Transportation won’t oppose Timmies

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A major hurdle has been cleared in hopes that Tim Hortons will soon build and open a store in High Prairie.

“We have no issues with Tim Hortons going forward once again,” said Marlene Cobick, Alberta Transportation’s administrative assistant in Peace River, at a Town of High Prairie special meeting Feb. 23.

A myriad of delays has occurred over the years, the latest possibly being an intersection upgrade at the entrance in High Prairie’s east end.

However, Cobick said an upgrade is not needed since the Tim Hortons project is the only one proceeding at this time.

“I’m fine with issuing the permit again,” said Cobick.

The last permit applied for expired prompting the need for new one, which the Town posted on its website a few weeks ago.

The Tim Hortons project is the only one proceeding this year in the East Gate development area, but more is on the way.

“He [the developer] has expressed some interest in doing something,” said Mayor Brian Panasiuk.

“Not this year.”

Cobick said there was confusion in past applications because the development showed other stores such as a mini-mall and gas station in submitted drawings. More developments at East Gate would prompt an intersection upgrade.

Panasiuk added Tim Hortons is the “anchor tenant” in the development.

“I think we can anticipate in the next [few] years some development,” he said.

Transportation said they would monitor the intersection as development occurred. When asked what would trigger the upgrade, they responded it depended on the development. One new store may trigger the upgrade, but perhaps two or more.

For now, all is a go.

“With Tim Hortons going in [the intersection] should function OK,” said Danny Jung, Alberta Transportation’s infrastructure manager in Peace River.

“The key is the traffic. . .triggered by development.”

Peavine Metis Settlement also attended the meeting by Zoom, Chair Ken Noskey asked about the intersection moving forward. He wanted to be told what the cost of an intersection upgrade would be in the future so they could plan.

Overall, Panasiuk is pleased.

“That’s great news. Maybe High Prairie will get a Tim Hortons after 10 years.”

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