New NLC Campus Location

Welcome to our Local Polls – Sometimes fun and sometimes serious.

As we add Polls, some will be single choice, some will be multiple choice.

You do not have to register to vote. Usually, you will be allowed only one voting every 8 hours to a maximum of three votings but different polls may have different options. For example, a certain poll may only allow one choice and one voting but another poll may allow four choices and four votings.

If you have suggestions for a Poll, use our Submit Poll Ideas link with your idea and perhaps the Voting Choices you would like to see. Don’t be shy about being creative! Suggestions will be reviewed promptly, usually within one or two working days.

Look at the number of choices you can make at the end of the poll headline. You can check up to that many boxes.

NOTE: This still a work in progress. Vote buttons appear not to be working on some browsers. We are working on this, and also to make our polls easy, fun and informative to use. Thank you for your patience.

[yop_poll id=”11″]

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