Time to end COVID lockdown, say freedom supporters

Chris Clegg

South Peace News

Many Alberta citizens oppose the lockdowns and mandatory wearing of face masks imposed by the provincial government, and some of them were out in full throat at a rally April 23.

In short, they want their right to choose back.

“We want a paycheque, not a government aid cheque,” shouted Benita Pedersen, organizer of the Freedom Event demonstration/rally in High Prairie at the courthouse parking lot April 23.

Pedersen organized the rally which she preferred to call “a peaceful gathering”. Its purpose was to urge citizens to sign a petition to restore rights and freedoms taken away from the federal government during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re practicing our right to assembly,” she told the gathering.

“This country is in distress but we still love this country. It’s all about restoring the rights and freedoms for every Canadian.”

And, stealing a line from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Pederson shouted, “We’re all in this together!”

Pedersen urged everyone attending to sign the petition to “end the lockdown” and reopen the country.

Pedersen and other speakers took turns opposing what they called scare tactics to outright fraud in regard to the COVID pandemic and the taking away of individual right to choose. They ridiculed the views of many in the medical community with information of their own, to which most in attendance agreed.

“There is not enough science to support these lockdowns,” said Pedersen, citing the World Health Organization’s view that lockdowns don’t work.

As for the conflicting views in the medical community on the pandemic, she added, “people have a right to make their own decision for their own families.”

Peace River’s Donald Lee gave a passionate speech opposing lockdowns and what he called the “fraudulent” pandemic.

Lee said most people were afraid to speak out in opposition during the pandemic, and compared the situation to Mahatma Ghandi’s peaceful protests in Indian and Lech Walesa’s Solidarity protests in Poland, which were both successful in overthrowing governments.

Lee accused the government of promoting a senseless dread of fear.

“This ever-present dread has settled in,” he said.

“Even the grocery store is full of bandits,” he said referring to the mandatory use of face masks.

“I can’t recognize anyone.

“Every place I go reeks of fear. I hate it. How can this be in a fair and democratic society?

“The government encourages our neighbours to rat on those how visit their grandchildren.”

Lee even questioned the validity of the epidemic and subsequent pandemic.

“There is no epidemic. That is a lie. Do not live in fear and do not live in lies.”

As proof, he cited about 75 people die in Alberta each day, and an average of 5-6 from COVID. Using the number five, that is under seven per cent.

“That is not pandemic.”

Lee added there was also no change in the death rate in Alberta the last 14 months.

“There is no epidemic. There are no excess deaths nowhere in the world.”

Like many, he also questioned the government’s inaction and ineptitude dealing with COVID.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve,” Lee said Canadians were first told.

“We’re now 14 months later.”

Ambrose Ralph, of Alberta to the Point, is a retired military man.

“I oppose the lockdown,” he said.

He took dead aim at Dr. Hinshaw’s daily reports of people contracting COVID.

“I’m here to tell you 4.5 million Albertans are COVID-free,” he charged.

“You will [only] hear how many are infected.”

He also took the opportunity to criticize Premier Jason Kenney’s handling of the pandemic.

“Jason Kenney is destroying this province, not COVID.

“Our county has been destroyed. We want it back.”

Ralph believes the lockdowns will end only when citizens demand their rights back.

“In Alberta I can no longer listen to Dr. Hinshaw. It’s intolerable. [Kenney] has no clear goal, no plan. Hinshaw and Kenney look incompetent.”

High Prairie’s Sam Wiley attended and said he never attended a similar event but believed enough in the cause to support this one.

“I didn’t want to join a group that’s radical,” he says, adding he is against lockdowns.

“Lockdowns do more harm than good. They’re pushing this down our throat.”

Many in the medical community still support the lockdown and the wearing of face masks as a way to flatten the curve and slow the pandemic.

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6 thoughts on “Time to end COVID lockdown, say freedom supporters

  1. the 2018 flu season also stretched the health care system , surgeries were delayed, ICU’s were full…….. these are facts. The only difference was no one was counting daily ” Cases ” of a continually mutating virus. Open your eyes Jan you’ve been blinded by fear

    1. 30 people died of the flu in Alberta in 2019, and 2102 have died of Covid in Alberta in the last 14 months. There were three deaths of young people in the North just yesterday. Also, the severe health problems of people who contracted Covid can be debilitating for a lot longer than from the flu. I wear oven mitts when I take a dish out of the hot oven. By your definition, I am afraid of the oven. Maybe I’m just able to look at the facts and make a rational decision. Would you be able to change your opinion if you thoroughly investigated Covid and found out you were wrong, or are you going to continue to believe what you read in your echo chamber of false information and ignore the uncomfortable facts no matter what?

  2. Only 6 % of all covid deaths are solely due to covid, that’s from the centre of decease and control. Never before have we counted a viral epidemic by this extent of comorbidities, if you die of a heart attack but had covid in your system, it’s classified as a covid 19 death, if someone sadly loses their battle with cancer, but has covid in their system, it’s a covid death. Most just get classified as a covid death just by having the same symptoms as season flu, Deaths have never been counted this way for the other corona viruses we catch every year.

  3. You can’t fix stupid. What willfully ignorant human beings. If they can’t have intelligence I wish they could at least have empathy for the Health Care Workers who are stretched to their limits and those who are suffering and dying.

      1. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has the highest Covid new case numbers in Alberta (actually in all of Canada), and the High Prairie region is second in the province. If many people living there have your attitude, it’s easy to see why that is. I think you need to get your news from a wider range of sources. I repeat, willfully ignorant.

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