judge said he would place her on probation for 12 months.
But he chose to fine Giroux instead after she said she was moving to Ontario “next week”.
Giroux brought the matter forward on the docket and pleaded guilty.
In another matter, Giroux was fined $3,500 after pleading guilty to driving a vehicle without insurance.
“I take full responsibility,” Giroux told court.
She told the judge that she bought a new vehicle and the previous owner told her that the vehicle had insurance.
But it did not.
Judge Paul allowed Giroux time to pay the fine until April 19, 2022.

– – – – – – – – –

Roger Junior Whitehead, 53, of Atikameg, was sentenced to 70 days in jail after pleading guilty to operating a vehicle while prohibited.
Whitehead was given credit for time already served in jail and released.
“Custody is required, given his criminal record,” Crown prosecutor Kelly Payne said.
She added Whitehead has six impaired driving charges on his criminal record, including one causing death and one causing bodily harm.
Whitehead was also fined $2,875 after pleading guilty to driving a vehicle without insurance.
“He’s putting others on the road at risk, without insurance,” Judge G.W. Paul noted.
The Crown suggested the judge to sentence Whitehead to 60 days noting he was quite familiar with police.
Payne told court High Prairie RCMP stopped Whitehead after they recognized him driving a vehicle Nov. 6, 2020 in Atikameg.
“Police are fully aware about Mr. Whitehead and his driving prohibition,” Payne told court.
Duty counsel Harry Jong said its nearly-impossible for Whitehead to get insurance for his vehicle.
“He says with his driving record, no companies will provide him insurance,” Jong said.
“One company was willing, but he says the price was astronomical.”
Whitehead was also suspended from driving for one year.
In other matters, Whitehead was sentenced to four days in jail after pleading guilty to failing to appear in court. He was given credit for time served.
He was also fined $300 for a second count of failing to appear in court.
Whitehead was ordered to pay his fines by Feb. 8, 2022.

– – – – – – – – –

Harley Jay Auger, 26, of Gift Lake was fined $300 each on counts of failing to comply with probation and for breach of probation.
Court heard the charges arose after she failed to report to her probation officer on several dates as directed, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada submitted.
Regarding the second charge, she failed to complete the required driver improvement program as directed.
Auger was also directed by her probation officer to complete the Alberta Motor Association New Driver course but she failed to complete the required driver improvement program as directed.

– – – – – – – – –

Mike Rene Laderoute, 64, fined $345 after pleading guilty to driving while suspended.
“He said he hasn’t had a licence for years,” duty counsel Harry Jong told court.

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